Nature's Haven- Chikmagalur Beautiful Resort Retreats

Chikmagalur, a tranquil hill station in Karnataka’s Western Ghats, is a paradise for nature lovers & travellers alike. To fully appreciate the beauty of Chikmagalur, it is essential to stay in the most comfortable and luxury accommodations possible. A wide choice of resorts in Chikmagalur seamlessly integrate comfort, elegance, and natural splendour to provide you with the greatest stay experience possible.

Chikmagalur’s magnificent landscapes, rich greenery, and picturesque coffee plantations make it one of the most popular tourist destinations. The Chikmagalur Resorts are an ideal hideaway in this peaceful haven, allowing tourists to unwind, relax, and reconnect with nature. The resorts, immersed in the beauty of Chikmagalur’s natural surroundings, are designed to provide guests a balanced blend of modern conveniences and old-world charm.

Places to Visit in Chikmagalur:

Chikmagalur, commonly known as the Coffee Land of Karnataka, is one of Karnataka’s most attractive hill stations, nestled in the Mullayanagiri foothills. With so many coffee plants, Chikmagalur has a constant coffee aroma in the air. Although it shares many similarities with another famed Karnataka region, Coorg, it is not as popular. However, there are several activities to do and places to see in Chikmagalur, as well as the fact that it is underexplored makes it even more intriguing. Aside from coffee manufacturing, it is also known for its steep mountains, beautiful green woods, and peaceful surroundings.

So, if you enjoy both nature and coffee, a walk around one of the many coffee estates is a must-do activity here. Furthermore, there is a lot to do here, so don’t think it’s a sleepy town. This town, which has fantastic trekking paths, is also a famous trekking destination. With an endless list of the top places to visit in Chikmagalur, you will undoubtedly be tempted to arrange a trip in the tranquil hills of Karnataka.

Whatever site or activity you choose in Chikmagalur, you are likely to fall in love with nature all over again. The beautiful hills of Chikmagalur are the best area to enjoy picturesque scenery, escape into nature, and breathe in the fresh air. Although the best time to visit Chikmagalur is between September and March, it can be visited at any time of year due to its nice weather. Without further ado, here are the greatest spots to see in Chikmagalur.

Sharadamba Temple: It is Dedicated to the Goddess of Wisdom:

The magnificent Sharadamba Temple, located in Shringeri in the vast Chikmagalur district, is where the well-known Hindu practitioner Adi Shankaracharya began his career. This temple, which goes back to the eighth century, is dedicated to the goddess of wisdom and is one of the most popular Chikmagalur tourist attractions. Tucked along the banks of the Tungabhadra River, the temple attracts hundreds of devotees from all over the country and throughout the world to feel its power and spiritual aura.

At a distance of 86.3 km from Chikmagalur centre.

Kemmanagundi: One of the Most Popular for Hill Stations:

KR, also known as Kemmanagundi Hills, is a hill station in Tarikere Taluk at an elevation of 1,434 metres. It is home to Mullayanagiri, Karnataka’s highest peak and one of the most famous tourist destinations. The word ‘Kemmanagudi’ refers to the region’s well-known red soil. KR Hills was once a summer hideaway for Mysore King Krishnaraj Wodeyar IV, and it now serves as an ideal summer destination for nature lovers and adventurers. The hill station is spacious with lush meadows and lovely gardens.

If you wish to combine nature & adventure, these majestic hills and verdant valleys are ideal for trekking, nature hikes, and picnics, with picturesque scenery along the route. Additionally, the region has The Royal Horticulture Society of Karnataka is located here, and there are various attractions to visit, including the Rock Garden, Z Point, Hebbe Falls, Kalahasti Falls, Bababudan Hill Town, and the Shiva Temple. The greatest time to go is right after the monsoons.

At a distance of 62 kilometres from Chikmagalur centre.

Coffee Museum: Witness the Coffee-Making Business:

The Coffee Museum, run by the Coffee Board of India, is Chikmagalur’s top tourist attraction for coffee aficionados. Here, one may see the coffee industry’s particular repertoire. It was erected in Chikmagalur to reconstruct thematic displays of coffee history and the processes that the bean goes through, such as plucking, grinding, and drying. The museum provides an excellent documentary depicting the origin and expansion of coffee in the region. In the museum’s laboratory, visitors can gain firsthand experience with coffee grinding and processing equipment.

Small coffee plant pots surround the building, which is nestled among beautiful foliage. A stroll around this venue will transport you to the strange realm of coffee’s seductive aroma. Given Chikmagalur’s reputation for coffee, it would be a shame not to partake in something coffee-related.

At a distance of 5.8 kilometres from Chikmagalur centre

Ayyanakere Lake: second largest lake in Karnataka:

Ayyanakere Lake is one of the must-see attractions in Chikmagalur. Ayyanakere Lake, located in the Baba Budan Range, is the largest lake in Chickmagalur district and the second-largest in Karnataka. The lake is thought to have been built by Rukmangada Raya, a monarch of Sakharayapatna, and was rebuilt in 1156 AD during Hoysala control. The lake comprises more than 22 hectares and attracts a large number of people throughout the year. The lake was built to preserve and improve the fertility of the soil, and it is now a godsend to farmers. It helps to irrigate 21,560 hectares of agriculture in the region. For tourists, one of the best things to do in Chikmagalur is to participate in lakeside recreational activities like as fishing and camping.

At a distance of 18 kilometres from Chikmagalur centre.


There are various Chikmagalur Relaxation Vacations that provide visitors a superb experience and make their stay memorable in the middle of nature’s splendour. The resorts in Chikmagalur provide eco-friendly hotels, gorgeous villas, calm retreats, & exciting activities for nature lovers, adventurers, and those seeking tranquilly. The resort’s friendly staff, wonderful food, and magnificent environment help visitors make lasting memories.

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