Are you looking for a cooling blanket that absorbs your body heat and keeps you comfortable while you sleep during the hot summer days? Do you want to have an affordable cooling blanket that won’t dent your pocket? Then the Elegear Revolutionary cooling blanket will be the best solution for you.

Imagine this. You are trying to doze off and you find yourself sweaty, sticky, and warm. You know that sleeping in this condition is highly impossible.

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So instead of purchasing expensive AC unit and a fan, you can get this cool blanket that will keep you in the ideal temperature throughout your sleep. Also if you are a hot sleeper, then the Elegear Revolutionary cooling blanket will definitely of great value for your money.

The attractive thing with this blanket is that it has two different sides namely the cool side and a full cotton side. If the weather is too chilly, you can use the full cotton side and on the other hand, you can use the cool side of the blanket when the night is warm and sticky.

The cool side is made with the combination of mica nylon and Jade Master batch in order to observe and take out the excess heat and moisture from the body. For your information, Jade Master batch is a lightweight and breathable cooling fabric that can be exclusively found in Japan. And when it comes to the other side, it is made of 100 percent cotton.

According to the manufacturers of this product, most of the cooling blankets have a cooling sense value of a fabric of about 0.2. But the Elegear Revolutionary cooling blanket has a cooling sense value of a fabric of about 0.4. What it means is that it is extremely cool in every fabric.

Some users reported that their body temperature dropped about 2 to 5 degrees after using this blanket for five minutes and they felt super cool inside it. If you want even more chill, then the manufacturers suggests you to pair it with a fan or an AC unit.

When you do so, you can feel the extra chill, but it won’t be unbearable. The blanket observes the excessive heat and keep it in the blanket instead of keeping it on your skin.

An amazing news with this blanket is that you will be able to wash it in your washing machine without experiencing any damage to the blanket. This particular feature makes it easy to clean.

The Elegear Revolutionary cooling blanket comes with six different colors and three different sizes. Which means, you can purchase this blanket in your favorite color and in the required size as well.

Now, imagine another scenario. You are a couple. You don’t have a same sleeping comfort. If this is the case, sharing the bed can quickly escalate into a big issue.

To avoid that, you can use this blanket. Remember that this blanket is made of 2 different material. Hence, if you want warmth during your sleep, then you can use the cotton side and on the other hand, you can use the other side if you want a colder temperature.

The important thing to note with it is that it won’t weigh you down. To safeguard this blanket, you need to stuff it into a mesh garment bag when you are laundering it. It is actually recommended by its manufacturers.

After you complete the laundering process, take out the blanket from the bag, and dry it before sticking it to your bed.

Although the Elegear Revolutionary cooling blanket isn’t an ideal blanket during the spring, autumn, and winter season, it will serve you pretty well to tackle the hot summer days.

Above all the features, it will aid you to get a highest quality sleep throughout the night and that is what most people want. Isn’t it?

If for any reason you don’t like this blanket, then the manufacturers have a return policy where you can return the blanket.

Overall, if you are looking for a supreme quality cooling blanket that is made of great material and won’t pinch your pocket big time, then you can definitely go for this one for sure!

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