When you are preparing to go to college for the first time, you can be very excited during the preparation process. Preparation is paramount, and it doesn’t have to be your study materials that get all the attention.

When you are in new surroundings, you want to ensure that you will be as comfortable as possible. One of the most critical aspects of your comfort is the bed because enough rest will determine whether you get to achieve your targets and be successful. And because you cannot be sure if the dorm beds are going to be adequate for your specific needs, you will need a mattress topper.

It is, therefore, essential to know how you are going to find the best mattress toppers for college to ensure that you are going to enjoy a sound sleep every night. In this review article, we will go through the 10 best mattress topper for college to give you the best idea of selecting one that suits your unique needs.

10 Best Mattress Topper for College

The following are the 10 best mattress toppers for college beds.

1. Sleep Joy 2″ ViscO2 Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper

10 Best Mattress Toppers for College

This memory form topper provides a comfortable, hygienic, and green solution to the dorm bed mattresses. If you are looking to have the best night’s sleep in your new surroundings, then this can prove to be one of the best mattress toppers you can find.

The topper has excellent features that are sure to keep you comfortable on your bed. From the two inches breathable memory foam, you can be sure to protect your back when sleeping in the dorm beds. It also has an odor neutralizer that ensures you will not notice the usually annoying foam smell.

What’s more, it has the CertiPUR-US Memory Foam certification meaning that the topper is of the highest quality. With this sleep joy mattress topper, you will always be getting a comfortable environment to rest. You will sink in to feel cushioned for an energizing night’s sleep.


  • It is lightweight, weighing at only 6.6 kgs or 14.5lb. Therefore, it will be easy to transport from home to college.
  • Maximum ventilation ensuring optimal head disbursement
  • The material used to make the topper are eco-friendly ensuring you will be protecting the environment when you buy this piece


  • It is slightly thinner than other toppers in the same category
  • The warranty is limited with the two years on the warranty is a major drawback

2. Avocado Green Natural Latex Mattress Topper

This is one of the best organic mattress toppers in the market today. Though you will be required to pay a higher amount, you will be getting a high-quality topper to offer you maximum comfort while resting. It is handcrafted with one top quality Dunlop latex and organic cotton.

Coming with all-natural wool. You are sure to get a smooth night’s sleep. The materials also ensure that you are dry and warm throughout the night. With a pressure point relief, you will be able to nurse the pains of a long day. the topper is 2 inches thick and also comes with two firmness options.

Therefore, whatever your preferences, you will get guaranteed comfort throughout the night. The cover of the mattress is breathable, featuring a soft and luxurious finish. The cover is also GOTS-certified, and you can find it in various attractive natural colors. At the bottom, it is made with an organic cotton material that prevents slipping and sliding once on the bed.


  • Wool and cotton materials help to keep the topper cool and dry during the night
  • Zippered cotton cover and canvas that is removable at your convenience
  • The certification of this topper is against the strictest emission standards in the world
  • Unbelievable warranty cover of 10 years


  • Can be expensive due to the natural and organic materials
  • The natural latex can cause allergy issues to some users

3. eLuxury Bamboo Pillow Top Mattress Pad

This is a fantastic alternative for your mattress topper needs. It has a removable bamboo cover making it easy to clean and transport at the same time.

It has a less pressure point support mechanism, which has become a must-have feature for mattress toppers in recent times. You always want to retire on a soft and comfy after a long and busy day.

Fortunately, this topper offers these excellent features. With a combination of bamboo rayon and polyester, you are to get a quality topper that will satisfy all your needs. It uses the Revolt polyester fiber, which provides for a thick and plush barrier between the mattress and you.

Therefore, you will be able to prevent pains and aches that come with sleeping on dormitory beds. It has several size options, giving you flexibility even if you change your bed in the future. You will surely be upgrading the level of your mattress to ensure you enjoy coming back to your bed after challenging days.


  • Certified as safe for use since it is laboratory tested
  • Guaranteed refreshing sleep because of the bamboo material infusion
  • The material is soft cushioning you against sores that come with sleeping on worn mattresses


  • Limited warranty for one year
  • Thinner than other similar toppers
  • Since it has no memory foam, it, therefore, doesn’t offer the same shape hold

4. Dreamfoam Bedding Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper

This is an excellent mattress topper for individuals joining colleges. Dorm beds are usually worn out and can cause bed sores.

With this top-quality topper made from memory foam, you can sure to upgrade any bed and mattress that you will get at the institution. With memory foam, you can be sure to get them all too crucial pressure point aid.

The mattress topper also offers an incredible contouring feature. With a fantastic infusion of the gel, it promotes the circulation of air, therefore, taking any heat from your body for a cool night’s sleep.

It has the Certi-Per US certification, which means that it meets the very high industry standards. Therefore, before you set out to your college, it always helps to get a quality topper such as this Dreamfoam memory foam topper. You will be able to enjoy every night you spend on the dorm bed.


  • Durable and can serve you for a long time
  • Offers excellent flexibility as you can cut it depending on the bed size
  • High quality meet very high-quality standards
  • Portable and you can easily carry it for camping trips
  • Remains fresh and dry throughout the night for a refreshing sleep


  • It sometimes gets warm during the summer months, but you will be on your summer holidays by then
  • Can sometimes come with a nauseating odor that needs 24 hours of exposure to fresh air

5. ExceptionalSheets Rayon Derived from Bamboo Mattress Pad

This topper offers a great solution if you happen to find a worn mattress on your dorm bed. It is twin XL measuring 39 x 80 inches meaning it can fit a wide range of mattress sizes. It is fantastic to refresh your night sleep since it offers 18 inches of depths.

Made from plush rayon with a hypoallergenic down bamboo cover, you can be sure to have the best nights as you take a rest.

The back of this topper is made from 70% polyester material and 30% cotton, meaning there will be no slipping or sliding as you sleep. It offers moderate support with the detachable pillow top pad being an invincible added puff.

If you are shopping for a soft, breathable, and high-quality mattress topper, then this should be closer to the top of your list.


  • It enhances the mattress’s softness
  • No allergic problems from the materials making the topper
  • 30-day return policy from the manufacture
  • 16 CFR Part 16 certification that ensures the product meets the quality standards
  • Non-humid and comfortable for a cool and dry night sleep


  • Weak hold on the topper’s skirt
  • The bamboo cover requires gentle care while washing

6. ViscoSoft Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

This mattress topper comes with a 3-inch gel memory foam and a soft removable cover. It has adjustable straps that make it easy to care and fit on your mattress.

The topper has a slip-resistant feature due to the bamboo cover design. You will there have to not worry about sliding and slipping during the night. The gel inside the topper ensures that you will always have a cooler sleep while being provided with a tranquil environment.

The high-quality foam enables you to have top quality sleep devoid of any pain and bed sores. Your spine will get extra protection due to the memory foam making the topper.


  • Slip-resistant cover
  • Removes unwanted bounce
  • The material making the topper release heat effectively ensuring cooler sleep


  • It can prove to be cumbersome for some people as it is a bit heavier than other similar toppers in the same category
  • A lower amount of gel as compared to other mattress toppers

7. Linenspa 2″ Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper

With two inches of a thick gel, this mattress topper guarantees maximum comfort while you sleep.

You can easily upgrade your current matters with this topper due to some excellent features on offer. It has a temperature flexible material that prevents overheating as you sleep.

You will, therefore, be getting a cool sleep every time you need quality rest. With the capability of spreading your weight uniformly on the bed, it adapts to your body curves, ensuring that it eases the pressure points, therefore, avoiding aches and pain.

The topper’s dimensions are 37.5 by 79 inches. It, therefore, can fir most mattresses that you are likely to find in the dorm.


  • Enhances the bed’s softness for maximum comfort
  • Decreases aches and pains issues
  • Environmentally friendly with the antimicrobial materials
  • Adapts to the body curves, therefore, easing pressure points
  • A 3-year warranty that is sure to be sufficient to many users


  • It might have an awful smell when you take it out from the box for the first time. The odor disappears after about two days
  • Not great for side sleepers

8. Malouf Isolus 2.5″ Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

This excellent topper comes in different sizes to fit any mattress you might find at the dorm. It is a gel memory foam topper, and therefore, you can be guaranteed sleep comfort during the night.

It is ideal for dorm conditions that can sometimes be a bit humid.  It is two inches thick, which means it relieves pressure points effectively, making sure you avoid joint aches and pains.

The ventilation construction ensures that heat is effectively removed from the mattress, and it also doesn’t hold heat.

It, therefore, creates an efficient heat regulation system to keep you dry and cool at the same time. With this mattress topper, you will be able to realign your neck with your spine, after a long day sitting in class.

If you want a topper that will help you reduce aches and pains, then this is the best for you.


  • Hypoallergenic meaning it is safe for use for everybody
  • Pressure relief construction, therefore, promoting joint health
  • Optimal thickness enables you to upgrade even the thinnest of dorm mattresses
  • The 3-year warranty is great for students joining the first year of college


  • Some people can find it heavy weighing at 25 pounds(11.2kg)

9. Layla Memory Foam Topper

The Layla foam mattress topper is excellent for hot sleepers. It is one of the coolest toppers you can find on the market if you are looking to have a cool night’s sleep.

Coming with copper gel bead infusion, it enables the topper to get rid of heat much more effectively than other toppers.

The cover of this toppers has Thermogel, which makes the topper cool to touch.

What’s more, it has two inches of memory foam, making it soft and extremely comfortable. You will, therefore, feel less pressure on your back, hips, and shoulders.

Copper is one of the materials used in the construction of the topper. Copper can help prevent mold, bacteria, and even mildew from forming.


  • Has corner straps that keep it secure to your mattress
  • A five-year warranty
  • Excellent for back sleepers
  • Provides pressure relief for people who love to sleep on their sides
  • Thermogel and coppers provide cooling properties that can be excellent for hot sleepers


  • It might be excellent for stomach sleepers
  • Washing can prove to be a tasking undertaking

10. Best Price Mattress Twin XL Mattress Topper

This is a top-quality topper offering great affordability and outstanding features as well. It is 2 inches thick, ensuring your maximum comfort when sleeping.

It provides optimal support, no matter the sleep pattern. It is, therefore, excellent for side, back, and stomach sleepers.

If you happen to have a bed companion, you shouldn’t have to worry about disturbing their sleep while turning. It has a fantastic hold-up feature that is quick to respond, meaning that your bedmate will not feel your movements during the night.

It comes with a three-year warranty, which must be enough for your time in college in case any issues arise. It also dissipates heat effectively due to the superior airing design.


  • Exceptional ventilation mechanism
  • Reduced motion transmission
  • Very comfortable and thick
  • High-quality memory foam
  • Excellent for all types of sleepers


  • Not easy to pack for travel
  • The cover isn’t waterproof
  • There is no gel in the foam which means it might not get rid of temperature efficiently as other toppers

Why are mattress toppers important for college students?

There is a reason why there are toppers called dorm mattress toppers. When moving from your home to college, you will be getting a new bed and mattress. Mattress toppers are excellent additions for your bedding that will give you incredible benefits.

The benefits include:

Getting quality sleep

Based on study from Dr. Terry Cralle, inadequate sleep will lead to poor cognition and poor mental health. So if you want a good memory, good grades, the 1st you need to do is getting enough sleep(7-9 hours for most people).

Mattresses in college hostels are usually thin and will not offer maximum comfort when sleeping. For a student, quality sleep will go a long way in determining whether they achieve success or not.

A topper enhances comfort on the bed, ensuring that the student gets enough rest after a long day in class.

Excellent for avoiding health concerns

Even though dorms are regularly cleaned, you can never be sure of the hygiene and health habits of the previous user of your current mattress. Therefore, a topper acts as a barrier between you and the old mattress. And if the former user had a topper too, then it will create a healthy pattern where there are no health risks passed along from one-year t another.

Customizing the sleeping area

College dorms are usually shared spaces, and the one place a student gets to spend some quality time is on the bed. With a quality mattress topper and similar accessories such as pillows and pads, a student can personalize the bed space to reflect their personality. What’s more, they also get a comfortable space where they can always unwind after a stressful day. This wouldn’t be possible on an old and worn mattress.

What to look for in a quality mattress topper for college

When joining college, you will need a top-quality mattress topper that offers both excellent features and affordability. You don’t want to get a very expensive topper while in college when there are other more affordable options.

That said, there is a set of guiding principles that college students always look for in a topper for their dorm bed. The buying guide for mattress toppers for college students include:

Price factor and durability

Many college students want to save on their budget, and that doesn’t change when it comes to mattress toppers. All the toppers in this article review offer great price ranges for students in college. Even though you are looking for a budget topper, it shouldn’t mean that you compromise on the quality.

It is common if you pay less for a product, you get low quality. However, there is a point where college students can pay for a topper that doesn’t hurt their savings and also is of good quality.

Sleeping position

This is also another critical factor college students look out for before buying a mattress topper. When choosing a topper, the type of sleeper you are goes a long way in deciding the model of topper you purchase. For instance, some toppers are excellent for back sleepers. The same topper can prove to be problematic for side and stomach sleepers. Choosing the right type of topper will ensure you wake up in the morning with no joint pains or aches.

Type of materials

The type of material used to make a mattress topper is essential because it will tell you how much you will have to pay for it. It will also be important since some material retains heat while others get rid of it much more efficiently.

For instance, memory foam toppers are pricey but offer much more comfort and support.

Based on research from Lully sleep, “Use a memory foam topper made of a visco-elastic material which is temperature sensitive and will enable it to react to body heat, soften and warm certain areas to offer complete pressure relief.”

However, they can sometimes retain heat, which them problematic for hot sleepers. The key to a good night’s sleep is finding a mattress topper that will ensure you have a cooler night’s sleep.

Feather and wool toppers might not be as comfortable as the latex and memory foam ones, but they tend to sleep cooler. Therefore, depending on the topper you are hoping to find, understanding the materials helps in picking the right one.


College students have many nights out, such as camping trips. Therefore, they look for mattress toppers that they carry for such trips. Some toppers can prove to be heavy and awkward to pack. For a student who loves the outdoors like camps, this can prove to be an essential factor to consider before buying one. Some toppers can weigh up to 10kgs, and this might not be ideal for camping lovers.


A dorm mattress topper is excellent in building a hygienic fence between you and the previous occupant of your current bed. Therefore, a college student needs to get a topper that will be easy to clean and dry afterward. You wouldn’t want to have hard to clean topper that will harbor bacteria or mildew.

Size of the bed

Usually, a mattress topper depends on the size of the bed and mattress. College students buy a topper depending on the bed size to ensure that it fits perfectly. They don’t want a topper that will not fit and gives them a slippage and sliding problem at night. It is an essential factor that all college students look for in a quality mattress topper.

With the above review, you can be sure to select the best topper that will fit your unique needs. The most important thing to remember is to understand your sleeping patterns to know which topper will give you optimal service. A mattress topper will enable you to get up every day feeling energized and provide you every chance of succeeding in your studies.

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