How to choose a power bank so as not to harm your gadget? All devices have certain parameters and requirements, non-compliance with which will lead to the decommissioning of the product. For mobile devices to work long and uninterruptedly, you need to follow some rules of operation. Just like in business. To get things done correctly, you have to maintain good revenue intelligence, which can be done with Revenue Grid. The most important thing is the Power bank model. Ideally, it should match the model of the device to which it will be connected.


The small size and lightweight (about 600 grams) make the power bank very convenient. You can recharge your phone several times. It all depends on the power of the power supply. The power bank and smartphones are connected via USB cables. Power bank high-capacity adapters have to charge even laptops offline.

How to Use a Power Bank Correctly?

Before using the appliance, it is necessary to thoroughly study the characteristics of the device, take into account all operating restrictions, and strictly adhere to them. The performance of an external battery depends on the material of which it is composed. Nickel-metal-hybrid batteries respond poorly to cold and recharging. Lithium-ion – sensitive to large changes in temperature and high voltage.

How to Properly Charge Power Bank?

In order not to damage your device, you need to carefully study the instructions on how to properly charge the Power bank. There are several options for proper charging. The safest method is a slow charge. It lasts about 15 hours at a constant current. The modern rhythm of life dictates all the new conditions and requires rapid adaptation to modern technologies. Saving time is very important. Therefore, in 2013, fast-charging power supplies were launched. It takes many times less time, about 5 hours. But the manufacturers did not stop there, but continued to develop and improve ready-made models.

We recommend following the following rules:

  • After the first charge, the Power Bank must be completely discharged. This should be done 2-3 times for the future normal operation of the Power Bank;
  • When charging the power bank, its battery level should be 100%. If you constantly just recharge it, the power bank will deteriorate;
  • If you do not plan to use the power bank for several months, you can not keep it completely discharged. Its charge should be about 50%. Otherwise, the operation of this device will deteriorate;
  • Direct heat sources should be avoided so that the power bank does not overheat.

If you need to charge your laptop often thanks to Power Bank, it is better to use a battery capacity of 20000-25000 mAh.

How to Choose a Good Power Bank?

It’s very simple, when choosing a Power Bank, we advise you to pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Battery capacity. If you travel for a few days, where it will not be possible to charge the smartphone, the battery capacity should be at least 10000-15000 mAh;
  • The number of USB outputs. Maybe someone only needs one output for a smartphone, but there are cases when you need to charge several devices at the same time;
  • The presence of an LED flashlight. For some, such a flashlight can be a nice bonus;
  • Originality. It is desirable to buy an original power bank, not a counterfeit because it will work longer and better;
  • Manufacturer – choose popular manufacturers who are engaged in the development of power banks, not the first year.

Power banks operate on the basis of electricity transmission. In their design, there is a protective module that works in the event of a short circuit or overload. An overheat protection sensor is also used. When the temperature is above normal, the power bank automatically stops working.

The Best Power Bank: Which One to Buy?

Finding and buying the best Power Bank is not a difficult task right now. A large selection of autonomous power drives is available on the Internet. Manufacturers compete in product forms, designs, functions, and brands. In addition, the fashionable look of the device will be a great accessory for stylish people. Some models have a built-in flashlight and Velcro for fixing on a vertical surface. The textures of the case also differ. There are refractory, smooth, and matte. The latter are less noticeable scratches, fingerprints, or other abrasions. Many brands install short-circuit fuses on the drives.

The top companies of 2022 include the following companies:

  • Xiaomi;
  • Samsung;
  • Apple;
  • Huawei.
  • HYPER;
  • Baseus;
  • TopOn.

The best Power Bank can be bought for little money, from $20. It will be a great holiday gift for friends or loved ones. This fashionable accessory will complement and beautify the style of the owner. But the main advantage – is a person will always be in touch.

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