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Are you tired of not having enough space in your college dorm room?

Millions of students just like you, go to college, get a dorm room, and never have the space they need for clothes, books, and appliances.

But the lack of space can be because you haven’t organized your stuff and dorm room. You are never going to have the space you need unless you start organizing.

What if I told you there are different hacks you can use in your dorm room? In this post, you’ll learn all the hacks that will help in organizing your dorm room.

Hacks for college students

  1. Loft or Raise Your Bed

This is probably the best way to create space for your tiny dorm room. You will elevate or raise your bed a few inches up, thereby creating space underneath your bed. You can store different things with space you have created, like shoes and boxes.

Some colleges offer students the option of lifting their beds, but if the school doesn’t help, you can use leg extenders, which will raise your bed.

  1. Use Folding Chairs

You’ll need a chair when you’re studying or doing an assignment in your dorm room. The standard chair usually needs space, and this isn’t always possible in an already small room. But what if you had a folding chair that you can fold or unfold when using or not.

Therefore, when you’re studying, you’ll unfold it and read some sites like topessayservices.com. But, don’t forget to have a look at best essay writing service review before ordering your academic papers. After studying, you will just fold it and can store it, for example, under the bed. Also, these folding chairs take minimum space, are durable, and they weigh less.

  1. Use Candy Jars and Plastic Containers

A dorm room space is usually full of school supplies like pens and markers. These supplies can make a room look untidy and small. But with a simple container or candy jar, you can store all these supplies in one place and not risk losing them. You can place them on your desk where you’ll have access to. Also, female students can use such containers to even store their makeup.

  1. Use Laundry Baskets

Laundry or clothes are one of the things that make a room look too small. If you have your laundry in every corner of the room, first, it will look untidy. But a laundry basket can solve most of these problems. You want more space; you have to sort out your clothes first. You can have two laundry baskets where one can be used to store dirty clothes while the other clean clothes.

  1. Use Hooks

You’ll use these hooks to hang things like jewelry, sunglasses, and clipboard. You can mount them or place them on your dorm room wall, thereby utilizing the wall space effectively. For example, if a student has a router that ensures he has a Wi-Fi connection for his computer or laptop. Where to place the router is bothering him, because there isn’t enough space in his dorm room. But with a couple of hooks, he can mount it on his wall and create a new space. Therefore, a student has to get some of these hooks and can hang anything.

  1. Do Stack Your Items Onto Each Other

Your dorm room will most likely consist of appliances like a refrigerator, oven, and toaster. They can take a lot of space, and to get rid of them is not an option. But what if you decide to stack them up, therefore the oven will be on top of the fridge. Simple stacking will create more space in your room, and it won’t be such a cramped room.

  1. Clean and Tidy up Your Room

This is probably the easiest thing you can do to organize and create more space. A dirty or untidy room is neither fun nor healthy to occupy. When you clean your dorm room, you get rid of unwanted equipment like bad cables or torn clothing. Arrange your clothes, shoes, and space will be created. Therefore, the more you clean, the more organizing you do. The more organized you are, the more space you have in your dorm room.

A student will spend the majority of his time in his dorm room, whether it is studying or sleeping. It’s important, therefore, to use these different hacks to make your room a better place to stay and enjoy.

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