14 Best Shower Filter in 2019 (Review & Guide)


Do you know that taking a bath with water straight from your shower can present a health risk? This risk comes from Chlorine and other elements, that are harmful, found in the water.

Research has indicated that when these toxins are in your shower water, they can be more harmful than they are in drinking water.

Well, there is no reason to panic yet because you can mitigate the risk caused by your shower water if you deploy one of the best shower filters featured here.

The main reason why Chlorine is more toxic in your bathing water than it does in the water you drink has to do with the fact that in the shower, it is re-vaporized.

Once this happens, you inhale it into the lungs where is taken straight to the bloodstream. Researchers have indicated that the amount of exposure to this type of Chlorine in just one bath is equal to the exposure you would get from all the water you drink in a whole day.

A number of brands have been at work designing the right shower filter to neutralize the risk caused by Chlorine and other elements in your bathing water. Not all filters are the same. Some of them are more effective than others.

We have combed the market and identified 14 of the best this year (2017) and featured them below in the following reviews. Each review looks at the main features of the product and what makes it one of the best. We identify the pros and cons of each product.

Part of this article will discuss how you can go about finding the best shower filters in the market. We will also look at the main features of a good shower filter that you need to look out for when you are buying.

The aim is that by the time you have looked at all the shower filters featured here, the business of selecting one will be much better than before.

The following video lets you understand how to fix install a new shower filter head.

Best 14 Shower Filter reviews in 2019:

14. AquaBliss High Output Universal Shower Filter

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The main promise you get from the AquaBliss High Output Universal Shower Filter is that your hygiene has just gone to a new level. When using this filter, it doesn’t matter what your water temperature is. It will still be able to do its work; stopping the growth of organic substances which include fungi and bacteria, trapping heavy metals comprising lead, chromium, and mercury among others. The result of using this filter is that your water starts to feel softer, and it is much gentler on both your skin and hair. The reason why you suddenly do not feel the odor of Chlorine when using this filter is that the levels of Chlorine in your water have just been drastically reduced.

The AquaBliss High Output Universal Shower Filter is designed to take advantage of the unique combination of Calcium Sulfite, KDF-55, and Active Carbon. This is how your water is filtered. The KDF-55 is the main reason why the filter is able to purify shower water even when its temperature is high. The job of the Activated Carbon charcoal is to get rid of high levels of Chlorine in the water and other impurities when water is at lower temperatures. Whether the water is warm or cold, Calcium Sulfite is known for its ability to deal with Chlorine under these conditions. It is the finest shower head filter for chlorine.


  • There is no need for any tools when you are installing the cartridge filter and when you are removing it too
  • Effective in removing Chlorine whether the water is hot or cold
  • The multistage filtration ensures that the water is thoroughly filtered by the time it gets into contact with your body
  • The filter cartridge lasts up to 8 months, ensuring that you have lots of time before the need to replace it


  • While it takes away many of the unpleasant smells in your water, it does not look like it is specifically made to remove the smell of sulfur

13. Ultra Shower Filter-High Output Filter

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With products such as the Ultra Shower Filter-High Output Filter, there is no reason anymore to put up with hard water filled with impurities and loads of harmful chlorine. Instead what you get is the luxury which comes with a shower that leaves your skin smooth and properly moisturized.

Forget about the itching associated with water that comes straight from the tap. The manufacturers of this filter deploy a combination of Active Carbon, KDF 80 and 50 Calcium Sulfite. This is the main reason why it is able to get rid of the bacteria, fungi, and accumulation of scale. That is why it is called as best chlorine shower filter.

This filter is designed to fit into almost all standard showers. All you need to do is twist and you get going. If you want the product to continue giving you the kind of experience you can expect from a spa you will need to change the water filter cartridge on a six monthly basis. Unlike some other products we have featured on this list, the Ultra Shower Filter-High Output Filter comes with an instruction manual. You also get free cartridges that will last you a full year. Add to this free sealant tape and you know that the free stuff does not seem to end. Ultra is the leading shower filter for skin and hair on the market.


  • Easy to install without the use of any tools
  • Comes with a lot of free stuff including cartridges that will last you a whole year, sealant tape and an owner’s manual
  • Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee meaning that you can buy with a peace of mind


  • The three stage filter system is not the best you can get in the market as some top of the range products now come with 5 stage systems

12. High Output Shower Filter by ParadiseSpa

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The name says it all; Paradise Spa High Output Shower Filter. It basically promises two main things, that your shower experience is going to make you feel as if you are in paradise yet the water will come out at the pressure you love. The reason why this shower filter is so effective has to do with the fact that you are enjoying three levels of filtration whether your water is cold or hot.

It will remove all the harmful biological imputes which include fungi and bacteria. Add to this the fact that it will also solve the problem of other impurities and heavy metals, and you will get an idea why this is one of the best shower filters currently in the market.

The designers of this shower filter understand one thing; too much Chlorine in your water comes with a number of problems. Some of these include making your skin to crack peel and your hair to be damaged. This is the reason why they came up with a shower filter that will reduce the levels of Chlorine in your water significantly. You will also appreciate the fact that you will be able to do the installation on your own without the use of tools in a very short period of time. ParadiseSpa is the perfect shower filter for hard water & well water.


  • The three-way filtration system ensures that by the time the water reaches your body, it is devoid of all the impurities that could cause problems
  • The filter works, no matter the temperatures of your water
  • You can easily install the filter without the use of any tools in no time at all
  • Compatible with any shower head
  • Helps to improve the condition of your skin and hair


  • Three stage filtration is not necessarily the best in the market as some products now come with five stages of filtration

11. SpringLogic Shower Filter

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If your idea is to use every shower as an excuse to rejuvenate your body, then it’s time for you to consider the SpringLogic Shower Filter. The people at SpringLogic, are clear about one thing; the Chlorine and other substances added to your water when it is being purified are not always good for your skin. This is the reason why they have created a shower filter that aims to deploy Calcium Sulfite, KDF, and Activated Carbon Charcoal.

This shower filter is able to deliver pure water at whatever temperatures you enjoy your shower. The KDF takes care of heavy metals and other chemicals while the Activated Carbon Charcoal ensures that chemicals that include biological organisms are taken care of. Calcium Sulfite takes care of Chlorine and other metals such as lead.

The designers of this shower filter also come with an understanding that modern products should be easy to install because people do not have time to work with complicated products. For this reason, shower filter is easy to install. It is compatible with all standard ½ inch showers. You can also easily use it with either handheld or rain shower heads. This filter can last up to 8 months.  The main advantage of having a filter of this nature is that you will not need to be scrubbing your floor too often because this filter removes all the hard deposits and bacteria that is the reason you need to keep scrubbing. It is the ideal shower filter head to remove copper & iron in the water.


  • Designed to give life to your skin, hair, and nails
  • Since the water coming out of your shower is pure, you will not need to be scrubbing the floor too frequently
  • The three stage filtration ensures that by the time the water comes out on the other end, it is gentle to your skin
  • The filter is not only affordable, it is attractive too; bringing style to your bathroom


  • Three filter stages is no longer the best in the market as competing products are coming with five filter stages

10. Judek Universal Shower Filter

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Did you know that reducing the amount of Chlorine in your water also reduces the risk of cancer? The United States Council of Environmental Quality indicates that research has shown that using chlorinated water increases your risk of cancer by up to 93% when compared to people who do not use such water. The main reason why you need a shower filter is to get rid of Chlorine and the harmful effects on your skin that it comes with. Since the promise from Judek is a 99% reduction in chlorine, you can rest assured that the water that gets into contact with your skin the purest you can get.

The Judek Universal Shower Filter deploys a three stage filtration process; it looks like this is becoming the standard in products in this class and price range. This process takes advantage of KDF-55 which manages scale and ensures that bacteria and heavy metals are removed. The Calcium Sulfite ensures that Chlorine is removed in water at different temperatures and the Carbon Charcoal takes care of all the other substances and contaminates in your water. If you buy this filter and you were not totally satisfied, you can return it for a full refund. This indicates that the manufacturers of this product are confident with each unit that leaves their production line.


  • The filter is not only designed to remove the impurities in your shower water but also all the bad odor
  • When you use this filter, the water is so pure that you will use less soap, conditioner, and shampoo, thus saving you money
  • Designed to ensure that your skin is not itchy when you finish bathing
  • The installation is easy; all you need to do is to simply install in-between the arm of the shower and the shower head
  • The cartridge lasts up to 12 months when used in a household with four people using the shower


  • Even though this shower filter is quite easy to install, the packaging does not come with instructions leaving the user to guess their way around

9. AquaTip Universal Shower Filter

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If you are looking for a universal shower filter that will fit within a small budget, then you may as well say that you are looking for the AquaTip Universal Shower Filter. The fact that the filter is quite affordable has not compromised on the essential features such as the ability to give you the right water pressure and deliver a three stage filtration process. The durability of the filter is further enhanced by the material used to manufacture the outer body; chrome. The filter delivers water that’s clear and without odor because it is designed to remove the heavy metals. Both bacteria and fungi are not given a chance to grow.

The main brief that the designers of this product had when they started working on it was to ensure that every bath you take rejuvenates your skin. This is why the skin of the people who use this looks healthy. The days of itchy skin will be well behind you the moment you start using this product. The blend of 50 Calcium Sulfite and KDF 80 is the reason why this filter offers a standard that is one of the highest in the market. Add to this the presence of enriched carbon, and you will know why the filtration you get is one of the most powerful you will ever lay your hands on.


  • There is no need for any tools to install this shower filter
  • Designed to fit in different showers including the handheld, fixed or rain shower
  • Every order of this shower filter comes with a bonus; a Teflon strip backed with adhesive
  • The color is designed to match your shower head and enhance the look of your bathroom


  • The three stage filter is no longer the best in the market as the best of the best not comes with a filtration process that  goes through five stages

8. Aquasana AQ-4105 Showerhead Filter System

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Are you looking for a solution that will ensure your skin is not left exposed to the harshness of Chlorine and other impurities that may wreak havoc on your skin? Then you are looking for the Aquasana AQ-4105 Showerhead Filter System. Once you start using water filtered through this product, you should start preparing to explain why your skin is so moisturized and looking noticeably softer. It is not only the skin that will show a difference, your hair will look healthier too. Properly filtered water is your scalps greatest friend. You will also start noticing that the color of your hair suddenly becomes more pronounced because the water that is used to wash it is clear of impurities.

One of the greatest things about the Aquasana AQ-4105 Showerhead Filter System is the classic design that will make your bathroom look more stylish. The design is deliberate; to ensure that there is no clogging as the water moves through the system, and the shower head is retained at the right place while your water contact time with the filter is also enhanced for the best results. The shell carbon used by this product is patented. The product is also designed to improve the quality of the air and also gets rid of well over 90% of the Chlorine in the original water.


  • A great design that enhances the look of your shower
  • The up fill design of the filter ensures that the filtration process is superior
  • Designed to ensure that the PH balance is just right for every shower you take, by reducing the organic chemicals in your water


  • Replacement cartridges take only just six months where others in the market can last up to 12 months
  • Some of the units have problems with leakage indicating that they have not been properly manufactured

7. Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System

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There is one thing that Aquasana seems to be doing well; designing products that offer both the looks and the functionality. The Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System is an example of what we are talking about. With this shower filter, do not be surprised when those members of your family who would have usually found it not so easy ta bath suddenly enjoying it. The class leading shower system, which has come to be expected from this maker, deploys a mixture of a coconut shell and copper-zinc oxidation media to get rid of up to 90% of the Chlorine in your shower water.

This filter is also designed to target organic chemicals and in the process doing wonders to the PH balance of your shower water. The result of this is that you will be able to take advantage of the benefits to your health which come with this such as reduced incidences of respiratory complications such as asthma. You will also start noticing that your skin and hair take a new freshness that you did not see when your water was not purified. You can expect these filters to last about six months, which is equivalent to about 10 000 gallons. If you are one who loves to do the Math, you will realize that you are having a great bath at just about twenty-five cents a day.


  • You will see an improved quality of water once you install this filter
  • The unit is adjustable, ensuring that you can use it in different positions when you take your shower


  • Some units have installation issues which end up leading to leakages
  • The shower filter only works with a small shower head such as the ones produced by Aquasana

6. HotelSpa 1126 Universal High Performance Shower Filter

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Talk about a hotel spa and everybody will listen. This is the promise in the name of the HotelSpa 1126 Universal High Performance Shower Filter. There are other words in the name such as high-performance and universal that many people will find attractive in this shower. Another feature you will love is that this shower filter can be used with any overhead shower head. This is unlike some of those shower filters that are manufactured to fit only in certain shower heads designed and made by a certain brand. You can use it with a shower combo or a handheld shower.

The filter takes a cartridge which takes your water through basically two stages. You can always buy the replacements cartridges of this filter separately. Like other filters in the same class, the HotelSpa 1126 Universal High Performance Shower Filter takes advantage of KDF which is a copper and zinc media. This is famous for its ability to get rid of Chlorine and its harmful effects, the odors associated with unfiltered water, and other such impurities. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to understand how to install this filter. Add to this the five-year limited warranty offered by the manufacturer, Interlink Products, and you will have an idea why this product is ranked among the best in this class.


  • The five-year warranty is an indication that the manufacturer of this product has faith in it
  • Ensures that when you are bathing, you reduce the harmful effects of Hydrogen Sulfide, Radon, and Lodane
  • Installs easily and can be used with any shower head, unlike other filters made to fit only in certain shower heads


  • While this filter head is equipped with settings, they are not easy to adjust especially once your hands have become soapy
  • There is a function to pause the water but do not expect the water to stop altogether, it will just slow down

5. WinArrow 5-Stage High Output Universal Shower Filter

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If you believe in products that have just been released, then the WinArrow 5-Stage High Output Universal Shower Filter is a product you will find attractive. This luxury product comes with a three-stage filtration process which ensures that the water that eventually comes into contact with your skin is pure and will not lead to some damage. The water will be purified no matter what temperature you are using it at. Like all other good filters, this product will ensure that the amount of Chlorine in your water is drastically reduced, heavy metals are removed and other impurities will not be allowed to go past the filter. The end result of this process is a skin that is smoother will less itching and hair that glows. Just be ready to explain what just happened.

The five stage filtration system is an industry leader. You will notice that the majority of filters we have featured either have two stage or three stage processing. The five stage processing ensures that even the most stubborn of your impurities will be removed. The filter deploys KDF-55, Calcium Sulfite, and Active Carbon. These three ensure that your water will be purified no matter what its temperature is. The filter installs quite easily in a matter of minutes.


  • The five-speed filtration process is the best in the industry, ensuring that the water that comes out on the other end has been properly treated
  • Easy to install in a matter of minutes without the use of any tools
  • Comes at a reasonable price for a five stage filtration product
  • The 100% money back guarantee ensures that if you buy and are not happy with your purchase you get all your money back, this indicates that the makers of this product have faith in it


  • Filters last only six months when other products in the same class now have filters going for up to 12 months

4. Emma Claire’s Houseware 3-Stage Shower Filter

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The first thing you will notice when you look at the Emma Claire’s Houseware 3-Stage Shower Filter is that it actually looks quite beautiful. This is made possible by the chrome finish. This is a three stage filter which ensures that as water passes through each stage of the process, Chlorine and other impurities which include heavy metals are removed. Any biological organisms planning to use the warm shower water as a breeding ground will also be stopped in their tracks.

As a buyer of this product, you should do so with the full knowledge that there is no risk on your part. Why? Because if you happen not to like the product after you have bought it, the manufacturers, Emma Clare’s Houseware will offer you 100% of your money back without subjecting you to any questions. This is an indication that they have every faith in this product. They are not just asking you to trust in it, they have taken the first step.

So. What makes this product so effective? Like all other great shower filters, the Emma Claire’s Houseware 3-Stage Shower Filter uses Active Carbon that helps to remove the Chlorine from the water ensuring that the water that comes into contact with your skin is pure. The KDF-55 targets up to 95% of the metals dissolved in water. The Calcium Sulfite ensures that the Chlorine is removed whether your water is warm or cold.


  • The 100% money back guarantee gives every buyer a piece of mind
  • The manufacturers have created a VIP club which keeps users of these products informed about products and promotions
  • It smells great


  • While this shower filter is great for fixed showers, if you use a handheld shower, you will discover that it is rather too big

3. Aqua Elegante High Output Luxury Shower Filter

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The people at Aqua Elegante promise that this is the best when it comes to the removal of Chlorine from your shower water. We decided to test this claim by looking at the features of this product. The manufacturers of this product have done everything in their power to separate this product from the competition. The first attempt to do this was in their choice when it comes to the filter media. They deploy a unique mixture of active carbon that is granulated, with an alloy of zinc commonly known as KDF-55. This mixture is seconded by Activated Carbon. All these works together to reduce the levels of Chlorine in the water and the presence of heavy metals and other impurities.

The manufacturer of this shower filter know something that others do not seem to be aware of; health experts recommend the use of shower filters that are high quality to remove compounds found in the water known as carcinogens that have the ability to suck water from your skin. This is what led them to make a filter that can make bathing comfortable again. When you take your bath using a shower installed with one of these units, you do so with a peace of mind that comes with knowing that your health and that of your family is protected.


  • Even though the filter is advertised as lasting about 6 months, many of them actually end up going for about 9 months
  • Assembles quite easily without the need for any tools
  • You can purify your water without having to sacrifice the space you have for showering


  • It comes slightly more expensive than others in the same class

2. CaptainEco 5-Stage Shower Filter

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If you look at shower filters with a bit of suspicion because some of them tend to hinder the output of water while you shower, then you do not need to worry about this when it comes to the CaptainEco 5-Stage Shower Filter. The designers have made it effective in filtering your water while at the same time maintaining the right pressure for you to enjoy your bath. One of the best things about the filter has to be its body which is rustproof. The five stage filter cartridge ensures that the water that comes into contact with your body is the safest any filter can deliver.

The CaptainEco 5-Stage Shower Filter is easy to install. You will not take more than five minutes to get going. The one thing that makes this filter a leader in its class has to do with the fact that you can expect no leakages after installing it. This is what many other filters in the market generally seem to struggle with. The filter effectively deploys KDF-55 in combination with Calcium to remove the Chlorine and other harmful sediments that are found in water that has not been purified. It also ensures the removal of odors generally associated with water coming straight from your shower. CaptainEco is the best high pressure shower head with filter.


  • The five stage filter cartridge ensures that a thorough job is done
  • Made from a durable body that will not rust
  • The filter is made for heavy duty use with cartridges that will last up to 12 months
  • Designed not to reduce the pressures of your water thereby giving you a great showering experience
  • Easy to install, will take you just about five minutes
  • Unlike other filters in the same class, the risk of leakage is minimal


  • The filter is not designed to remove fluoride but will attempt to remove some

1. WaterChef SF-7C Premium Shower Filter System

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If you doubt that performance and luxury can come together in one product, then you haven’t experienced the WaterChef SF-7C Premium Shower Filter System. The fact that it is powerful has done nothing to compromise its style. This is the product that you want on your side when you want Chlorine reduction that can only be called superior. If you still doubt that this is a superior product, just look at the 5 spray patterns that you can adjust. The reason why your power stream is maintained at optimal levels is the rubber spray nozzles that have an anti-clog effect.

If other products in the same class as the WaterChef SF-7C Premium Shower Filter System make promises that no one is able to backup, you can relax when it comes to this one as the claims are backed by NSF International. They subjected it to their rigorous tests and certified it. The reason why they have this seal has to do with the fact that every product they make is made from the best quality material in the industry. This is the reason why they are able to back this shower filter with a 60-day money back guarantee and a 3-year limited warranty. There is no better indication of a company’s confidence in its products than this kind of warranties and guarantees.


  • A generous money back guarantee supported by a 3-year limited warranty
  • Produces the right amount of pressure to enhance your shower experience
  • Tested and certified by NSF ensuring that all the claims they make are legitimate


  • The shower filter needs an extra gasket for it not to leak after it has been installed, but no one will tell you this until you look for plumber that will cost you money

Read also:

Shower Filter Buying Guide

Before going out to buy a shower filter, there are many details we need to check. I hope we listed all the details in each product review. But you need to know the important factors while buying the shower head filter like whether it is helpful for hard water, normal water, chlorine, and usage of the filter. Below are some of the valid points you need to consider.

Advantages Of Having A Shower Filter

Having a shower filter ensures that you have a shower experience that is healthier. First of all, it filters out the excessive levels of Chlorine found in treated water. This Chlorine poses health risks when used in the shower. Once you start showering with water that is purified through a filter, you will start noticing the change in both your hair and your skin. One of the reasons why you certainly will need to use a shower filter is that you want to take away the smell of a swimming pool in your shower.

Features To Look For In A Good Shower Filter

The most important feature that your shower filter should do is to remove the Chlorine in the water at varying temperatures. This is why you want to go KDF. You will also want to get a filter with cartridges that will last longer; this will serve you money. While many of the filter cartridges will last about six months, innovations in this kind of technology are extending this to about 12 months. You will just need to remember that the longevity of your shower filter depends on the length of your showers and how many people are using it.

One other thing to consider is whether the unit uses replacement cartridges. Once you are sure that it does, you will want to ensure that such cartridges are available where you live. If you buy one whose cartridges are difficult to find, then you will always have to buy a new filter every time you need a replacement. Look at the product reviews such as the ones we have above so that you know what you are buying before you spend any cash.


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