After your significant other finally pops the question, all you want to do is party! True love and commitment are definitely something to celebrate. Although someone else might be throwing you the engagement party, you should still have some say in the planning. Not many people dream about the actual engagement party, so you might be looking for a little inspiration to help you get started on your planning. Pinterest is great, but you want your party to uniquely reflect you and your love. Here’s everything you need to know about throwing an amazing engagement party!

Find a match for the star of the event.

Even though you’ll be the center of attention, everyone knows the star of the engagement party will be your brand new ring. Everyone will want to know how your new fiancé popped the question and all of your future plans. Once you’re engaged, everyone thinks your personal life is public business. In order to distract them all from the less desirable question of “when are you having kids,” throw them off the scent by showing them a picture of the lab created diamond wedding set you’re planning to buy for your impending nuptials.

A lab-created diamond has all of the physical properties of an earth-grown diamond, according to the Gemological Institute of America. The only true difference is where these two kinds of diamonds were made. Although there can be some pull for the “authenticity” of earth-mined diamonds, buying lab-created diamonds has a much smaller impact on the world overall and can save you and your fiancé a considerable amount of money. Earth-mined diamonds require a large amount of labor to mine, extract, sell, and ship the product. Lab-grown diamonds are a much more ethical solution for humanity and the environment.

Lab-grown diamonds don’t trade hands nearly as much as their earth-mined counterparts, meaning that you can actually get much better quality diamonds for less money. Your family will be so impressed by the cut, clarity, color, and carat when you show them a picture of your future wedding set. It never hurts to start planning early for the wedding, and it’s a good conversation starter with your future in-laws.

Test-run the white dress.

Obviously, you’re not going to show up to your engagement party dressed from head to toe in your actual wedding frock, but it is fun to hint at what’s to come. If you’re a bride that wants to keep with the tradition of a white dress, consider wearing one for your engagement party. This dress shouldn’t break the bank or be nearly as formal as your wedding dress, but it should satisfy you as the bride-to-be.

When looking for white dresses for women, think about keeping it classy but slightly casual. You want to be able to easily move around in case your mom has a few engagement party games up her sleeves. You also want to pick a dress that you would feel comfortable wearing outside of this event. Find something you’d want to wear for your bridal shower or even to a fancy brunch. You might only ever wear your wedding dress one time, so make sure you can get some serious mileage out of your engagement party dress.

Get it catered.

You might not have even thought about having your engagement party catered if you and your family are used to doing potluck style parties. However, it’s definitely worth the extra expense. You and your fiancé can have your favorite restaurant cater the event, adding a little extra personal element to the party. Also, then your Aunt Debra won’t get her nose out of joint when no one eats her green bean monstrosity for the seventh party in a row. Find ways to make your party as personal as your love. Your family and friends will love sharing it with you.

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