10 Best Solar Power Bank in 2019 (Review & Guide)


Tired of consistent battery blackout for your devices? Carrying along a reliable solar power bank can deliver great support.

With different types and categories of power banks available in the market, it has become quite a difficult task to pick out the perfect one for your needs.

Solar chargers are effective and reliable as they feature efficient power backup technology which keeps you powered on the go. As it designed to be charged through both wall socket and solar energy, the battery power storage delivers quick charging for all types of devices.

Solar power banks are suitable for people who are careless about charging and need a power backup in case of an emergency. Requiring a sufficient amount of sunlight to charge properly, solar power banks also need to be plugged into an electricity source to avail complete backup facility.

Being a helpful device for travelers, it is engineered to store electricity backup for weeks. To make things easier for our readers, we have performed extensive research to evaluate technological and reliability aspects of various solar power banks.

Upon our findings, we have listed down top solar chargers to be purchased along with a complete and comprehensive review of each one separately. Finding out the best solar charger is quite difficult task. We hope this article will help you in selecting the perfect choice. For solar power bank price details, you can click on the highlighted Amazon link.

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What is Solar Power Bank?

Most of the people don’t know what is solar power bank. For those, It is device which convert solar energy to electrical energy and stored it in a battery. The battery has a circuit which controls the power flow obtained from the sun. In older days solar panels are huge but nowadays it becomes more compact. Nowadays solar power bank charger can easily fit into the pocket. This gadget is called solar power bank.

Instead of briefing the solar power bank advantage and disadvantage facts, we are directly getting into the topic as there involves several benefits of solar power bank outplaying the disdavantages.

Solar Power Bank Buying Guide:

If you want to buy solar power bank, then you need to consider few things before buying. Don’t worry in our list we consider all the criteria and make the list. Anyway you should know these things. Let’s get into this:

1. Features of the power bank:

It is the most important thing need to consider before buying solar power bank. Because lots of power banks comes with lots of features. Nowadays solar chargers comes with LED flashlight, multiple USB ports and attached carabiners. These features are very helpful when you are outdoor. The components of solar power bank shows the added features in a model.

2. Capacity:

Yes of course, capacity of the power bank is one of the important factor. Because you need to charge many gadgets by using this device. According to your need you should choose the capacity. Usually 2000mAh battery is enough for many devices. Anyway if you go large capacity then device size gets larger. You need to consider that also. Solar power bank 50000 mAh battery can charge one smartphone 10-15 times. If you want to go outside for long days then you can consider high capacity battery.

3. Solar power bank waterproof :

Are you use solar power banks just as a backup device or need to use in harsh environment like deep rain forest, hiking, trekking or any other areas? Because waterproof solar power banks & Rugged devices also available. They can help you to use power banks during rain and even various weather conditions.

4. Brand of the charger:

Each brand has different quality. This is one of the most important factor you need to consider. If you are buying unknown brand then sometimes you feel bad. So, checking brand is important one. Some brand chargers has excellent quality batteries and panel. They can charge twice faster that other chargers. So, keep this thing in your mind.

Top 10 Solar Power Bank Reviews:

  1. Rolisa Solar Charger Power Bank 24000mAh Huge Capacity Portable Charger 3 Output ports: Perfect combination of Performance and Durability

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Rolisa Power Bank For Emergency

Starting out with the most amazing and top-rated product, we have found Rolisa Solar Charger Power Bank 24000mAh to be outperforming in all emergency situations. This device is equipped with state of the art solar charging power cells which have the capability to charge 3 devices at a time.

With the ability to convert solar energy into electrical charge, the 24000mAh power bank can fully charge high spec devices such as iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 Edge for up to 7 times. As it is designed for emergency purposes, the unit will surely never let you run out of power. We have looked into various types and categories of solar phone charger best buy models but could find no match to the amazing Rolisa Solar Charger Power Bank in terms of performance and reliability.

Rolisa Power Bank Capability

As solar power banks feature built in batteries, they are highly productive and convert solar energy into power efficiently. Along with the ability to completely charge your iPhone 7 in less than 90 minutes, this is a notable solar power bank for laptop. For the ease of charging, the power bank can be hanged over your backpack so that you can remain powered at all times.

Moreover, this product is also capacity tested to charge smart phones for up to 7 times which makes it the perfect solution for travelers. The huge capacity portable charger now features 3 output ports delivering power output of 2A+2A+1A. This allows users to power their devices at once.

Rolisa Power Bank Structure

Coming over to the outer shell and appearance of this solar power bank unit, the structure is made out of absolutely water proof and wear resistant material. Furthermore, the unit also features a LED flashlight which delivers the best support in emergency situations. The power bank has an overall dimension set to 3 x 6.2 x 0.87 inches weighing only about 1.57kg.

In order to avail best output facility, it is recommended that you properly charge the device at first for about 8 hours. This will maximize charging performance and durability of the power bank batteries.

Rolisa Power Bank Guarantee

For the convenience of the customers, the product now comes with a complete money back guarantee for 2 years for which you can request for a replacement as well. So, if you are in search of a reliable and efficient solar power bank, Rolisa Solar Charger Power Bank 2400mAh Huge Capacity is surely the best option to be purchased.


  • Greater and impressive battery capacity
  • Strengthened outer shell structure
  • Fast Charging support
  • Money back guarantee protection


  • Expensive as compared to other solar power banks of similar price tag.
  1. Battery Pack AKEEM Portable Charger 22000mAh External Battery Power Bank: Ultimate power Backup Solution

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AKEEM Portable Charger 

Here is the review of akeem portable charger much useful for knowing the product in detail.

Yet another great product on our list, we are proud to review the amazing Battery Pack AKEEM Portable Charger 22000mAh external battery power bank. Featuring the latest dual input port and solar charging technology, this unit is designed to deliver best performance at all times. The power bank is now equipped with a compact solar panel combined with innovative lighting technology which supports multiple device charging at once.

With the support of the massive 22000mAh lithium battery, the unit provides highest output for the 3 USB ports which deliver 5V / 2.1A,5V, /2.1A, 5V / 2.1A current output. Along with the fast charging benefits, the AKEEM Portable charger can be completely recharged through DC 5V/2.1A AC charger in less than 24 hours. In case you are using a 2.1 adapter to recharge, it would take about 7 to 8 hours to avail complete battery backup.

AKEEM Portable Charger For iPad and Laptops

Whether you are traveling to a remote location or want to keep powered during an emergency situation, Battery Pack AKEEM Portable Charger is absolutely designed to outperform. Along with fast charging of mobile phones and smart devices, the power bank can also be used to charge up your iPad, MacBook and laptops of all kinds.

Being a great value for money product to consider, you can now use the unit to charge all categories of Apple and Android devices. When searching for the best solar power bank online, we have found no match in terms of performance and reliability for the Battery Pack AKEEM Portable Charger.

Technology keeping away Overheating

Along with the above explained benefits, the product is also equipped with faster and safer technology which keeps your valuable devices from overcharging and heating. The company also promises a free of cost replacement of the unit if it becomes damaged due to overcharging, over current and short circuit.

AKEEM Portable Charger Capability

Talking about the huge charging capacity, this solar power bank can satisfy all of your power needs at once. With the ability to completely charge an iPhone 7 plus up to 5 times, an iPhone 7 about 8 times and Galaxy S7 above 5 times. Battery Pack AKEEM portable Charger 22000mAh has received 5-star ratings by the customers as they are greatly amused by its performance and reliability. So, if you are amused to purchase an efficient power bank for your traveling needs, this one is surely the best option to be considered.


  • Supports simultaneous charging of up to 3 devices
  • Powerful 22000mAh battery for extended power backup.
  • Quick recharging with the support of solar panels.
  • Strong and durable outer casing.


  • Requires a lot of extra time to recharge properly.
  1. Solar Charger WBPINE 13500mAh Solar Charger Power Bank Waterproof: Stylish yet Effective

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WBPINE Solar Charger

If you are searching for a strong and reliable power backup source, Solar Charger WBPINE 13500mAh Solar Charger will surely deliver long term benefit. Suitable for travelers and hikers who love to face adventures, the product will keep their devices charged in all environmental condition.

The outer shell is fully water and dust proof which protects solar charging cells and internal mechanism as well. Solar charging power banks automatically charge while you are on the go and provide guaranteed power backup when completely charged. Upon our findings for the ultimate solar and waterproof power bank to be purchased, we were absolutely amazed to study the great reviews and ratings for Solar Charger WBPINE 13500mAh.

WBPINE Solar Charger Design Features

Unlike conventional power banks, this one is made out of multiple protection design for which eco-friendly silicon rubber and ABS +PC material has been used. As it is supposed to be solid and hard, the portable charger shell is absolutely shock proof, water proof dust proof. No matter wherever you are going, just hand the unit on your backpack with the available metal hook and the solar cells will charge the battery automatically.

Along with the beautiful design perks, Solar Charger WBPINE 13500mAh Solar Charger Power Bank also includes 4 LED Indicators and 2 LED flashlights for further benefit. Having three operational modes known as Normal, SOS and Steady SOS Strobe, the LED lights can also be used as a flashlight and it works perfect in outdoor darkness.

WBPINE Solar Charger Capability

The high capacity built in rechargeable 13500mAh battery has the capability to charge an iPhone 7 up to 3 times, iPad 2 times and Galaxy S7 up to 3 complete charges. Recharge the unit by connecting it with a 2.1A adapter as the process would take about 8 hours to complete.

The ultra-high efficiency solar panels convert the energy from sunlight into electrical charge to power up the lithium batteries. While you are on the go, the power bank keeps on recharging automatically as it is exposed to sunlight.

Suitable for all devices such as iPhone, Samsung and other Android phones, users can use the 2 built in 2.1A USB ports to connect. The compact design makes this unit suitable for travelers and adventurers who have to pass through natural landscapes and rivers as it is made absolutely water proof to retain performance.


  • Guaranteed protection against dust and water.
  • LED flashlight feature along with battery status indicator.
  • Made out of Silicon and ABS Plastic for extended durability.


  • 13500mAh Lithium battery might not be sufficient for some users.
  1. Solar Charger, Zonhood 15000mAh Solar Power Bank with Cigarette Lighter Dual USB Backup Battery Pack Charger: Multiple Functionalities and Extended Support

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Zonhood Solar Charger

Heading towards the next great solar power bank, we hope this product will meet all of your device charging expectations. Solar Charger, Zonhood 15000mAh Solar Power Bank  is a perfect combination of style and performance. Designed to outperform its competitors, the power bank has the capability to completely recharge by utilizing sunlight and delivers fast charging service for all kinds of smartphones.

Equipped with a massive 15000mAh lithium battery, the solar phone charger is an ideal pick for camping trips, hiking and other outdoor recreational activities. This could be considered as the best solar power bank for camping. Featuring a compact outer shell design, the product has to offer a lot of extra features as compared to other solar power banks of the similar kind.

The Zonhood 15000mAh Solar Power Bank pack can be recharged in multiple ways which include charging by an adapter, USB cable from computer and sunlight. It uses intelligent LED indicator as a torch in different modes. It has two USB ports so, you can charge two devices simultaneously.

Zonhood Solar Charger Structure

Talking about the rough and tough outer shell design, the unit casing is made out of eco friendly silicon rubber and ABS plastic making it suitable for routine usage. Due to its strong built quality, the solar power bank is absolutely water proof, dust proof and shock proof.

With the increasing number of solar power bank manufacturing companies, end users find it difficult to purchase the best available solution. By reviewing the specifications as explained, we are sure making your final decision would be absolutely easier.

Zonhood Solar Capability

Coming over to the performance parameters of this amazing power bank, the 15000mAh battery is tested to charge iPhone 7 completely for up to 7 times. Same is the performance output when connecting with Samsung Galaxy S7 and other smartphones. Furthermore, the company provides a replacement facility in case your power bank is damaged due to short circuit or electric charge fluctuation within 2 years.

Along with fast charging, users can also take benefit from the multifunctional LED flashlight which can be used in 4 different operational modes. When studying customer reviews online, we were amazed to read positive feedback in terms of performance and reliability. When comparing the price tag with the performance perks of Teryei Solar Power Bank 15000mAh, there is surely no better option to be selected.


  • Smart Solar recharging technology suitable for travelers.
  • Protection against overcharging and malfunctioning.
  • 15000mAh battery for extended power backup.


  • None
  1. FKANT Solar Charger 15000mAh Portable Dual USB Solar Battery Power Bank: Your ultimate choice

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FKANK Portable DUAL USB Solar Battery

Here is the review of Fkank Portable Dual USB solar battery capable of providing a long backup for heavy duty smartphone users.

Coming over to yet another masterpiece from out list, FKANK Solar Charger 15000mAh portable DUAL USB Solar Battery Power Bank is a great unit to be purchased. As we have been discussing the performance and reliability perks of each power bank, the product launched by FKANT will also satisfy all of your power backup needs.

Featuring a strong and effective 15000mAh lithium battery, it is designed exclusively for digital devices without making any extra damages such as short circuit or voltage fluctuation. The product is suitable for travelers and risk takers who need to explore remote areas or landscapes. Just expose the outer shell of the power bank towards the sunlight and the unit will start to convert solar energy into electrical charge automatically.

FKANT Solar charger power bank is no ordinary item as it is compatible with all types of electronic items and smartphones. The company has tested the device on latest smartphones such as iPhone 7, Galaxy S7, Tablets and Digital Cameras for which the results were absolutely satisfying.

FKANK Portable Battery Capability

With the ability to simultaneously charge two iPhone 7 devices from dead in less than 90 minutes, users do not have to worry about power shortage anymore. The 2A USB Ports are specially included to charge Tablets and iPads whereas mobile phones can be easily charged by connecting with the 1A USB Port. Featuring technologies such as Smart automatic identification and solar charging, users can avail best benefit by all means.

When searching for the best solar charging power banks, we have found no match in terms of performance and reliability for the amazing FKANT 15000mAh power bank. Along with fast charging benefits, the unit also features 4 LED indication lights to show power status along with 6 built in high bright LED beads to light up in emergency situations.

Coming over to the outer shell design and durability, the power bank has a compact size and is quite easy to carry along. Being absolutely dust proof and shock proof, you surely do not have to care when traveling around. The black and white combination makes this power bank decent and elegant along with providing unmatchable recharging benefits. So, if you are in search of a reliable and effective recharging source, FKANT 15000mAh power bank is certainly the best option to be considered.


  • Strong outer casing which makes the power bank water and shock proof.
  • Smart automatic identification and solar charging.
  • 4 LED lights status indication for battery power and charging status.
  • Tested and safe fast charging for modern day smartphones and tablets.


  • Outer shell casing not strong enough for routine use.
  1. PLOCHY Solar Charger 24000mAh Power Bank: Performance Redefined

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PLOCHY Power Bank Features

Our list continues with the latest Solar Charger 24000mAh Power Bank with Lighting and Micro input. Being a top-rated product at various consumer websites, the power bank is an absolute combination of performance and reliability. In order to provide uninterrupted charging backup and automatic recharging facility for its customers, PLOCHY has introduced lightning and micro dual input USB cable ports which provide convenience of charging.

Along with the amazing power backup perks, the unit is now packed with a massive 15000mAh lithium battery which supports both solar and electric charging. We have performed an in-depth analysis to search about the power backup and recharging benefits of each solar power bank and were amused by the benefits of this item.

PLOCHY Power Bank Capability

Talking about the charging capacity of PLOCHY 24000mAh solar charger power bank, the unit is tested for all popular digital devices such as iPhone 7 Plus, Galaxy S7 Edge and iPad. Having the capability to charge the Galaxy S7 for up to 6 times and iPad up to 2.2 times, the unit surely does not cause any damage while charging.

Along with efficient power backup benefits, the product now features Quick Charging Technology which can automatically detect your device to deliver the fastest charging speed. The limits are set to 2.1A. DC 5V/2.1A high speed whereas the input is 2.1 times quicker as compared to normal DC 5V/1A input. A full recharge would take only about 11 hours for which the company recommends the DC 5V/2.1A charger to be used.

Smart Express Charging Technology

Coming over to the USB charging ports, the smart express charge technology automatically detects the charging requirements of the connected device and provides maximum speed accordingly. Furthermore, users can also simultaneously charge 3 devices at a single time without any compromise in speed and performance.

The solar recharging cells have the capability to convert sunlight into electrical charge for in order to recharge the power bank on the go. It is recommended that the product must be completely recharged by connecting it with a 2.1A adapter as the procedure would take about 24 hours to be done.

Relying only on solar recharge is not advised by the manufacturers as varying sunlight intensity might affect the recharging process. For people who are in search of a durable, effective and long lasting solar charging power bank, PLOCHY 24000mAh is absolutely an amazing item to be purchased.


  • lightning and micro dual input USB cable ports for fast charging.
  • Massive 24000mAh Lithium battery for extended coverage.
  • Automatic and quick recharging from sunlight.
  • Protection against overcharging and heating.


  • Priced higher as compared to other solar power banks of the similar kind.
  1. Ayyie Solar Charger, Solar Power Bank 10000mAh External Backup Battery : Best product in low Budget

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Ayyie Power Bank Capacity 

Yet another exciting product to avail ease of charging on the go, Ayyie Solar Power Bank 10000mAh External Backup Battery Pack dual USB is a perfect device for outdoor camping and traveling. The power bank now features a massive 10000mAh lithium battery which automatically recharges through the solar charging panels.

Ayyie Power Bank Design

As it is exclusively designed to keep you safe from power shortage in all scenarios, the outer casing is absolutely shock and dust resistant which makes it long lasting. Furthermore, the superior portable design is made out of reliable and durable ABS+PC+Silicon material to make the unit long lasting.

Ayyie Power Bank Performance

Coming over to the performance parameters of this item, you can now charge all types of modern day smartphones and devices without any interruption. The power bank includes Dual USB slots of 5v/1A and 5v/2.1A to connect your devices which also features automatic smart identification system.

This protects connected devices from over charging, heating and voltage fluctuations. In order to make this power bank safe for routine use, the company has tested charging speed on all popular devices such as iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 Edge for which the results were absolutely amazing.

It takes about 24 hours to completely recharge the power bank for which users are advised to use 2.1A adaptor only. To keep you powered on the go, the external battery charger with solar panel automatically starts recharging once exposed to sunlight properly.

Although solar charging is only meant to top up the unit, you must recharge by using a power source as well. Furthermore, there are 2 beautiful LED lights with steady SOS- Strobe mode which can also be used as a flashlight.

Ayyie Power Bank Highlights 

Ayyie Solar charger power bank is absolutely user friendly as the five pilot indicators show battery status timely along with Green and Blue light indication. When studying about customer reviews and ratings over various websites, we were amazed to read about the popularity of Ayyie Solar power bank.

Due to its attractive outer casing and sturdy design pattern, the product has been well appreciated by each user. Different color combinations are available which include orange, blue, white and black so that customers can purchase the best suitable design pattern.


  • Best option to consider in 10000mAh battery range as it provides fast charging support.
  • Automatic smart identification system to protect connected devices from over charging.
  • Dual USB slots for simultaneous connection.


  • Users have found this product unfeasible for long term power backup.
  1. RAVPower Solar Charger 15000mAh Solar Power Bank Dual USB External Battery Pack : Durable yet fast performing

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RAV Power Bank Highlights

For our readers who are finding a strong and reliable power bank which can keep their devices charged at any situation, purchasing this unit will absolutely give them great relief. When it comes to keep your devices powered on the go, there is surely no match for the amazing RAVPower Solar power bank.

As the unit features a massive 15000mAh lithium battery pack, you can now charge multiple devices at once. There are two charging ports which allow fast charging for all of the major devices such as iPhone 7, Galaxy S7 Edge and Tablets. The power bank can easily charge an iPhone 7 for 4.2 times, an iPhone 7 Plus for 3 times and the Galaxy S8 for 2.8 times.

RAV Power Bank Structure

As we have discussed some popular solar power banks in our review, this unit by RAVPower features the strongest and most durable outer shell structure as compared to other power banks. This makes it ideal for travelers and adventure enthusiasts who need to hike over tough tracks and hills. Being absolutely water proof, shock proof and dustproof, you can use the power bank without any inconvenience.

When it comes to recharging, the RAVPower Solar power bank can be recharged from the solar panels as well as connecting it with a 2.1A adapter. For optimum power storage, it is advised that you completely recharge the device by electricity instead of relying on sunlight for charging.

Due to its powerful 15000mAh lithium battery pack, the power bank can charge an iPad and any smartphone simultaneously. This makes it great if you are traveling with your friends and everyone needs a charging source to charge their devices at once. To make the whole process safe and secure, the company has implemented multiple security protections to avoid over voltage, over current and short circuit issues.

RAV Power Bank Capability

Once the unit is completely recharged, the automatic identification system indicates power status through green and red LED’s. Moreover, the outer structure design also includes a LED flashlight which can be activated and deactivated by holding the power button for about 3 seconds.

The power bank is recommended for outdoor use only for which customers must follow the safety precautions as explained in the user manual. In case your power bank malfunctions or has been damaged due to overcharging, you can request for a replacement within 2 years of time.


  • Fast charging with extended power backup support.
  • 15000mAh powerful Lithium battery with fast solar recharging benefits.
  • 2 years warranty for overcharging and product malfunctioning.


  • Not efficient in charging iPads and Tablets as reported by the customers.
  1. Dizaul Solar Charger 5000mAh Portable Solar Power Bank : Best purchase under $30

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Dizaul Power Bank Capacity

A perfect pick from low capacity solar power banks, people who are not willing to spend a huge amount can avail ultimate charging facility. Dizaul Solar power bank is equipped with a powerful 5000mAh battery which can keep your devices charged on the go. Having a compact design pattern, the unit is absolutely easy to carry along while you are traveling or hiking.

Dizaul Power Bank Design

Made out of ecofriendly silicone rubber, the outer casing features football grain design pattern along with anti-skid protection. As the power bank is equipped with solar charging cells which convert sunlight into electricity to charge the battery, you surely do not have to worry about power shortage anymore. Furthermore, the simple yet elegant bar indicator informs about the battery status so that you can charge your power bank on time.

Dizaul Power Bank For Smartphones

The product is efficient and reliable as compared other power banks of the similar price range. Dizaul Solar power bank is compatible with all modern smartphones such as iPhone 7, Galaxy S7 and One plus models. Moreover, you can also connect your tablets, iPads and cameras with this amazing solar power bank for to recharge without any hassle.

Being absolutely water proof and dust proof, the unit is well protected by rubber caps which also cover up the USB charging ports. This protects it from being damaged due to water or dust when you are traveling or hiking during rain. Moreover, the packaging now includes a free hook which can be used to hang the unit over your backpack.

Although the unit offers solar charging technology, but the limited surface of solar panels does not allow quick and efficient charging. They are only meant to power up the device in emergency situations otherwise users are advised to completely recharge the unit by connecting it with a 2.1A adapter.

As it only has a 1.2W input solar panel, the power bank would take a minimum of 30 hours to recharge under direct sunlight. A positive aspect of Dizaul 5000mAh power bank is that it is absolutely light weight, comfortable to hold and does not gets damaged due to water or dust. Designed to serve customers of all needs, the power bank is equipped with ultrahigh efficiency solar panels to keep you protected under all circumstances.


  • Best option in low priced solar power banks category.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry along.
  • Water proof and dust proof and shock proof outer casing.


  • Battery capacity is quite low.
  1. GRDE Solar Charger Portable Power Bank 10000mAh Dual USB Battery: Single product, Multiple functionalities

Check Current Price on Amazon

Last but not least, our list for the top 10 solar power banks ends up with the extraordinary Solar power bank by GRDE. Powered with a massive 10000mAh battery, the power bank can protect your devices from running out of charging under all circumstances. Featuring solar charging technology, users do not have to worry about recharging when enjoying hiking or traveling around with friends.

Below is the video review of GRDE 10000 mAh battery power pack model.

While you are outdoors, the compact solar panel keeps on recharging the unit automatically when exposed to sunlight. Suitable to be connected with all types of smartphones and tablets, the power bank is tested to deliver promising power backup when fully charged.

 GRDE Power Bank Design and Highlights

There are two USB ports which can be used to charge your devices simultaneously. 2A USB port is suitable for iPad and tablets whereas the 1A USB charging port is recommended for smartphones and cameras. Being absolutely easy to use, just press the charging button once to charge and double click to stop charging.

The design pattern is amazing and protects the power bank from being damaged upon daily usage. Being absolutely water proof and dust proof, the rain-splash resistant outer shell keeps the lithium battery and solar charging cells from water and dust. Charging the battery through solar energy would take more than 24  hours for which a direct exposure to sunlight is required.

In order to avail maximum charging coverage, the company advises its customers to recharge the power bank by connecting it with a 2.1A adapter rather than relying on solar recharge. Solar panel charging feature is only meant to give protection in emergency cases where you cannot recharge through electricity.

Furthermore, the GRDE Solar power bank also has LED indicators which keep you informed about battery consumption and recharging. This product is compatible with all modern-day smartphones such as iPhone 7 Plus and Galaxy S8 devices which support fast charging. To give additional protection to its customers, the company also promises a free of cost replacement in case your power bank gets damaged due to short circuit, voltage fluctuation or over charging.

For the ease of handling, GRDE Solar Power Bank packaging also includes a free hook which can be used to hang the unit over your backpack. This will also support automatic solar charging as the power bank will be directly exposed towards the sunlight. So, if you are in search of a low cost and great performing power backup source, GRDE Solar power bank is certainly the best option to be considered.


  • Suitable to charge smartphones, cameras and tablets of all kinds.
  • Fast charging with LED indication support.
  • Strong outer casing for long term protection.
  • Free hanging hook given along with the purchase.


  • The power bank is heavier as compared to other items of the same kind.

Outdoor Solar Power Bank usage problems & Solutions:

Nowadays many of the persons working online via mobile & laptop. Those times, solar power bank help them to charge their mobiles and laptops. Nowadays laptop charger comes with USB adapter. So, laptop charging is also possible by solar power banks.

In older days getting WiFi is a big problem. But nowadays some of the areas providing free WiFi. If you don’t have WiFi in your areas then turn your mobile into wireless Hotspot. By enabling this you can easily surf internet.

Working under sunlight is a problem for low brightness screens. So, you can use your body as a shield against sunlight and you can work smoothly.

Top New Gadgets benefits from Solar power bank:

solar charger gadgets

If you want to avoid boredom during travel or free-time then you need to consider various gadgets. Nowadays technology helps to avoid boring. There are some new gadgets available on the market today to keep you entertaining. Those are:

  • Kindle
  • Smartphones
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • MP3 Players
  • Ipods
  • DSLR Cameras
  • Gaming consoles

You can charge these devices by using solar power banks. So, you can travel long days without any battery problems.

Benefits of Solar Power Bank:

Solar power bank is energy efficient and economical device. There are plenty of benefits available. No doubt they can make our life easier. Following are some of the benefits:

  1. Solar power bank can charge without any electrical input. So, it can charge no additional cost.
  2. It can be used anywhere on the earth. What you need is only sunlight.
  3. Due to versatile quality it can charge any basic devices. So, you don’t worry about battery backup while you are travelling. Sunlight will be always be present even for a while.

Types of Solar battery chargers:

Plenty of manufacturers are in the game of manufacturing solar battery chargers. So, the result is vast types of solar chargers available in the market. Below are the types of it:

Portable Solar Power bank:

This is a small device which helps to charge small devices like mobile phones, tablets, Ipod, gaming consoles or any other potable devices.

Folding Solar Panel:

Folding panel mostly used in automobiles. If vehicle battery not used in case, you can use Folding panel instead.

Public Solar panel:

These are the models used in streetlights. Those are for public and public can access the charger for free of cost.

Which is the Best Solar Power Bank 2018 in this list ?

As we have listed and reviewed the top 10 solar charging power banks, our pick for the ultimate product to be purchased will surely meet all of your power backup expectations. PLOCHY Solar Charger 24000mAh Power Bank is an ideal combination of performance, durability and efficiency as it is equipped with state of the art technological advancements.

Designed to provide uninterrupted power backup, the product delivers unmatchable fast charging speed and solar cell recharging benefits. PLOCHY Solar charger power bank comes with a massive 24000mAh Lithium battery which has the power to recharge an iPhone 7 up to 9 times.

Furthermore, the unit is covered with a tough and durable outer shell casing which protects the internal equipment from being damaged due to dust and water. Although each of the solar power bank briefed above has to offer amazing charging backup services, but we have found no match in terms of performance and durability for the PLOCHY Solar Charger 24000mAh Power Bank.

5000mAh weather resistant solar charger power bank field use Review:


The above reviewed are the best solar power chargers available in the market. Hope the solar power bank review would be useful to all. Also, there involves certain procedure in charging a solar power bank.

Power banks have now become a major necessity of life as modern-day smartphones need to be charged more often. The introduction of solar charging cells in power banks has provided a great relief for travelers and adventure enthusiasts as they do not have worry about power outage anymore.

Mobile devices are great as they connect us with the outer world and help to create memories which last forever. This is only possible if your devices are properly charged on the go for which selecting a power bank after research and evaluation is advised. As each power bank has to offer unique design and performance perks, customers can evaluate and compare in order to purchase the product which delivers long term benefit.

As we have provided an in-depth analysis and evaluation regarding the top 10 solar power banks, our readers are advised to study customer reviews, performance outcomes and durability aspects of each item before purchasing.

Checking for output power capacity, outer shell construction and solar panel recharging capability can greatly help you in choosing an outperforming power bank. We hope our studies and recommendations for the ultimate solar power bank will help our valuable readers in making their final decision.


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