13 Best Sleep Mask in 2023 (For Travel & Side sleepers)


Sleep masks are masks that help you to sleep faster and continue to remain asleep comfortably with any form of disturbance from light or any type.

In this article, you are going to find the list of the best sleep masks on the market.

Some people pay attention to total darkness for them to be able to sleep which is why the sleep mask is there.

When you desire to take a rest in a place where there happens to be much light then you should be considering the use of a sleep mask.

They are usually affordable and are mostly made of fabric and foam which are made to cover both eyes thereby blocking incoming light and keeping a state of proper darkness for your comfortable sleep.

Getting the best and right sleep mask for your use is very important as what you deserve is to find the best type of sleep mask which you enjoy comfort when using. With a lot of sleep masks in the market today without knowing the best sleep mask for you, you would actually have to spend a lot of money trying out different makes of sleep masks.

This is why we have taken out time to bring out the top 13 sleep masks for you to have a comfortable sleep without having to worry about a bright light disturbance.

With this guide, it will be much easier for you to find your top-rated sleep mask without having to worry about size, design, or ability to cover the eyes from light adequately.

Best Sleep Masks for you to have a comfortable sleep

1. Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask Countered And Comfortable

best sleep mask

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This sleep mask is considered as one which has all the features of a good and quality sleep mask to aid comfortable sleep for the wearer as it keeps the light out adequately. Due to its contoured design, it is able to properly block light from coming in, it is made in sizes such that is suits a lot of persons.

The Bedtime Bliss sleep mask is very comfortable with an adjustable strap with having to be too tight. When using this sleep mask your eyes can blink easily as there is enough space. It supports REM sleep. It does not exert pressure on the head and is light weighted. It has room for adequate fresh air flow. This is the best sleep mask for men, women, and children with earplugs included.


  • Perfect for keeping away light from the eyes when using.
  • It is very comfortable for use.
  • This sleep mask fits a lot of people.
  • Can be used for long traveling, meditating, relaxation and some other occasions where sleep mask is been used.
  • Easy to maintain and last long.


  • Pug-nosed persons might not find it suitable.
  • Not comfortable for all sleeping position especially for side sleepers.

2. Lewis N. Clark Comfort Eye Mask With Adjustable Straps

Best Sleep Mask for Side sleeper

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The Lewis N. Clark Comfort Eye Mask for sleep comes with a smooth pillow like part which is usually around the area where your eyes would be placed when you wear them. This sleep mask blocks light and helps relax your tired eyes. It is made such that it can effectively block lights which come from the bottom which some sleep mask are deficient in.

It allows your eyelash to blink easily and it does not exert pressure on the eyes as there is room for the eyes due to the pillow-like design which has and is best used in the back position. This is the best choice if you have puffy eyes.

It is made of cotton which is a breathable material which makes is suitable for use not matter the weather condition be it hot or cold. It does not give you a sweaty experience when using, coupled with the fact that it has elastic straps of different sizes. It is durable and best-taken care of by hand washing with mild soap and water.


  • Blocks light adequately.
  • It is Comfortable as it allows your eyes sleep well too.
  • Good for travel and relaxation.
  • It Breathable as it is made of cotton.
  • Can be hand washed.
  • Can also find it in other colors.
  • Inexpensive, thus easy to afford.


  • Some of them experienced stain problems, especially the colorful ones.

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3. KAMOSSA Sleep Mask Super Lightweight Memory Foam

Best Sleep Mask for Side sleepers

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The KOMASSA sleep mask is a unique deep contoured sleep mask with extra space around the eye region thereby does not exert any pressure on the eyes and allow eye movement and blinking. This sleep mask has been made of high quality and unique memory foam makes it very comfortable, soft and fits firmly on the face. It has an elastic and adjustable strap and such you can determine the level of tightness you want.

This sleep mask is one of a few sleep masks which come with a stylish carrying case for easy storage so as not to lose your Komassa sleep mask. This sleep makes is light weighted which makes it easy to use and carry out. This is the perfect eye mask for sleeping. 

The Komassa Sleep mask is able to fit your head without feeling uncomfortable which makes it ideal for travel, relaxation, and meditation as it blocks the light properly for you to get your desired darkness. It also comes with eye plugs that block noise.


  • Can be used for travel, meditation, and relaxation
  • Can easily be carried and stored as it has its own case
  • You do not experience pressure on the eye allowing you to blink and move your eyes
  • Earplugs which block noise
  • Adequate light blocking
  • Room for breathable air as it does not exert pressure on the nose


  • Not suitable for all sleeping position especially for side sleeper
  • May not fit some faces due to nose shape

4. DRIFT TO SLEEP Eye Sleep Mask

Best Sleep Mask for Side sleepers 2019

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The Drift to sleep eye sleep mask is a flexible, extra soft, and durable contoured sleep mask that is able to conform to your face easily. This sleep mask’s flexibility makes it adapt to your face easily thereby covering all the possible gaps which makes it able to give the blackout you desire for your sleep. It is very portable and easy to carry. It has adjustable straps and is U.S. patented material.

This sleep mask can be used for long travel, relaxation, and meditation as in cases of Yoga. It is also made such that the eyes do not experience any form of pressure when wearing this eye mask plus it comes with two soft foam earplugs which block sounds which disturb your sleep. For instance, your partners won’t turn off the light and happen to be one who snores then the best sleep mask set for you is the DRIFT TO SLEEP Eye Sleep Mask. If you are person travel a lot and looking for eye mask then Drift to Sleep is a wonderful sleep mask for travel.


  • Able to block light properly give you the blackout you need
  • It is soft and comfortable as it does not exert pressure on the eyes
  • It is usually durable when handled properly
  • Comes with earplugs that shield you from noise
  • It is a U.S. patented material


  • Does not fit all nose shape
  • Does not also support all sleeping positions

5. Fall To Sleep Blindfold Sleep Mask Soft With 100% Light Blocking Comfortable Sleeping Mask

Best Sleep Mask for Side sleepers in 2019

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This sleep mask provides complete darkness for the person who uses this. Many of the person disturbed even with the small light penetration. So, this model is manufactured for those willing to sleep at the complete dark state.

Fall to sleep Blindfold sleep mask is very comfortable to use either at night or during the day as it has super soft eyeshades which do not cause any line on the wearer’s face when they finish using it. it allows air to come in and does not exert any form of pressure on the nose. It is suitable for adults and children.

Good for travel, relaxation and midnight sleep. It has a flexible, elastic and adjustable strap. This sleep mask is also good for insomnia. If you are looking for 100% light blocking then you could make use of the fall to sleep blindfold sleep mask soft with 100% light blocking comfortable sleeping mask. This is the top rated sleep mask for dry eyes.


  • It is suitable for any face type as it easily molds around the wearer’s face.
  • Super soft and comfortable to relax the eyes.
  • Suitable for adults and children, day and night.
  • 100% light blocking from all angles be it from top, bottom or sides.
  • Allows breathable air come in.


  • Exerts some pressure on the cheek.
  • Eyes does not move freely.

6. Purefly Natural Smooth Silk Eye Mask for Sleep

Best Sleep Mask

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If you are looking for a sleep mask which light, soft, elegant, and smooth then you should be looking out for the Purefly Natural Smooth Silk Eye Mask for Sleep. This Best Sleep Mask for travel is known for its ultimate comfort, elegance, and effectiveness in giving a good sleep without light disturbance. This is a clever hydrating sleep mask for full night sleeping & also you can use this for travel. Yes, of course, this is the best choice for side sleeping.

It is made with extra-soft fabric with an adjustable head strap thereby does not exert unnecessary pressure on the head of the person wearing it. It is designed in a way that it can retain its shape when hand or machine washed. This sleep mask is good for travel, relaxation, and meditation anytime anywhere, suitable for both adults and children, and has lightweight such that you barely feel you are wearing something on your face.


  • Can be used by both adults and children.
  • Suitable for travel and relaxation.
  • Can be hand and machine washed without losing shape unlike some other sleep mask.
  • It is breathable and cool.
  • Easy to carry out with damaging it when folded.


  • The “V” shape around the nose might not suit all wearers.
  • Sometimes too flimsy.
  • The elastic strap is considered too thick for some wearers.

7. Bucky Eye Mask

Best Sleep Mask 2019

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The Bucky eye mask is an ideal fashion eye mask suitable for one who gives attention to the fashion, this type of sleep mask is the Best Sleep Mask for Side sleepers and kind of stylish and has a beautiful look, this sleep mask with its various beautiful styles still have the basic feature of every sleep mask which is the ability to block light and comfortable sleep while using it.

Bucky eye mask should be your option when you want to choose your own style from the 12 different motifs which you want to be in your sleep mask. It is equally excellent for traveling just like other sleep masks. The Bucky eye mask allows you to blink your eyes easily and does not hurt it. It is light weighted and does not cause unnecessary pressure on the head. It’s a combination of both fashion and sleeping aid.


  • It is Fashionable and stylish with different colors.
  • It has a good Contoured design with gaps.
  • Allows you to blink your eyes easily.
  • Comfortable for use by men, women, and children.
  • Shields you from bright light such as streetlights.
  • Flexible.


  • Does not have fixed price based on the motif type.
  • Might not suit all sleeping position.

8. Fitglam Natural Silk Sleep Mask With Eyelashes Patterns & Free Ear Plugs

sleep mask

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The Fitglam Natural silk Sleep Mask set is one which brings to you good sleep with a beautiful eyelash design. This natural silk sleep mask is very soft and smooth for the eyes as it is made of adequate mulberry silk, this sleeping mask is also hypoallergenic and which is very good for all, even for those with sensitive skin.

The Mulberry silk which happens to be one of the best fabrics of ancient times is considered the most elegant for all skin types. Lightweight and easy to breathe with it on, gives you the total black out and adjustable strap such that it does not tangle the hair like some other sleep masks. If you happen to have a partner who would always wants lights on then you are guaranteed to have your enjoyable sleep with this sleep mask on. It also has ear plugs that shield your ears from sound disturbances like the tick-tack of the clock. Perfect for relaxation during yoga.


  • Can be used by men, women, and kids.
  • Suitable to use at any time.
  • Provides total blackout.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Ideal for eye sufferers.
  • Adjustable and conformable to use for travel and mediation.


  • Not suitable for all sleeping positions as might pop off the head after a series of turns.
  • Does not block light totally, especially when faced with direct bright light.

9. Coolingtech 3D Sleeping Mask Eye Mask For Sleeping Contoured Shape Ultra Lightweight & Comfortable Sleep Mask (Black And Purple)

Best Sleep Mask in 2019

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This best sleep mask for travel is soft, comfortable, and adjustable for sleep use, made with advanced 3D technology that covers the eyes completely, it is contoured and has a curve shape with enough space from the eyes and the eyelashes nor eyelids which allow easy movement of the eyes with any form of difficulty like some other sleep mask.

The form and its ability to cause blackout makes it ideal for sleep and actually does put you to sleep, relaxation, or meditation faster. This sleep mask is suitable for travel, car rest, meditation, and office use and can be used by men, women, and children. Suits any type of nose and does not block the airflow. This is a high-quality luxury sleep mask for men & women.

The technology used in making this sleep mask, uses a very soft and no-smell foam with cognitive functions that puts you to sleep or relaxation in no time, providing the blackout you need even when under bright light.


  • Can be used by men, women, and kids
  • Allows eye movement thereby not causing hurt to the eyes in any form
  • Can be used with any nose type as it does not push on the nose
  • Can be used for travel, relaxation, and meditation such as in Yago
  • Lightweight and blocks light adequately


  • Does not support all sleeping positions

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10. 3D Sleep Mask (New Design By Prettycare With 2 Pack) Eye Mask For Sleeping

Top Sleep Mask for Side sleepers

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This 3D sleep mask is an awesome one that gives you luxury night rest, it is made curved and easy to use with ear plugs. This 3D sleep mask is slim and lightweight which fits all sizes, cover huge eyes completely with enough room to blink eyes.

It weighs 0.4 ounces and about 0.6 mm density which means it does not weigh much. It provides an adequate obstruction to light, it is very suitable for use for expanded eyes and insomnia, has anti-fading, anti-bacterial and also anti-mite. It has thickened can which covers the eyes with adjustable long straps.

When using this 3D sleep mask you are guaranteed of comfortable sleep without having to worry about a bright light disturbance and wake up refreshed and untroubled all with the aid of this ultra slim and light 3D sleep mask. Suitable for women, men and kids. When you buy this sleep mask what you get is 2 x PrettyCare Eye Mask, Silk Travel Pouch and 2 x Earplugs.

It is advisable for use after washing the eye cover and avoid washing with any form of machine.


  • Easy to blink eyes when using and do not hurt the eyes in any form
  • Does not only block light but also has earplugs for sound blockage too
  • Suitable for travel usage
  • Light weighted sleep mask
  • Long and adjustable strap


  • Somehow a little bit bulky due to the size
  • Not comfortable for all sleeping positions

11. NEW QUILTED DESIGN Sleep Mask by sweet slumber

Top Sleep Mask for Side sleepers 2019

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This quilted designed sleep mask is made unique with premium soft satin material with provides quality blackout. This sleep mask made by sweet slumber is made such that it can be used anywhere and anytime you feel the need to have your eyes covered from light and have the time to sleep, relax, or even meditate, it is made with adjustable padding which covers the nose/check are and provide complete blackout to the eyes.

It is breathable and very comfortable to use especially for traveling on either plane or car or any means. If you consider camping, or you have a partner who won’t turn off the Television of light which makes it difficult for you to sleep then this sleep mask is best for you. This sweet slumber sleep mask covers the eye completely and is black in color. This is a fairly priced sleep mask for dark circles & anti-aging.


  • Covers the eyes completely and thereby creates a complete blackout.
  • Suitable for use for traveling.
  • Suitable for any sleeping position.
  • Allows breathable air to come in.
  • Adjustable and comfortable when using.
  • Inexpensive.


  • Difficult to blink your eyes when using these eye masks.
  • Some people consider it too dark.

12. Nidra Deep Rest Eye Mask With Contoured Shape And Adjustable Head Strap

Top Sleep Mask for Side sleepers

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This sleep mask is a perfect choice for anyone, especially those with curved eyelashes as it is made in a contoured shape and has adjustable straps. With this sleep mask, you would be able to blink your eyes and would not have to bother about your eyelashes being disturbed. Perfect for blocking of light and guarantees you of enjoyable sleep anytime anywhere, with the complete comfort that you desire.

It is made with Fabric and has a plain design that easily fits anyone with any nose type. Easy to use for long travel, either by car, flight or rail, etc. This smart sleep mask is very helpful if you are looking for overnight eye masks.


  • Lightweight and can be used anywhere.
  • Allows you to blink your eyes.
  • Made compactable for use with any nose type.
  • Blocks light gives you a comfortable sleep.
  • Avoids rubs from the eyelashes.
  • Comfortable to use for any sleeping position.
  • Have different sizes and adjustable head straps.


  • Some people say it is too dark.
  • Can cause a headache when you do not close your eyes.
  • Becomes warm after a couple of minutes of wearing it.
  • Complaints of not being able to fit some females.

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13. ALASKA BEAR Natural Silk Sleep Mask

Top sleep mask

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When considering a sleep mask to buy not just to block the light but for comfort then the choice you have to make is this Alaska Bear sleep mask, one with high comfort and super soft and smooth pure silk. This sleep mask offers breathable and cool relation which is gentle and easy to adjust. This sleep mask is ideal for dry eye sufferers, headaches, and insomnia, this is so because it is made with breathable fibers which allow healthy oxygen to come in and keep the dry and un-breathable air out.

This Sleep Mask is made of 19mm mulberry silk, it is comfortable with earplugs, and an adjustable strap from 12.8” to 27.6” and it is suitable for men, women, and children. This sleep mask is your best travel companion as it is very suitable for light blocking, especially the big and large sized ones which create a complete blackout and prevent any light from coming in without having to block fresh air from coming in. This is the classic sleep mask which is helpful for light blocking. You can use this for side sleeping.


  • A sleep mask that is suitable to use no matter your sleeping position.
  • Affordable by anyone, inexpensive.
  • Suitable For Anyone.
  • You can make a choice of your size coupled with the type of straps.
  • Very reliable for blocking light due to it big size nature.
  • Very soft as it is made of 100% 19mm mulberry silk.
  • Very comfortable to use.
  • Breathable air is allowed to come in.


  • It makes it difficult to blink your eyes when wearing these sleep masks.
  • Cannot completely shield you from 100% light, especially direct light to the eyes.

Buying guide for you to find your best sleep mask

A couple of things to look out for when buying sleep masks, and to make sure you are going for the best sleep mask for you are basically based on the following

Where you would use it, is it the Best Sleep Mask for travel? is it suitable for both adults and children? is it only for air travel or everyday use? Are you in need of a luxury sleep mask? Are you looking for an expensive sleep mask? Then take a look at this buying guide.

You might worry that your nose might not fit with a different sleep mask then you rather just try out a sleep mask like Nidra Deep Rest Eye Mask with Contoured Shape and Adjustable Head Strap which has the nose cut out.

What is your sleeping position? Considering the Best Sleep Mask for a side sleeper then you should go for a thin, comfortable sleep mask that won’t slide as such, ALASKA BEAR Natural Silk Sleep Mask should be considered

If you are looking for a sleep mask with adequate space to blink your eyes easily, then you should be thinking of Drift To Sleep eye sleep mask.

Some sleep masks can be washed and some are more durable than others

Do you need a sleep mask with earplugs?  Then there is a sleep mask that is able to accommodate earplugs example is the KAMOSSA Sleep Mask.

There are different sleep masks that you would find suitable for you.

You might also want to check out White Noise Machine

The white noise machine generates electronic and radio static sound which would help you to sleep like a baby listening to some humming sound as the sound drowns out all surrounding background. For instance, the sound of a moving fan can be referred to as white noise as this sound covers the background sound thereby creating a cool and soothing environment. Natural sounds such as rainfall sounds and ocean sounds are also grouped as white noise.

This white noise machine creates a cool, calm and relaxing environment, which enable one to have a peaceful sleep for a long period of time without environmental noise disturbance. This machine use mostly used when one wants to mask the background sound or noise especially light sleepers who are easily disturbed by surrounding noise such as moving bikes, cars, horn and others.

This white noise machine is also used by people who intend to create a calm environment to be able to concentrate or think properly without been disturbed by background noise such as when one is trying to read and is been disturbed by surrounding background noise the best machine to mask those disturbing sound is the White Noise Machine. It is suitable for both babies and adults.

The machine has different soothing sounds from which you can choose the one that you would prefer for you to be able to have a good sleep, a calm environment for meditating, and others.

This machine is affordable and comes in small sizes which makes it easy to carry around. Environmental background sound would be no more for you to worry about with the White Noise Machine. You can make use of the White noise machine and your sleep mask to maximize your comfortable and enjoyable sleep.


For you to have a peaceful sleep without worries about light then it is wise to invest in your best sleep mask. With your sleep mask, you are guaranteed of having good sleep, relaxation, or meditation at any time.

Since a sleep mask is easy to carry around it is considered a reasonable investment as to have a sound sleep with light and some come with earplugs shielding you from background sound as well. You have a lot of the best sleep masks to choose from that would fall under your budget and also suit your face for good sleep and healthy and happy wake-up. You deserve the best sleep mask which is why this post is for you.



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