11 Best Two Stage Snow Blower under 1000$ in 2023


Being stuck on a snowy road or having a snowy lawn can be fun for the kids, but can be frustrating for vehicle owners when parking their car, and this is why most people own the best two stage snow blower.

Driving through excessive snow can cause a couple of vehicular problems so they must drive the snow out like mowing the lawn.

Excessive snow can vary from region to region but snow will always fall to the ground and not let you park your vehicle decently. Shoveling snow is alright for people who have light to moderate snowfall, but can be tiring if you need to pick up a large heap of snow in one go. You will need a machine for that.

What is two stage snow blower?

A two-stage snow blower is a large device that easily blows the snow off your lawn. However, these blowers are expensive devices and will cause a bit of burden on your pocket, but they would do you a marvelous service. Also, another problem with these blowers is that they require a lot of storage space and you will need to designate a separate space for storing these snow blowers. For that matter garages are good storage places for these blowers.

The two stage blower has one rubber auger and metal which spins within the shortest time possible and throws out the snow from the trail. This blower is useful in place where the snow is heavier

Whatever your story be, you should start looking for the right snow blower when the weather is still warm and there is no sign of a snowstorm coming in. Some might find it crazy to allocate a summer day or two to shop for equipment that you will essentially put to use on the coldest days of the year. You should remember that the simplest life-hack is to plan on and buying stuff before the need arises one good example of planning on. To better explain it, let us take a look at the advantages of buying a snow blower before fall.

The first advantage of ordering a new snow blower before there is any snow around is about avoiding the hassle. If you wait until it is all white between your garage and the street, you will have little if any time to research about various gas and electric snow blower models and odds are that you will order one without really knowing about it. That will significantly bring down your chances for getting the best two stage snow blowers for your needs.

There is also a price advantage in shopping for two stage snow blowers in summer. Prices of winter equipment soar in winter just like the price of lawn mowers in spring. By replacing your snow blower before fall, you can show off your new machine to your neighbors after the first snowfall and then watch them pay $200 for a $150 tool.

We have gathered our top 10 best two stage snow blowers to help you decide on a reliable snow blower for your intended purpose.

Top 10 Best two stage snow blowers Reviews

Best Two stage snow blowers under 1000$

1. Briggs and Stratton 1696619 Snow Thrower

best snow blower 2019

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The Briggs and Stratton 1696619 Snow Thrower is our top pick because of its balance between the price (we all know snow throwers are expensive) and the features. This is a snow thrower that many people will likely buy due to its affordability and decent specs.

Its balanced clearing path of 20 x 27 inches will make it a good snow workhorse and its 250cc engine is just right for any snow clearing job. Delivering torque at 11 1/2 ft lbs, you can also be assured of a smoother operation thanks to its friction disk drive system. Starting the machine is also easy due to the electric start option.

With many other features such as chute control, chute rotation, skid shoes and a sturdy steel frame, it is no surprise that you get good value for your money with this reliable snow thrower.


  • Economical price with good features
  • Fairly good clearing path
  • Powerful engine
  • Friction disk drive system
  • Electric start


  • May not be for those who want larger clearing paths

Best two stage snow blower under 2000$

2. Troy-Bilt Storm 3090 Two-Stage Snow Thrower

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A great snow blower for any heavy snowfall, the Troy-Bilt Storm 3090 Two-Stage Snow Thrower is on our top rated list. With a steerable drive system easily done with one hand for displacing snow conveniently, it runs on a 357cc engine. It can take on a 30 x 21 inches of area in one pass.

The X-Trac tires measure 6 1/2 by 16 inches and are rugged enough to face any snow challenge up ahead. With total force on its snow blowing ability, it even has reflective strips for safety during extreme weather conditions.

This 4-cycle two-stage blower is equipped with a Remote Overhead Crank as well as heated hand grips for better ease of operation. The in-dash headlight also adds to its ease of use when in greatly snowy situations. This all-wheel drive snow blower also has a polymer chute.

Ideal for large snowy walkways, the OHV engine of this blower can adhere to any winter situation. Its electric start engine puts you at ease. It also works comfortably in low-light conditions.

It comes with 2 years warranty.


  • Comes filled with oil
  • Rugged tires
  • Large blowing area
  • Electric start feature


  • May require additional lock nuts and carriage screws

Best Powerful Dual Stage Snow blower

3. Briggs and Stratton Dual-Stage Snow Thrower

best snow blower

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The Briggs and Stratton Dual-Stage Snow Thrower is yet another great companion which comes with an electric start feature. It has an intake height of 19 1/2 inches with a clearing path of 29 inches wide.

Running on a 306cc engine, it gives you an effortless starting due to its electric start feature. It also has a dual trigger steering feature plus the gear drive for your convenience. The torque it delivers is about 14 1/2 ft lbs so it is quite powerful.

The snow thrower has a deflector control on the panel, backed with a chute control and hand grips which are heated to withstand the winter cold. Efficiency is clearly given by this durable snow thrower as not only does it throw snow easily, it is also built to last with a steel frame.


  • Electric start
  • Electric chute
  • Dual trigger design
  • Great for heavy snow


  • Can be a bit expensive

Best 24 Inch Two stage snow blower:

4. Poulan PRO 208cc Two-Stage Snow Thrower

Top Two Stage Snow Blowers 2019

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The Poulan PRO 208cc Two-Stage Snow Thrower is a 24-inch snow monster that will pave its way into the snow. Also with an electric start feature, its 208cc engine and 2.7 liter fuel capacity are combined to form a snow workhorse for your needs.

Its clearing width amounts to 24 x 30 inches so it is great for large pavements. With durable skid plates to stay put in the snow, the click-style fuel cap makes it easy to refill the machine when needed. Its remote chute rotation makes getting rid of snow easier.

There are 6 forward speeds on this snow thrower plus a reverse speed for convenience. With deep tread tires plus a friction disk drive, this is a snow thrower to consider for its standard warranty (2 years) and engine warranty (4 years) other than its convenient features.


  • Large clearing width
  • Click-style fuel cap
  • Electric start
  • Remote chute rotation


  • Can be a little difficult to assemble for beginners

Best Small Two stage snow blower on the market

5. Troy-Bilt Storm 243cc Two-Stage Snow Thrower

Top 11 Two Stage Snow Blowers

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With optimal controls and durable high-traction tires, the Troy-Bilt Storm 243cc Two-Stage Snow Thrower is a great go-to snow thrower for its fair coverage area of 21 x 26 inches in one pass. Unlike our previous pick, this one has 2 reverse speeds instead of just one.

Also giving you a one-handed operation for its rotating chute like the previous Troy-Bilt machine, the chute also spins up to 200 degrees for better control of the snow when you discharge it. The discharge chute is also clog-resistant due to its extensive polymer build.

With a powerful 243cc OHV engine, this 4-cycle and two-stage snow thrower is also unique for its skid shoes which are reversible for additional grip in the snow and icy roads.


  • One-handed chute operation
  • 2 reverse speeds
  • Chute has a manual pitch
  • Clog-resistant chute


  • Coverage area not as wide as others

Best rated Two-Stage Gas Snow Thrower

6. Yard Machines 357cc Two-Stage Snow Thrower

Top Two Stage Snow Blowers

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With a powerful OHV engine, the Yard Machines 357cc Two-Stage Snow Thrower can work on any heavily packed snow with a clearing area of 30 x 21 inches overall. There’s also a 200-degree chute rotation feature like our last pick so you can fully control the snow throwing.

Snow hog tires measuring 4.8 x 16 inches make up this snow monster as it goes through your snowy yard to clear up the path of your driveway, patio or sidewalk. Steel skid shoes also help out in traction so that you can feel more confident when driving out snow.

The electric start feature is also a plus factor because it helps you get the job done faster (and that means less time spending out in the cold weather).


  • Large clearing area
  • Electric start feature
  • Steel skid shoes
  • Tires with great traction


  • A bit too expensive for some people

Best Value Two stage snow blower on the market

7. Husqvarna 961930097 254cc 2-Stage Snow Thrower

TopTwo Stage Snow Blowers

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The 27-inch sized Husqvarna 961930097 254cc 2-Stage Snow Thrower is a considerable candidate in our list. With fairly large 15-inch tires that tackle its way into the slippery snow, this thrower has a remote chute rotator and deflector, much like other snow throwers.

What makes it great is not just its price but also its electric start feature which adds convenience. You also get power steering capabilities with this snow beast. With a clearing path of up to 27 inches, the remote chute spins at about 180 degrees.

Spending time in the cold weather will be much more convenient with the heated grip handles for you to focus on clearing the snow better. Its LED headlights also provide you with better visibility, especially if you need to get that driveway clear at night.


  • LED headlights for visibility
  • Fairly large clearing path
  • Power steering capability
  • Electric start feature


  • Remote chute doesn’t spin as much as other brands

Best two stage gas snow blower on the market

8. Cub Cadet 2X 26 in. Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower:

snow blower review

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Next in our review list is the Cub Cadet 2X 26 in. Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower.

Like all other two stage snow blowers we’ve looked at, it does have some great features.

In terms of good things, it’s worth noting that this machine has some attractive features. In fact, with its 243cc powerful engine, it is one of the popular and power packed snow blower available in the market.

Also, it is the most affordable machine from this entire list that can power through tough snow and ice efficiently. But that isn’t the only good feature.

It has power steering and you can’t find it in most snow blowers. It also has a single handed turning which means you don’t have to put much effort to change directions.

This snow blower has six forward speeds and two reverse speeds and it boasts 26 inches of clearing width and 21 inches of intake height. You can move heavy snow with absolute ease provided that this machine is powerful and it can throw  snow up to 40 feet away.

You’ll get serious power, mobility, and maneuverability with the gas engine whether you have a longer driveway or you have a lengthy sidewalk. The electric start lets you start it quickly in those extreme cold days.

The major plus point about this machine is that it consists duel LED headlights that allow you to operate it safely even during the night time.


  • Electric start available.
  • Comes with 243cc power engine.
  • Can move large volume of snow quickly and easily.
  • Gas power engine gives mobility and high-amount of power to the motor.


  • Some users complained that the user manual hasn’t been printed clearly.

Best Compact Two stage snow blower (24 Inch)

9. Ariens ST24LET Compact Two-Stage Snow Blower

Best Snow Blowers

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The Ariens ST24LET Compact Two-Stage Snow Blower is a tough and durable machine made with alloy steel for all of your winter needs. The 3-blade system is filled with non-freezing capabilities so it does not compromise your snow throwing needs.

The electric start button also helps you during hard, snowy days to get the job done quickly. The track drive measures 5 1/2 inches and is wide and directional, which goes along with the solid axle for an enhanced performance. The remote chute is quite diverse at 205 degrees of rotation so you get more control over throwing the snow.

With a powerful engine that has 9.5 ft lbs of torque, this machine is a well-worthy snow companion which only measures 24 inches so it is quite compact.


  • 205 degrees of rotation for chute
  • Non-freezing capabilities for the 3-blade system
  • Alloy steel construction
  • Electric start


  • Does not have heated grips

Best Two stage snow blower for the money

10. Husqvarna ST224P 208cc Two-Stage Snow Thrower

Best Two Stage Snow Blowers 2019

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The Husqvarna ST224P 208cc Two-Stage Snow Blowers is yet another snow beast with an electric start for total convenience in heavy snowfall. Unlike the competition, it has a power steering capability so you can navigate the snow thrower anywhere you like with ease.

With heated grip handles to cover your hands from the blistering cold of driving out snow, it has a clearing path of 24 inches. The chute rotates to about 180 degrees and can be remotely controlled, like most snow throwers. As a convenient feature for night snow throwing, it has an LED headlight so you can see what’s in front of you.

As a bonus factor, the snow thrower’s limited warranty of 3 years and engine warranty of 5 years assures you that you’ll less likely get a disappointing machine at hand.


  • LED headlights for better visibility at night
  • Electric start feature
  • Power steering capability
  • Heated grip handles


  • Small clearing path and chute rotation

Best two stage snow blower under 600$

11. YARDMAX YB5765 Two-Stage Snow Blower

Best Two Stage Snow Blowers

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If you are looking for affordable snowblower under 1000$ then you can go with this model. The price of this model is less compared to other two stage snow blowers. One can easily handle and use any kind of surface.

The serrated steel augers helps to slice and remove any type of hard packed ice or snow. Axe-shaped housing helps to chop the ice and snow before throwing.

It comes with Aluminium gear case with alloy steel gear for extra performance.

It has multiple speeds that offers self propelled drive. It comes with 5 forward speed and 1 reverse speed. The self propeller drive helps to drive any surface and also full control over power.

The dashboard also very convenient. In this dashboard you can do chute control, shifting, power steering and a cup holder. Heated grip is helpful for overall control and prevent cooling of you hands. This model comes with headlight that helps to work even dark hours.

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2 Stage snow blower Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the best two stage snow blowers can be tough, but here are some considerations you need to make:

  • Know the clearing area size. Typically, you will want something between 25 and 30 inches of clearing area.
  • Look at the engine specs. A 250cc engine is pretty much better than a 208cc engine but may consume some more fuel. Take note of this.
  • Make sure the price is worth it. As with all machinery, snow blowers are no joke with the pricing, so make sure you really need it in your yard or other intended purpose.
  • Check out the rotating chute’s specs. Most snow blowers have a rotating chute that spins up to 180 degrees while some go up to 200 degrees and can be remotely controlled.
  • Look for convenient features. LED headlights and heated grips can add to a lot of convenience for the user of the snow blower.

How does best two stage snow blower work?

11 Best Two Stage Snow Blowers

Before you decide on purchasing a snow blower, consider your needs and situation in terms of the area and terrain where you are going to use the blower.

How big is the area that must be cleared? How deep is the snow? The type of snow in your area will also determine which type of snow blower you should get.

For light and powdery snow, a single-stage snow blower will be capable of doing the job. If the snow is wet and heavy, you will have to get a blower that can handle a tough job, which you will find in a two-stage snow blower

When you need to get rid of light or medium snow in small areas around the house, a driveway or a small garden, a single-stage snow blower will get the job done. However, if you’re dealing with larger areas and snow of more than 8 inches deep and you want to save yourself the agony of hurting your back, you should upgrade to a more powerful two-stage snow blower. A two-stage snow blower is typically used on gravel driveways, slopes, heavily compacted snow, deep snowfall and driveways that are very steep.

You will first have to understand how a single-stage snow blower work before you can understand how a two-stage model work. The two main elements of a single-stage snow blower are the auger which is the rotating helical screw blade, and the chute which is more or less a tube or shaft through which the snow moves and is discarded. The spinning auger pulls the snow in and then forces it out through the discharge chute.

When it comes to two-stage snow blowers, there are different models with different functions to choose from. Stage-two snow blowers are larger and heavier than the single-stage models. They can remove any type of snow. With a two-stage snow blower, the removal process has two stages. It has a heavy-duty, saw-like, auger, with blades usually made of steel. These blades have a continuous ribbon design which enables it to pull in larger and heavier chunks of snow and break it up into smaller, more manageable pieces.

This is stage one. The auger thus collects the snow, directs it to the centre and then to the impeller, which throws it up and out of the chute, which is stage two.

The snow is removed much faster this way. In addition to a chute, the two-stage snow blower has an impeller – a part which moves something by means of rotation. The impeller guides the chunks of snow out through the top discharge chute.

Where a single-stage snow blower can remove snow of about 8 inches deep, a two-stage snow blower can be used on snow as deep as 12 inches. It also throws the snow much further from the cleared areas; some models can throw snow as far as 50 feet. Its power-assisted wheels make it easier to operate when working on large areas.

Because the auger doesn’t make contact with the surface, the snow is not scraped to the ground. However, these blowers have skid shoes to remove surface snow. The auger won’t be damaged by small stones and gravel. This blower can be used on unpaved surfaces, because their augers don’t touch the ground.

Smaller best two-stage snow blowers are electrically powered, but the larger models are powered by gas. Because they are so large and heavy, it can be difficult for the user to handle and push it with ease. Therefore, the self-propelled two-stage blower uses the power of the engine or electric motor to steer the wheels forward and backwards.

A dual-trigger steering mechanism enables the user to release the left or right wheel when the blower has to be turned. The speed and direction can be adjusted by the user and some larger models even have power steering. Most two-stage models have a Free Hand Control function which enables the user to operate it with one hand only, leaving the other hand free to perform other functions, like adjusting the speed.

The chute-mounted rotation handle is used to change the direction of the chute, while a dash mounted crank enables the user to manage the direction in which the snow will be thrown.

How snow blower work?

Difference between single stage & two stage snow blower (Single stage vs two stage)

Everybody know snow blower or snow thrower is a machine which helps to remove the snow from any particular areas like driveway or sidewalk.

But plenty of you don’t know the difference between two stage and single stage snow blower. The three stage snow blower is also there in the industry.

Many of them say three stage snow blower is simply awesome. Yes I agree, it is really awesome if you have large amount of snows. It has really high speed and throws large amount of snow. But for 2 – 3 inch snow, you no need to buy three stage blower, you can go for single stage. Because three stage is waste of money for small amount of snows.

Similarly the two stage is used for more than 8 inch snow and up to 36 inches. Different models are there. Due to the model the size and performance may vary.

Actually snow blowers available with variety of configurations like:

  • Single stage electric snow blower
  • Single stage gas
  • two stage gas
  • Three stage gas

So, Which snow blower is good for you?

1st Difference:

Single stage snow blower is lightweight and compact. It is good if you use it in a small areas like driveway, sidewalk or walkways. If you are use it in a heavy snow then it won’t work. You can use it up-to 8 inches or less snow.

Two stage snow blower is heavier and you can use it for large areas. Maximum number of snows can be easily removed by this type.

2nd Difference

The augur in single stage snow blower collects snow and direct the snow to the discharge chute. It discharge the snow in a single motion. That is why it is called single stage snow blower. An auger is the corkscrew-shaped component of a snowblower responsible for sucking up the snow.

The Augur makes contact with the surface. So, you can’t be use this on a dirt area. Paved surface area is the best for single stage snow blower. If you want to remove snow in a small area with clear surface. You can use single stage snow blower. It can remove snow quickly.

Two stage snow blower has self propelled transmission with forward and reverse speed.

Different that single stage, there are two distinct stage of snow removal. That is why it is called as two stage. Two stage snow blower collects the snow by fan and discharge it very fast and farther away. So, that you can eliminate lots of snow in a minimum period of time. Also, you can use this blower on any surface like dirt or gravel.

Two stage snow blower is really great machine for handling all types of snow on any surface.

Three stage snow blower also there. It has turbo charged fan. It eliminates high number of snows easily.

3rd Difference:

Single stage snow blower is compact in size. So that the cost of the blower is less compared to two stage and three stage blowers.

4th Difference:

Horse power is the main difference between two stage and single stage. Even two stage snow blowers has different HP according to the model. The low end model and high end models are available in the market.

The HP starts with 4 and it goes up-to 10 for two stage snow throwers.

Single stage vs Two stage snow blower?

So, from all these difference you can clearly understand what is two stage snow blower and what is single stage snow blower. You may be know about three stage snow blowers.

Its not about climate you are living. Its all about what is the surface and how much snow you need to remove. According to that you can go with the model. If you are still confused about choose the blower then watch this video:

Here is the best single stage snow blower:

Briggs & Stratton 1022ER Single Stage Snow Thrower, 208cc

11 Best Two Stage Snow Blowers 2019

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Briggs and Stratton 1022ER Single stage snow thrower is a gas powered snow blower used commonly for driveways and moderate snow levels. It helps in emptying the path and it can be fit into the tight spaces around cars owing to its small size.

For extreme winter applications, Briggs & Stratton 950 Snow Series OHV Engine is used. Arriving as a compact snow blower, it has 22-inch clearing width that is capable of assisting you in taking on snow easily.  Owing to its compact size, easy manueuvering and control are possible and it also saves your storage space.

It has a handle-mounted chute rotation crank that allows you to change the snow throw direction from left to right even when you are moving on. On the other hand, the quick-adjust deflector is able to change the height and distance the snow is thrown. It also favours an easy usage and control during the process of snow clearing.

By simply squeezing the chute-mounted handle, we can throw the snow.  Making use of Electric push button, a quick and easy starting is possible at the moderate cold temperatures below 20 and also even below zero degree. The machine arrives in two materials of construction – plastic and steel. Obviously, steel based machines lasts for a long period. Also, steel is durable and rigid while its heavy weight than plastic is the only drawback.

Product Details
  • Weight : 93 pounds
  • Dimension : 47.8 x 23.1 x 40.7 inches
Key Features

Briggs & Stratton OHV Engine ( 4 cycle) has an electric start and operates with optimum power capacity of 208cc to tackle the snowfall easily and quickly. Its oil capacity is 20 oz.

It comes with 5 sub-models in the market and everything is under single stage category while the latest models arrive with snow shredder that makes it very apt for small to medium surface of tye.

Wear-resistant rubbed edged auger clears snow down to the pavement and also assists in propelling the snow blower forward. It helps to keep the water and snow away from affecting.  A piece of auger housing with ball bearings gives the augers a long life.

While the basic models are facilitated with manual rotation, the latest models arrive with remote crank rotation or electric rotation.

Light to moderate snows can be received with an intake height of 12.5” and can be thrown up to 30’. A warranty of 3 years is provided.


To summarize, the Briggs and Stratton 1696619 Snow Thrower is our winner for the best two stage snow blowers simply because it has all of the features to look for in any snow workhorse. It has the ideal specs that are in between those with extremely heavy snowfall and those with moderate snowfall in their area.


  1. I need commercial two stage snow blower under 1000$. In driveways, there are lots of snows are filled. I want to quickly remove them all. So, can anybody suggest good snow blower for my house?

    I know gas powered snow blower is not convenient to setup. But it has more power to blow the snows. That is why I need electric snow blower.


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