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About Us:

We are group of engineering graduates working for this site. Our team has 7 members in total. We are focused on providing quality articles on this blog.

People nowadays using online shopping to purchase the products like mobiles, laptops, etc…

Most of the time you received wrong product or low quality products. That time you should worry about your online purchase.

Reading the product reviews from other websites before purchasing a product will be very helpful. Because the review sites thoroughly verified the products and analysed all the products in a particular category.

Like that here we are tested and analysed all the products in a particular category before making the list.

Nowadays we are providing top rated roundups in the category of mobile phones, technology, Lawn & garden, Electronics, Automobile, Home appliances and more.

We also produce content about insightful reviews & latest news.

Here are our samples reviews in recent days.

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Team Members:

Sivaram – Founder

Sivaram is the founder of Mippin. He is Engineering graduate and currently working for Mippin. Usually he write about technology articles and sometimes focused on Content marketing.

Karthick – Project Executive

Karthick working as a senior content writer & Marketing Manager. His hobby is testing and researching the mobiles phones. In a spare time he used to analyse user intent and make the content according to that.

Manoj – Content Writer

Manoj working as a content writer in mippin.com. He completed masters in Journalism. He has vast amount of knowledge on tech gadgets.

Krithika – Design & Develpment

She is working as a design and development head in mippin. Her work is featured on forbes, Mashable, Cnet & more popular magazines.

We also have junior Employees in a various field.

If you want to join our team, don’t hesitate to contact us.