SEO, SEM, ASO, and SMO are the vital pillars of digital marketing. Surely, you have heard more about some than others, but they are all important for any brand. Are you planning your online marketing strategy? The best option will be to address these four pillars to establish your long-term internet strategy. GET STARTED!


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, known as SEO, is search engine optimization or search engine optimization, a process that many brands use to improve the visibility of their website in the organic results of internet search engines. Authority (popularity of the web) and relevance (ratio of the page to a search) are two vital factors to position the websites of companies.

What is SEM?

The acronym for Search Engine Marketing, better known as SEM, has become the most popular paid search engine ad campaign. Many times, it is the internet search engines themselves who offer us the tools to optimize visibility and advertise in their media. Google AdWords or Bing Ads, among others, allow us to generate quality traffic to the web.

What is ASO?

App Store Optimization. You may not have heard so much about it, since its popularity has awakened with mobile applications. ASO is the positioning for mobile applications to achieve greater visibility. It fulfills the same functions as SEO positioning, but with the difference that ASO is responsible for positioning mobile Apps in virtual stores, such as Google Play Store or App Store. Its main objective is to ensure that many people can easily find the applications they are looking for.

What is SMO?

Social Media Optimization focuses on all those actions carried out in social media, whether they are blogs, social networks, forums, or others, and their optimization to achieve the marketing and communication objectives set in the digital marketing plan. The five basic rules of SMO are: facilitate the user to share the content on social networks or other media, distribute it, reward those who help to spread it, adapt the content to other formats (videos, infographics, SlideShare …), and promote mashup.


The benefits of SEO – SEM – ASO – SMO positioning

In general terms, SEO is achieved by implementing the content and code of the pages, the SEM achieves many visits quickly that can be transformed into income, and the SMO allows for making the web more social and facilitates the sharing of documents, followers and generate more traffic by recommendations, and ASO allows to increase the visibility of the mobile application and the number of downloads.

However, we want to delve into the advantages of each of these positions:

Advantages of SEO:

Long-term brand positioning. For this, it is important to upload optimized content periodically and take care of it.

  • Increase in sales or conversions. A quality website based on SEO actions will optimize the conversion rate of the page.
  • Better loading time. An optimized page and quality on-page SEO will reduce the size and weight of the images and optimize the server to run quickly and efficiently.
  • Higher target traffic. As it is a page positioned based on keyword research or keyword research, you ensure that the traffic is quality, since you offer what your potential customers are looking for.
  • Promotion of good quality content. They add value to the user.
  • Increased visibility of the brand in search engines. You will be able to position yourself in the top positions of Google results.
  • Improvements in web usability. Make it easy for users to navigate.
  • Greater confidence. Users know that the content offered in the first positions is of quality, and that gives them greater confidence.

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Advantages of SEM:

  • Increase in traffic to your website in the short term
  • It will save time to get a higher volume of visits.
  • It is easily complemented by SEO. Therefore, we can achieve results both in the short, medium, and long term. Besides, you can compare the strategies to see, which has been more effective.
  • Monitoring. With Google advertising, we obtain more detailed information on what users do, the number of clicks, etc.
  • Cost control. We set the budget without obligation.
  • Greater segmentation. Google AdWords allows you to segment your ads in very different ways.
  • Capture customers. SEM generates traffic to your website in the short term, and it will depend on you if it becomes a customer or if it will be a visitor.

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ASO Advantages:

  • Increase sales.
  • If it is a paid application.
  • Improve the popularity of the application, especially if it is a mobile application advertised with paid advertising.
  • Collect user data. This will help you to understand better and satisfy customer needs.
  • Greater brand awareness. As long as this is a goal for the company.
  • Customer loyalty. Provides greater engagement, downloads, and visibility in the mobile application.
  • It requires little investment. And it can be used with other tools to help ASO positionings, such as Google AdWords or App Snippet Preview, among others.

Advantages of SMO:

  • The attraction of more traffic. Increase visits quickly, since they usually occur within a few days of starting the first SMO actions.
  • Greater diffusion. The content will be disseminated as the information becomes more attractive to users.
  • Increase the number of followers. The more people share your publications, the easier it will be to achieve the expected results from the actions implemented.

Luck is not a strategy. Start making the most of the positioning tools that you have at your disposal, combine them with Inbound Marketing, and boost the visibility of your brand through social networks, search engines, and mobile applications.

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