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A mattress is a purchase that can completely change your life as the quality of your life totally depends upon the quality of sleep.

A comfortable place for sleeping can help get rid of insomnia and allergic reaction, muscle and spine discomfort. And you will get a nice bonus.

You will forget about irritability and fatigue, which were the result of an uncomfortable bed.

If you approach correctly to a mattress purchase, you will learn a lot of new information about modern norms of comfort and personal needs. Your individual preferences are the base for a complicated and important choice that you are going to make.

Mattress Types - What Are The Best (and Worst)

Choose a Mattress Correctly

Sleeping on the ideal mattress is the basis of a healthy lifestyle and well-being. You just need to find one among the huge variety of modern mattresses which would really help you relax.

Let’s see how mattresses differ by construction type. Springs are one of the possible variants of mattress filling. The firmness of other models is achieved by various types of content.

In spring mattresses, dependent and independent spring blocks provide comfort or budget cost.

A mattress with independent blocks is comfortable as it can adjust to your body weight. 256 springs reinforce every meter of such a mattress.

Types of Mattresses Based on Filling

According to, there is a wide range of materials used by producers to replace and supplement the springs.

There are high-tech and innovative materials that the customers have not seen yet. And there are traditional and usual ones but often of inferior quality.


It is a natural, hypoallergenic material. It will guarantee the anatomy of the sleeping place, which means it reliably supports the spine.

Coconut Coir

This material is elastic and durable. It has bactericidal properties and serves as the basis for hard mattresses.

Memory Foam

It is an innovative polyurethane filler. It is durable and hypoallergenic. It looks like a high-tech foam. According to Sleeping Culture, one of the best memory foam beds on the market is the Nectar Mattress. The Nectar Mattress is constructed with a top layer of quilted gel memory foam, followed by a secondary layer of gel memory foam.

Memory Latex

It is a material that will withstand temperature drops and keeps its shape for many years.

Comfortable and practical springless models are good for children and adults. They easily absorb air and evaporate moisture thanks to the properties of natural fiber.

Besides the above-listed fillers, the manufacturers use felt, horsehair, natural wool, latex, Strutofibre, and other materials.

Orthopedic Mattresses

This type of mattress provides maximum spine support. It repeats the body shape and prevents numbness and joint pain.

These mattresses are a choice for people with health issues or those who want to prevent these problems.

One-sided and two-sided mattresses

We can often find one-sided mattresses in the shops. But there are also two-sided models among orthopedic mattresses which are good for every climate and season. As a rule, the sides have different firmness and upholstery.

Normally, it is a woolen filler for winter and a hygroscopic cloth for summer.

What Mattress to Choose?

Age, height, weight, state of health, and individual preferences are the base for choosing the correct mattress.

Customers with extra weights opt for hard mattresses. Soft models with independent springs are good for slim people. Doctors recommend mattresses with a high firmness to young people, while old people may have health issues using such mattresses.

Hard springless mattresses made of foam materials are good for children and teenagers as the bed often serves as a durable trampoline for them.

The hygroscopic feature of a mattress is important for a newborn sleeping place. Coconut coir of a maximum 7cm width will absolutely be fine.

A medium-firm model with independent springs will be ideal for a couple. The parts of the mattress are not linked, and you will not wake up each other while sleeping.

The mattress needs to match the framework size and not exceed beyond bed edges.

Mattress Warranty

A goods warranty is a sign that the manufacturer is confident about the quality of his products.

If you suffer from allergic reactions, it is better to buy a mattress in synthetic materials.

They have a short-term warranty, but such a mattress will ensure your sleep is tight.

Lumbar spine diseases are an indication to purchase soft models supporting the lower back. If you have issues with a thoracal department, then choose a medium-firm mattress.

And a hard mattress will help with the pain in the upper part of the spine.

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