Relationships aren’t 100% perfect all of the time. There will be times when you and your partner go side by side and there will be times when you both disagree. And, generally speaking that isn’t a sign of an unhealthy relationship. However, the way you deal with such disagreements, sometimes can be rough.

A relationship takes work and effort, which is why it is called commitment. When the effort is no longer there, then the relationship begins to suffer. This happens due to the fact that after a while, we can get used to being in a routine. And while this can be okay for some couples, it isn’t very romantic or exciting for others. Here is a list of helpful tips on how to keep a healthy relationship.

Tips for Keeping a Healthy Relationship

  1. Try Something Different

Remember how when you first began dating, and everything was new and exciting? Try and rekindle that feeling. This could mean trying a new restaurant that serves a type of food neither of you have ever tried or experimenting on a flirting site together. Checking out new things can bring back that feeling of dating, of getting to know each other a bit more and a sense of adventure the relationship might have lost.

  1. Love yourself

We all agree that this sounds cheesy. But believe us, if you cannot love yourself or be happy with you, it is hard to love and be happy with someone else.

  1. Communication

This is the most important part of a healthy relationship. It doesn’t just mean asking your partner how their day was when they walk in (which we will address shortly), it is about expressing your feelings without fear and with respect.

Being able to tell your partner how you feel, what you want out of the relationship, be able to talk openly about sex, what you like, what you don’t like, things you would like to try, and anything else you feel the need to say, is vital. You should be able to speak your mind, but also listen to your partner when they speak theirs. There has to be a mutual understanding and respect.

You can expand on this too. If you ask your partner how their day was when they get in, you will more often than not get the same boring response. Try asking more elaborate questions, such as, “What went well and what do you feel was a challenge today at work?” This will lead to a more elaborate answer, and thus improve your communication.

  1. It is Okay to Agree to Disagree

You and your partner are not always going to see eye to eye on everything. It is just human nature to have different opinions. What you must do is respect your partner’s opinion and not let it turn into an argument. Understand each other’s point of view and agree to disagree.

  1. Avoid Getting Angry

You will have discussions. That is unavoidable but deal with them in a respectful way or manner. Getting angry clouds your vision and might lead you to say or do something stupid. The best solution is to try and remain calm and understanding while your partner expresses their point of view. If you feel that the argument is escalating to a point where there is potential for no return, call a break. This can be ten minutes to a day (never leave it too long). Make sure to set a time when you come back to the discussion to find closure. Don’t leave it open ended or it will come back to haunt you both.

  1. Plan Time for You Two

This can be a swift coffee break or a weekend away. It is important to find a time where you and your partner can just be together and talk about your interests. A break from routine is always welcome.

You can also do this at home. Try and fit a period during the week where you match schedules, arrange dates and other things around that schedule and talk about what went well or what didn’t go so well the previous week and work on improving them.

  1. Don’t Try to Change Them

The only person you can change is yourself. If there is something you do not like about your partner or makes you feel uncomfortable, you should bring it up with them. But it is up to them to change it. You cannot force them to change. All you can do is let them know what is bothering you. This goes back to point 2. Communication.

  1. Sex is Important

While sex is not the only thing that keeps a relationship together, it is a key part of a healthy relationship. Regular sex builds a connection between you and your partner. This doesn’t mean you have to say yes to all your partner’s advances but saying no too often can lead to an unhealthy relationship. You won’t always be in the same mood at the same time, but feel free to let your partner change your mood with theirs.

Try and keep it sexy too. This can be anything within the comforts of you and your partner. You can include toys, try a new position or a different room, it doesn’t matter what it is, so long as it is different, new and sexy. Sexy means something different for everyone, so find your own sexy and play around with it.

  1. Honesty

Being honest is what keeps healthy relationships afloat. Sharing every piece of your life can seem daunting to some, but it is the best way to gain another person’s trust.

  1. Space

Being with your partner is amazing, especially if you can become and stay best friends. But like with all friendships, you need time apart. You need to spend time with friends or doing other interests and hobbies outside of the relationship. That is not to say that you should both have different hobbies, sharing a hobby with your partner can be very good for your relationship, as it gives you more common ground. But you don’t necessarily have to sit next to each other, play on the same team or be hand in hand while taking part in your shared hobby.

  1. Every couple is different

These tips will help you build the foundations of a healthy relationship, but every couple is different, and you need to find what works for you. Spend time trying to find what works and what doesn’t. Put in effort to understand your partner. Be honest and open with each other. If you do all of those things, you will find the perfect mix of ingredients to your healthy relationship.

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