Blocked drains can be repulsive. Not only do they inconvenience you, but they can be breeding grounds for bacteria, germs, and mold. Blocked drains are not uncommon. If you frequently experience blocked drains here are some of the common causes of blocked drains you might be making and how to fix them.

Common Causes of Blocked Drains & How To Fix Them?

1. Toilet paper

Too much toilet paper can cause your toilet to become blocked. Try not to use it too much. If you use too much try to flush before it becomes blocked. Usually, you will be able to unblock the toilet yourself with a plunger but if it is completely blocked you will need to call a plumber.

2. Foreign objects

The only items that you should be flushing down your toilet are toilet paper and waste. If you have feminine products, nappies, or baby wipes you should dispose of them in the bin rather than in the toilet.

3. Hair

Over time hair can cause blockages in your drains, as more and more hair accumulates it begins to tangle and combine with other products like soap and other bathroom products and will continue to grow into a large hairball as time goes on. Try to clean the hair from your drains when possible and if you have a stubborn clump of hair in your drain you can try using a specialty drain cleaner to remove the hair.

4. Food scraps

Food should not be rinsed down the sink. Before rinsing plates try to get as much food residue off of the plates before placing them in the sink. If you still find that you get food in the sink try to wipe the food remnants out of the sink instead of rinsing it down the drain. You can also try using a plug that catches food scraps and prevents them from going down the sink.

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5. Grease

Grease, fat, and oil can wreak havoc inside of your drains. As the grease cools down it solidifies and creates blockages. Try binning grease instead of rinsing it down the drain. If you do have a congealment of grease in your sink there are emulsifiers and other products available that will break down the solidified grease in your drain.

6. Tree roots

Tree roots that grow around your house cause clogged drains. If the root starts to grow through or around your pipes it can cause problems with your drainage. Pipes that have been obstructed by trees will usually need to be fixed by a professional.

7. Toiletries

Toiletries like cotton swabs, makeup wipes, and dental floss can cause blockages in drains. Try to keep these away from the sink and always try to bin them instead of washing them down the drain. You can fix it by keeping a rubbish bin in your bathroom is a good step in keeping your bathroom clean and will remove the temptation to flush things does the toilet or drain.

8. Kitty litter

Kitty litter should always go in the bin and not in the toilet. It is designed to be absorbent so it will only grow larger in your pipes and cause blockages, even if the litter has been advertised as being flushable to not take the risk.

Drainage Dilemmas - Common Reasons For Blocked Drains

9. Solid objects

If you have young children it isn’t uncommon for them to attempt to flush toys and other household items down the toilet. Try purchasing childproof toilet locks and keep the toilet door shut to avoid any problems. If you are toilet training and you cannot avoid your child using the toilet try to teach them to only flush toilet paper down the toilet.

10. Poor Pipe Installation

Mostly blocked drains happen because of poor pipe installation. Many DIYers try to install pipes by themselves. Without previous experience installing the pipe is not recommended. This can lead to problems like pipe fracture, incorrect water flow, and costly repairs. So, how to fix drainage blockage due to poor pipe installation?  You need to contact a licensed plumber to install your home pipe. They can be laid pipe correctly which helps to better water flow and can’t block the drain in future.

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What should you do?

So, these are the common causes of blocked drains. Here we explained how to fix them also. If you have a blocked drain and you are unable to solve the issue yourself you should call in a professional. You will sometimes find that you will just end up making the blockage worse if you attempt to fix the problem yourself. Just remember to clean your drains regularly and only dispose of things that should be disposed of down the drain.

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