7 Safety Tips for First Time Teen Drivers

For most teenagers, driving seems like the first in an important list of passage rights towards adulthood. Unfortunately, like Spiderman’s uncle said, ‘with great power comes great responsibility!’ While driving can be fun, it takes a lot of considerations and sacrifices to get to the point where you can confidently hand the keys over to your teenage child.

That said, there is the realization that teenagers are inherently impulsive, and so it is crucial to ensure they get the right kind of guidance before they get behind the wheel. https://vincheck.info/free-vehicle-history/ now gives you a list of tips that will help first-time teen drivers to smoothly transition into responsible, safe driving.

Safety Tips for First Time Teen Drivers


The first and most important tip is to emphasize on the importance of focus. Loud music, unruly passengers, even foggy weather can be very dangerous if the driver isn’t focused. This goes for experienced drivers as well.

Teen drivers are known to be very easily distracted, which is why the key tip is to have both hands on the wheel and eyes on the road at all times.

Limit Night Driving

While experience in night driving will eventually be a necessity, when starting, it is important to practice mostly during the day. This is because teenagers tend to be a little rash and party hungry at night, which increases the chances of accidents tenfold. The thrill and excitement of having a car also impairs good judgment, which is why night driving is not recommended.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Not to sound cliché, but practice does make perfect, especially where driving is concerned. Teenagers and first-time drivers are generally a nervy bunch. This is why some practice runs around the block, a bit of urban driving, perhaps some supervised drives in unfavorable weather will help give out some valuable experience.

The single most effective way to achieve any form of expertise is to practice. Note that for some types of driving, like driving in urban areas or through interstate lines, it is crucial to ensure that it is supervised, this will prevent any mishaps.

Car Insurance

Let’s face it, teenagers are a pretty rowdy bunch, and even first time drivers try to floor the accelerator on their first day without the proverbial training wheels, or an instructor screaming into their eardrums. That said, it is always a good idea to play it safe. There are tons of insurance companies that offer packages specifically tailored for teenagers, so you can always try and find one that isn’t too steep.

Car insurance is one of those things that you’d rather have and not need, than need and not have.

Learn your Traffic signs

All the practice in the world is useless if you have no idea what traffic lights mean. Teenagers are notorious for ignoring traffic and stop signs as soon as they are out of drivers-ed. This is why another key tip is to ensure your teenager knows when to stop when it’s safe to make a turn, speed limits, and any of the various signs that may land in trouble if infringed.

Start with the basics and work your way down to the ones that may seem complex, just ensure that the important ones are imprinted in their minds.

Car Safety Features

Fortunately for most Millennial, modern-day cars have so many automated features that they pretty much drive themselves. The braking assistance, multiple airbags, Electronic Power Suspension, Lidar/Radar assistance camera systems and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Teenage drivers now have a myriad of safety features that weren’t available a decade ago, making driving more effortless. So invest in a car that has top-class driver-assist safety features, just to be sure you are in safe hands.

Be Wary of Distractions

While the focus was the first item on the list, it is only fair that we mention things that may interfere with this focus. Texting, talking on the phone, eating, or anything that takes your attention away from the road, you should put a pin on. No exceptions.

Bottom Line

Driving can be fun, but only if you do it responsibly!

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