Gardening Tools Storage Ideas

Gardening tools are necessary for planting plants, taking out weeds, and maintaining a garden. Tools like trowels, spades, pruners, hoes, wheelbarrows, etc. make gardening easy. However, it is not easy to store and maintain these tools. Sometimes, the tools are left in the garden, and they can be damaged due to moisture and other environmental conditions.

Therefore, every gardener and homeowner needs to store gardening tools in a proper way to maintain them. Storing them in the right space saves them from corrosion and other conditions. Let us check out some useful DIY gardening tool storage ideas.

Useful Gardening Tools Storage Ideas

1. Garden tool storage rack

Most Useful DIY Gardening Tools Ideas

If you have an unused table in your house, you can use it to create a storage rack for gardening tools. All you need is a drill machine to drill some holes of the appropriate size on the top of the table. You can insert handles of gardening tools in the holes and store them together in this DIY storage rack.

2. Old pallet storage rack

It is easy to create a storage rack from an old pallet in your house. If you have an old pallet that you never use, you can turn it into a storage rack for gardening tools within a few minutes. Fix the old pallet to a wall and put the garden tools in it. You need to make it strong with nails and extra wood so that it can hold the weight of gardening tools.

3. Try Deck Boxes:

deck box

You can try deck boxes for small areas. This is one of the best ways to store your gardening tools like garden hoses, outdoor pillows, small grills & more. Deck boxes are used by many garden owners to store things. This is the best and easiest way to store items safely. You can buy a good combination lock to secure deck boxes.

4. Old File Cabinet

If you have an old cabinet, you can use it to make an exciting storage space for gardening tools. Remove the drawers, turn them back, and install the pegboards on their ends. You will need to use materials like casters, sandpaper, paint, spray primer, hanging kit, and pegboard.

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5. Bicycle storage shack

creative DIY Gardening Tools Ideas

You can use your old bike storage shack to store the gardening tools. It can be a perfect space to store garden tools if you don’t have a bike. If you have a bicycle, you can store it in your garage and place the tools in the bike storage shack. It will keep the tools safe from theft and environmental conditions like sun, heat, and rain.

6. Storage Bins:

Storage bins are an excellent way to store the gardening tools. Many sizes are available. You can also find various colors. You can put all the gardening tools in the storage bins. If you have racks then arrange the bins there. Paste the label in the front and on top of the bin to identify tools. The heavy-duty bin comes with a loop for locks. So, you use the locks to secure your bin and place the bin anywhere in your garden.

7. Outdoor storage locker

You can create an outdoor storage locker to place the gardening tools in it by utilizing a wooden or metal box. It is best to make use of an old box, but you should not put it in the garden. A wood or metallic box may be damaged due to rain and moisture outdoors. Therefore, you can place it on your patio or veranda adjacent to the yard. If the box is large, you can make shelves inside it using wooden planks and metal rods.

8. Create a space under the bench

If you have one or two benches in your garden, you can enclose the area under it using some wood planks or metal sheets. It is easy to use wood planks as they are readily available, and you can fix them yourself. If you have some prior experience in creating things using wood, you can easily create storage space under a bench. Place the garden tools in this space without the need for extra storage space in your house.

9. Large Obelisk

A large obelisk is not only suitable for providing shelter to the air conditioner unit, but you can also use it to store tools like shovels and cultivators. You can also store any other tools with long handles that require a vertical space for storage.

10. Install a closet

Installing a closet in your backyard is a good idea for the storage of gardening tools. You can install a new one or use an unused closet in your house. Install it under a shed or on your patio for protection from rainwater and outdoor conditions like moisture. You can also repair an old closet and install it in your yard.

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11. Hang your garden tools

Hanging your garden tools is a great idea as it can save a lot of space. However, it is not suitable to hand them directly on a wall as it can spoil your wall. You need a few wooden strips that are long enough and some knobs to put along the strip. Fix the knobs on the strip and put the strips on the wall. You can hang your gardening tools on the knobs. The wooden piece should be strong enough to hold the weight of the tools.

12. Pegboard for storage

Creating a pegboard is one of the simplest ideas you can use for the storage of tools. Installing an average-sized pegboard in your backyard shed will keep it secure, organized, and smooth. Use necessary materials such as a pegboard, hook holders, paintbrush, 2 D-rings, satin paint, and a detailed tutorial and show your things in plain sight.

13. Coat hangers

Coat hangers were very popular in the last century. They are not popular nowadays, but if you have an old coat hanger in your house, you can install it on the wall of your garden or patio. You can fold your garden hose and hang it on the coat hanger.

14. Large clay pots

People use planters for plants and shrubs to place them indoors as well as outdoors. Planters are useful for gardens where space is less. However, you can also use planters for storing your gardening tools. Put some sand in the clay planters and embed the sharp ends of your tools in the sand. The sand will hold them vertically. You can also use plastic or other materials for planters for storing tools, but you need to fill sand in all the containers.

Final words

These are some creative DIY gardening tools and storage ideas that you can use in your garden. Storing the garden tools using these ideas protects them from environmental conditions and loss. As you place all of them in a single place, you don’t face problems while finding them. Landscaping St Lucia also recommends storing the gardening tools in the garden to make it convenient for gardeners and homeowners to use them.

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