Never ignore sleep it’s important


Do you exercise regularly? Do you prefer to eat health food? It’s GREAT if your answer is YES. But do you take adequate sleep? If NO, then your efforts of doing exercise and eating healthy food is worthless. Sleep is something which one should not ignore, as lack of sleep can put you in trouble. It can make you foggy and grumpy. Inadequate sleep have adverse effect on your health, appearance, weight and even sex life. Doctors always advice patients to have good diet and exercise. But at the same time they tell them to take rest and sleep for at least 7 hours.

You may wonder that how much sleep is important for you as per the age. So, let’s discuss the same

  • Adults 65+ should sleep for 7-8 hours
  • Between 26-64 of age: 7-9 hours
  • Between 18-25 of age: 7-9 hours
  • Teenagers 14-17 age: 8-10 hours
  • School going children 6-13 years: 9-11 hours
  • Preschool children 3-5 years: 10-13 hours
  • Toddlers between 1-2 years of age: 11-14 hours
  • Infants 4-11 months: 12-15 hours
  • Newborns 0-3 months: 14-17 hours

Hope the above information is helpful for you to know the time of rest you must take in your day-to-day life. Moreover, if you still want to know what is the best bedtime for your child, then you can take help from sleep calculator for kids. Lack of sleep in kids may cause irritability, anxiety, stress, trouble in learning and depression. Sleep plays an important role for keeping your kid physically and mentally strong.

Role of mattress in sleeping

Well! Size of mattress and the quality of mattress is something which most of us ignore. As we don’t think that size of mattress is important for getting sound sleep. Isn’t it? But it’s time to change now, as your mattress is your best ally when it comes to getting comfortable sleep. Have you ever tried king size measurements in feet? These king size mattress are the ideal one for making your night a good night. In feet these mattress dimensions are 6.3*6.6 and in inches its dimensions are 76*80.

We all agree that bigger is better. But when it comes to buying mattress, we think that a double size mattress is enough for a couple. And here we commit mistake. In reality a full size or double size mattress means each partner is getting a space equivalent to baby’s crib. The fact is larger the mattress size, the less you will feel the movements of your partner. An ideal mattress is that in which both the couples are sleeping with their hands behind heads with elbow out and their elbow is not touching each other. And king size mattress can easily fulfill such condition.

Now hope you understood the exact size of your mattress and when can you call your mattress a perfect one. Let’s move further and discuss about bed.

Go with platform bed this time

With so many options available to choose from, sometimes it becomes difficult to pick the right type of bed. Now-a-days many buyers are giving preference to platform beds as they give aesthetic look to your room, but it has not gained popularity just because of this reason. Below are some of the advantages of platform beds.

Style: These beds are known for their clean and stylish look which are the best option for contemporary times. Platforms don’t require bedskirts, and hence they give a streamlined look. Pick this bed if you want your bedroom look updated.

Savings: All platform beds contain flat platforms which can support your mattress, hence in these beds there is no need of box springs or foundations. This will save your money.

Stability: Along with providing proper support, these beds are quite stable as compared to other types of beds. Such stability is specially good for people who are in a habit of frequent toss and turn. Also people with heave weight needs such types of sturdy beds.

Storage: Many platform beds comes with drawers where you can store your stuff.

For more options you can buy platform bed online, as here you can compare rates and see the ratings for the best purchase.


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