4 Gadgets That Help Us Get a Good Night’s Sleep


Sleep is one of the most essential functions in our lives, and the sad truth about it is so many people lack it, struggle with it, and fail to get a good night’s sleep constantly. This leads to so many other health issues and concerns in areas like memory, skin health, appetite, weight management and even mood. We are honestly more effective and capable when we are rested, and when we make sure that being well rested is something we prioritize as much as eating and drinking water.


The great thing is, we live in an age where as much as technology has led to a lot of distractions that have led to some of the sleep challenges, we can also leverage tech and gadgets to help us sleep better and improve our health. We have gotten so great with tech advancements; for example we have bathroom scales so smart they can measure body fat and send that information to smart watches. So what are some of the best sleep gadgets we can add into our routines to help us improve our wellness by getting better sleep? Here are a few ideas.

Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers are great for learning a lot more about our health. The more we know about our health, the more we can improve it. When we use fitness trackers to actually learn more about sleeping habits. For example, if we learn that we’re not getting into deep sleep, we can work on fixing it. If we are restless at night, we can figure out how to make our environment more conducive to a more restful night of sleep. Ultimately, these gadgets give us data which can help us improve our habits.

Grounding Mat

Many experts believe that one of the reasons people really struggle to fall asleep these days is that we’ve lost our connection to the earth. We get a great deal of benefit from being in nature because that connection to the earth helps us channel our energy, and helps us find calm. A grounding mat has a wire connecting it to the ground, which allows people to connect to the earth without having to step outside or go into an outdoor area. People who use grounding mats have been able to reduce stress, pain and sleep so much better.

Calm (App)

People need different conditions to sleep well, and sometimes nothing does the trick like calming sounds like the rain, the jungle or the sounds of the Serengeti. Or maybe you like the sound of a book read by Stephen Fry. Luckily, there’s an app for that! An app like Calm has so many different sleep sounds, it’s like having a sleep sound machine in your pocket or on your bedside table. You can select different sounds based on what you like and it can help you calm down, settle in for the night and imagine you’re sleeping under the stars. Download Calm to your mobile device and change your sleep patterns forever!

Smart Mattresses

What’s more important in sleep than the actual surface we sleep on? Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have a mattresses that actually did more than support us? What if we got a mattress that could learn about how we sleep, regulate things like temperature based on feedback from our bodies, and even provide us with information that can help us learn what our bodies need to be healthier? Well, they exist! We can easily shop for such a great mattress with places like Purple mattress showroom, where we can buy the right mattress to fit our space and health goals.

Weighted Blanket

One of the biggest revolutions in sleep and mood therapy has been the weighted blanket. It is a piece of bedding that’s up to 15 pounds heavier. The blanket is meant to create pressure which is meant to calm you down. According to Forbes, “the soothing pressure reduces cortisol, the human body’s main stress hormone, and encourages production of serotonin, a hormone associated with feelings of happiness and well-being.”

Anxiety and racing thoughts are two major causes of sleeplessness so a weighted blanket can be incredibly helpful in solving these problems. It’s worth adding to your sleep routine so that you can fall asleep easier, and increase your chances of quality sleep. Ultimately, if we get our sleep right, so many other things in our lives will fall into place. If we want to have true health and wellness, it’s important to be clued up on how we’re sleeping, and optimize it accordingly. Trust us, your body will thank you for it.


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