best electric snow blower review

We all love to have the best electric snow blower to clear away the snow that accumulates during the winter season in our driveway, yard, and our sidewalk. But the problem is we don’t know what to look for in a snow blower. To help solve this problem, we’ve put together a highly detailed review list and a buyers guide.

Use this as a resource post to choose the best electric snow blower that completely fulfills all your snow clearing needs.

Let’s get started.

Comparison table: best 11 electric snow blower

Product nameStagePower sourceCheck price
Briggs & Stratton 1222EE Single-Stage Snow blowerSingleGasCheck Price
Greenworks 20-Inch 2600502 snow blowerSingleElectricCheck Price
Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E snow blowerSingleElectricCheck Price
Toro SnowMaster 724 QXE snow blowerSingleElectricCheck Price
Husqvarna ST224 Two Stage Snow Blower2-stageGasCheck Price
Cub Cadet 2X snow blower2-stageGasCheck Price
Ariens Deluxe Gas Powered Snow BlowerSingleGasCheck Price
Troy-Bilt 30 in. Two-Stage Gas Powered Snow Blower2-stageElectricCheck Price
EGO Power+ SNT2100 snow blowerSingleElectricCheck Price
Power Smart DB5023 snow blowerSingleElectricCheck Price
Honda Power Equipment HS720AA snow blowerSingleGasCheck Price

Best electric snow blowers review:

1. Briggs & Stratton 1222EE Single-Stage Snow blower: Best to buy snow blower

Briggs & Stratton 1696741 Single Stage Snow Thrower with Snow Shredder Auger and 250cc Engine with Electric Start

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We start our list with Briggs & Stratton 1222EE Single-Stage Snow blower. It is part of their 1150 snow series and this is the most powerful single stage snow blower in their lineup. Also, if you want a nice compromise between a single stage and a double stage snow blower, this is going to be a really good choice.

Inside the Briggs & Stratton 1222EE, you have 250cc 4-cycle OHV engine. It packs a lot of power with a gross torque of 11.5ft. As a 4-cycle engine, it does not require you to mixing oil and gas. Over all, a nicely designed and reliable engine.

The engine is generally manufactured in the united states itself. It uses SnowShredder Serrated auger technology. What it means is that apart from the rubber paddles that makes contact with the ground, there are serrated steel blades that spin as well. These blades are built for breaking up heavier snow and ice you may encounter during the winter. This include the big piles of snow that accumulate at the end of the driveway.

The technology works really good and this makes it the best single stage snow blower for heavy snow. So if a two stage snow blower is out of your budget range, then purchasing this machine will be of great help to you.

The 1222EE has a clearance width of 22-inch and the intake height of 12.5. You can clear away 8 inches of light snow with ease. If you work slowly, you can even remove one feet height of snow efficiently.

On a heavy snowing day, you can remove close to 4 to 6 inches of snow with a single pass. Throwing power is also impressive. Lighter snow can be thrown up to 30ft, and even the wet snow can be thrown up to 15ft longer.

Like most single stage snow blowers in the market, the Briggs & Stratton 1222EE uses an auger propelled drive system. The rubber auger tips make contact with the ground and propel the unit forward. The speed is little slow, but that won’t be a big issue. Otherwise, the handling is pretty easy.

There is no power steering but the unit is light enough. So there is no need for that. It uses an electric chute rotation technology and this motorizes the 200degree turning radius chute. The button for this control is right under the handlebar, and you can operate it easily with one of your fingers.

The quick deflector on the chute helps you to control the height and distance the snow is thrown. It is easy to use with gloves on. The chute is made of durable plastic, and we haven’t heard any complaints about snow getting stuck.

There is a considerable amount of vibration when the motor is running. Starting this unit is really easy. A push button electric start option is available with the traditional recoil start. You can start it even in very, very low temperatures. The headlights can be located right under the handlebar and they spread across the entire unit. This will help you to use it safely during the night time or in poor visibility.

Finally, this unit comes with three years of limited warranty, and if you live in an area where there is heavy snow and ice, or you can’t afford a two stage snow blower, this will be a great choice.


  • A really powerful model.
  • A push button electric start option available.
  • Light enough snow blower.
  • SnowShredder serrated auger technology used in this unit.
  • No need to mix oil and gas.


  • Extension cord is not included in this package.

2. Greenworks 20-Inch 2600502: Best budget electric snow blower

Greenworks 20-Inch 13 Amp Corded Snow Thrower 2600502

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Greenworks is a well known company in the home improvement sector and it mainly focuses on environmental friendly options. They produce various power tools and they are powered by either an electrical cord or a lithium ion battery. It is a perfect and a quieter alternative for gas powered snow blowers.

It is so popular among its users for its incredibly low price tag. This model from Greenworks uses a 13amp motor for powering itself. This limits its ability to throw snow to a longer distance.

At best, it can throw snow at 10ft maximum. It isn’t an ideal equipment for a large driveway. It’s much more of a snow thrower than a snow blower.

Although that is the case, the motor processes light snow efficiently without you having to slow down much. But, there is always a possibility that the motor will burnout at heavy conditions, so you need to be careful on how much stress you put on the motor. Its volume levels are equivalent to your household’s vacuum cleaner.

So, you can use it in the early mornings or during the night times without waking up your neighbors. Like the other electric snow blowers, the motor is maintenance free. You don’t need to change oil, add fuel stabilizers, fill gas tanks, or deal with a choke valve. You can simply plug it into an electric outlet and hit the start button. The auger is made of thick polyethylene plastic that holds up better than we thought. This works perfectly fine for light snow, but it won’t be able to break up more compacted snow.

There isn’t much bite on it, and it simply rides on those areas instead of chopping them up. The piles at the end of the driveway should be cut down a bit with a shovel first before you starting to remove the snow with the blower.

The peddles make contact with the ground and it helps to clear away some fluffy snow. Since it is a single stage snow blower, it shouldn’t be used in gravel surfaces.

It offers some nice chute controls at such an affordable price. The total turning radius is 180degrees. The cord isn’t included. So you have to purchase it separately.

If you are looking for an affordable snow blower that can handle an occasional snowfall under 6 inches, look no further than this model.


  • Comes with a 4 years warranty.
  • Removes lighter snow efficiently.
  • The auger is made of thick polyethylene plastic.
  • The snow throwing capacity is 10ft.


  • Not an ideal equipment for heavier conditions.

3. Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E: best lightweight electric snow blower

best electric snow blower

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There is nothing frustrating than looking outside in the morning and seeing a heavy snowfall that you have to deal with. You have to clear it away, otherwise you won’t be able to take your car out of your driveway. To do that, there is a better alternative to snow shovel.

Introducing the Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E electric snow blower. This machine will clear your driveway from snow much quicker and saves a lot of time for you.

Having said that, the Snow Joe SJ623E Snow Blower is a powerful and a lightweight model. This machine is a mains-powered version. That means that it has a permanent power cable and it needs to be plugged in as long as you use the equipment. It is a best model to consider if you have regular heavy snowfall.

the Snow Joe SJ623E Snow Blower can remove snow up to 18-inches in width and 10-inches in depth at one pass and that is an impressive numbers for a corded model. Let’s have a look at its features in detail.

As mentioned, it’s a corded model and if you have a larger area to cover, this electric blower won’t help you. However, it can be used with an extension cord and that gives this machine some added capabilities. A push button start means after plugging it in, you simply press a button and the snow blower is ready to go.

It is a lightweight model at 34 pounds comparing to others in this range, and it has a 15amp motor that gets the job done quickly. The chute can be angled up to 180degree by some simple controls at the handle. And it is nicely designed for ergonomics and comfort, and can be adjusted for height.

The 4 metal blades and a strong, durable auger guarantees long life and powerful clearance capacity. The easy glide wheels particularly designed for snow will help you to move through it smoothly. This isn’t a big bulkier machine and you can store it in the corner of your garage when not in use.

Powerful headlights are included to use in a dark or in a less visibility area. It can ,move as much as 720 pounds of snow per minute. That is an amazing amount. If you have a large area to cover, we sincerely recommend you have a look at this machine.

If you have a medium sized space to cover, then its sheer ability will cut the time you need to spend outdoors considerably.


  • Mains powered equipment.
  • 34 pounds running weight.
  • Electric push button start available.
  • Clearance capacity is 18-inch width and 10-inch depth.
  • Comes with an adjustable handle.


  • This corded model can cover only a certain amount of area.

4. Toro SnowMaster 724 QXE: Best single stage electric snow blower

Toro SnowMaster 724 QXE 24 in. Gas Snow Blower

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If you live in an area where there is little to medium snowfall, you can shovel your driveway and sidewalk. But, if there is a machine that takes your hours of manual snow shoveling work and reduce it into minutes, you surely want that one. Right?

We will provide complete details about this product and aid you to choose whether this is a worthy investment.

The Toro SnowMaster 724 QXE is an affordable option for most users who want an easy to operate machine, but we aren’t excited because of that. For an affordable price, you’ll get an entry level snow blower that takes care of light fluffy snow and average conditions. Anything more than that, you surely need a two stage snow blower.

This single stage snow blower is self propelled. This means the speed of the blower is determined by how fast or slow you walk. It is lighter, easy to maneuver, and changing directions is really simple. With a quick stick, you can easily adjust the chute height and deflector angle depending on your preferences. Once you learn how to use it, you don’t have to refer back to the user manual.

Before you use this device, read and understand the instructions manual clearly. After that, you will be a native user. You will get a clearing width of 24-inches in a flat surface like concrete with this blower. This machine can throw snow up to 40 feet and it is an ideal equipment for large driveways. You won’t slip and slide all over the place when using it.

There is an automatic steering so no pulling and pushing needed. There are no triggers and leavers and you don’t have to memorize anything regarding them. Once you get the machine running, you direct it to where you want to go.

Adjust the snow chute where you want the snow to go and before you realize, your driveway is snow free.

The Toro SnowMaster 724 QXE can clear up to 25% more snow than most of its competitive models. The snow chute helps a lot to achieve it. The turn chute controls are easy to use. You can set it and forget about it.

As you push the handle, the machine determines whether it needs to speed up or slow down. That means the handle is weight sensitive.

The entire frame is one complete structure. And you don’t have to worry about the various parts breaking down overtime.

So, it will be a good purchase for small to medium snowfall areas.


  • Self propel mechanism available.
  • Removes light to medium snow efficiently.
  • Automatic steering included.
  • Easy to operate.


  • Doesn’t have a push button electric start.

5. Husqvarna ST224: Best two stage electric snow blower:

best two stage electric snow blower

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The fifth place in our review list goes to the Husqvarna ST224 Two Stage Snow Blower. They are pretty well known for their brand and they have put together some of the most amazing power tools you see in the market. It is the most powerful two stage snow blower that is built with premium quality features.

This 24-inch two stage snow blower is a reliable and durable equipment. A terrific choice if you are in a moderate snowfall area with a standard 2-car driveway.

It is powered by a 208cc 4-cycle engine that produces 6.3hp which is adequate for a two stage blower. It will be able to handle around 14-16 inches of snow and 10 inches of heavy snow with ease. Anything more than that, you need to make another pass.

This engine doesn’t require mixing oil and gas together. The Husqvarna snow blower engines are made by liquid combustion technology. And it is quieter, fuel efficient, and reliable. With 24 inch of clearing width and 23 inch depth, this model from Husqvarna can put away a lot of snow. The ribbon augers will do a nice job of clearing down to the surface level.

A 12-inch steel auger helps you to chop through heavy and compacted snow efficiently. It is the best in its class at clearing the end of the driveway piles and it throws fluffy snow up to 30 feet distance. It is a self propelled machine with 6 forward speeds and one reverse speed. It is pretty easy to shift up and down when using with its simple trigger controls. It even works in steep driveways and uneven terrains.

So, if you are looking for a really powerful and reliable two stage snow blower, then this is your best choice. It will give you some seriously good results for sure.


  • Power steering included.
  • Durable and reliable equipment.
  • Three years limited warranty.
  • A push button electric start is available.
  • Comes with LED headlights.


  • Extension cord is not included with the package.

6. Cub Cadet 2X snow blower: Best power packed snow blower

cub cadet

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When you are looking for a gas powered 2-stage snow blower, you will come across the Cub Cadet 2X-24 model. It has become a popular choice among users due to its valuable features. It is one of the easier 2-stage snow blower models to handle, and it is delivered to you mostly assembled.

The bright yellow design is really attractive. It is powered by a powerful 243cc OHV engine. The 4-cycle OHV engine can handle severe conditions with true ease. The 12-inch heavy duty serrated steel auger can effortlessly chop up compacted snow and car ruts. The auger may struggle a bit in icy conditions. A steel save plate at the bottom allows it to do a better job of clearing down to the surface than most of its competitive models. The all steel auger is well built and can sustain some abuse.

The heavy metal front allows this machine to dig into the compact snow really well. You will be able to efficiently clear away a foot of light snow and up to 18-inches, but it will take some time. It does a good job with wet and dense snow, and it has no problem with the end of the driveway. It has a 24-inches of clearing width and 21-inches of intake height.

Lighter snow can be thrown up to 40 feet and heavier, wet snow can be thrown up to 20 feet distance. These are really good numbers. It is a good enough machine for 2 car driveways.

This power monster is self propelled and comes equipped with power steering. It consists 6 forwards and 2 reverse speed option. This is a nice extra with this price point. Turnings are controlled by a fingertip control.

You can operate it easily and with minimum effort. It comes with a single hand 4-way stick which helps you to adjust the direction of the chute. It has a 200degree radius for turning for direction and 50degree angle for adjusting snow throwing distance. All the controls are really ergonomic.

The chute is made of thick, durable plastic. You will have no issues using this machine in uneven surfaces. It comes with an electric start option enabled with the traditional recoil start. Just plug in an extension cord and hit the button, and you are ready to go!


  • Powerful machine with a 12-inch heavy duty steel auger.
  • 6 forwards and 2 reverse speeds available.
  • Easy to operate equipment.
  • Self propelled machine.
  • Power steering included.


  • The reverse speed is slow and you have to do manual backup more often.

7. Ariens Deluxe Gas Powered Snow Blower: Easy to operate electric snow blower

best easy to operate electric snow blower

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As part of the Ariens Deluxe series, this 24-inch blower provides a really good mixture of power and versatility. It has some valuable features that you can find in all high-value gas powered 2-stage snow blowers. Excellent choice for your suburban surrounding.

This model from Ariens features a 254cc Ariens AX 4-cycle engine and it can handle all types of snow thanks to its Impressive 12.5ft of torque. As a 4-cycle engine, you don’t have to mix gas and oil like the old days.

It comes with a 14-inch steel serrated auger. This will easily handle compacted snow, car ruts, and ice. The gear cast is made of heavy duty cast iron with steel alloy gears. It consists of 24-inch clearing width and 21-inch intake depth. For a 24-inch blower, the intake height is as high as you can get.

It can handle 16-inches of lighter snow and 12-inches of heavy and wet snow with ease. The added power on the engine allows it to do such a tasking job pretty simply.

Also, there is no problem in handling the end of the driveway pile effectively with this equipment. It has an impressive throwing power of 50ft. Because of such a power, you need to make some adjustments to avoid dumping snow in your neighbor’s driveway if you live close by.

This is more than enough throwing power for 2/3-car driveways. It is built with a heavy duty all steel built mechanism. This equipment is exceptional, provides high-performance, and it is built to last longer.

It is a self propelled machine that consists 6 forwards and 2 reverse speeds. This helps you to handle it with ease. It is simple to operate and people of all ages and sizes can do a good clearing job with it. The auto-turn steering feature allows you to clean tough to reach areas and helps you to make tight turns with little effort.

The chute has a 200degree turning radius. There is a minimum clogging when the chute in operation.

Like most 2-stage snow blowers, it has some standard features such as electric start along with the recoil start, and headlights.

Finally, this machine comes with a three years warranty and you can be on the safer side in case anything happens during that period.


  • Auto-turning feature available.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Self propelled machine.
  • 24-inches of clearing width and 21-inches of intake height.


  • The engine is a bit louder.

8. Troy-Bilt 30 in Two-Stage Gas Powered Snow Blower: best electric two stage snow blower in terms of value:

best value electric snow blower

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If you live in a country side and you have a large area to cover, or you have a maximum amount of snowfall in the winter, then this may be the snow blower for you. It is 20-inch wide. It is designed to be maintenance free and you don’t have to do anything other than changing the oil and using fuel stabilizer.

It is considered to be an industry standard 2-stage snow blower. It is reliable, easy to operate, and lasts for a long time. It has a clearing width of 20-inches and 21-inches of intake height. This allows you to clear compact, wet, and heavy snow without putting much manual effort.

This machine consists a well balanced design and has a power steering. So, no matter your age and size, you can use it pretty easily. The handles at the front let’s you maneuver the equipment effectively. The chute is made of thick and durable plastic and it won’t crack like the previous models.

Like the two stage snow blowers in its class, it has a premium quality OHV engine. There is a removable safety switch available. So you won’t accidently start the machine.

The internal controls of the dash is pretty simple to operate. You have to just pull the trigger which is located under the handle and the blower is ready to rock. The chute and the deflect controls on this monster is the easiest of all the products that we have reviewed so far.

It also helps you to quickly set the direction in which you want the snow to be thrown. It has an easy electric start, and it is quick and reliable. The hanging chute makes it a modern equipment. The heated hand grips work pretty well.

The LED lights are powerful. You can use it during night time or in a space where you have limited visibility. Therefore, the safety is guaranteed. The user manual is really helpful.

There is a section for each and everything and it explains every detail clearly. The 12-inch closed flight auger system allows you to deal with compact, heavy, and wet snow effectively, and the closed flight system doesn’t let snow to clog in there.

The Troy-Bilt protects every auger flight system with a shear pins. So there are six pins in total.

Overall, if you are looking for a powerful yet a simple to operate machine that takes care of big piles of snow, your search ends here.


  • Excellent user manual with sections for each feature.
  • Powerful machine that takes care of compact and heavy snow.
  • Power steering included.
  • Comes with a push button electric start.


  • An expensive model.

9. EGO Power+ SNT2100: Best electric snow blower in terms of power

ego power

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Shoveling your yard or your driveway after a snowfall is a thing that most people dread about. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you’ve invested in a right snow blower.

The EGO snow blower is a powerful, single stage electric option that helps users to power through the snow with ease, thereby cutting there snow removal time in half.

It is completely a cordless equipment that runs for more than an hour. It can be powered by the EGO power batteries and considered by many as the best electric option in the current market. It uses two lithium ion batteries to run for more than an hour.

It is equivalent to a comparable gas engine single stage snow blower, and this is the product that quickly attracted fame as a new innovative technology. This machine is built to handle low to moderate snowfall up to 8-inches or less, and it is designed to take care of lighter rather than heavy wet snow. In spite of that, it handles both types of wet snow. But the battery life affects significantly if you use it above the specifications.

This also designed for smooth surfaces rather than rough and uneven terrain. So if you use it in a flat surface, it gives a superb clean place without leaving a layer of snow.

This machine comes equipped with a high-efficiency brushless electric motor. You will be able to get the job done without taxing the batteries. It weighs a mere 70 pounds and most of the snow blowing work can be done with the power of the motor itself. You can purchase the snow blower without a battery setup if you already own an EGO tool. That means the batteries are interchangeable.

This battery compatibility makes it an energy efficient product and helps you to store it easily. It also comes with a rapid charger and be informed that the charger can only tackle one battery at a time. Since it is a powerful model, it does need two of their larger amp batteries. You can choose between the 5 and 7.5Ah batteries, depending on the size of the job you need to complete.

As a true cordless equipment, it has a simple electric push button start. You don’t have to search for a power outlet anymore. The chute adjustment is placed at the handle and it has a 180degree turning radius to direct where you want the snow to go.

You can also manually adjust the height of the handle and it has a 35ft throwing distance.

A seriously powerful single stage snow blower with a reasonable price tag on it.


  • Comes with a foldable handle.
  • Easy to store.
  • A push button electric start available.
  • A powerful single stage snow blower.
  • LED lights available for safety purposes.


  • Blades are prone to wear down quickly.

10. Power Smart DB5023: Top rated snow blower for covering large driveway

power smart db5023

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The power smart snow blower is an affordable and an effective choice worth considering. This is also an excellent choice for people who want a quick and efficient way to clear light and average sized snow from their driveway and sidewalk. It weighs at 37 pounds and it isn’t a heavy snow blower.

Like most standard snow blowers, it has a push button electric start that enables you to start in one go, in those dam cold days. It has a powerful 13amp motor and can handle snow up to 18-inches wide and 10-inches in height. It has a throwing capacity of 30ft. The chute is also adjustable meaning you can decide where the snow needs to go.

Make sure that you are plugged into an outlet and hit the start button. What more? You are good to go! This isn’t a good equipment for handling heavy and wet snow. The cord length isn’t that long, so if you have a big driveway and large space to clear, this may not be the right choice for you.

With the use of 120v plug, it is able to power through to its maximum strength fairly easily. Because it is electric powered, you can run it for as long as you want. The rubber tipped steel auger helps you to plow through the snow efficiently and put it wherever you set your chute. The rubber tips helps to sustain the lifespan of the auger from bumping into outdoor objects.

You can remove light and average sized snow in one pass itself. This way, you can reduce the snow clearing time in half. It’s turning radius is 180degrees and you can get into a pattern when clearing excessive snow. The double safety switch won’t allow the machine to start in one push of a button. Instead, you have to grip the leaver and then press the button for the machine to start.

If you release the leaver, the engine stops working and the auger stops spinning as well. This is a great safety feature and it keeps everything out of danger. The foam coated handle gives you extra grip and doesn’t allow your hands to slip out in the cold and wet condition. It distributes the pressure equally and helps you to work for a long time.

When it comes to warranty, the power smart comes with one year of limited warranty. If you encounter any problem in the parts, the people from the customer service team will repair it, or you will get a replacement at no added cost to you.

So, this is a snow blower that you can consider if you have light to average sized snowfall in your area.


  • Lightweight model and easy to maneuver.
  • A push button electric start feature available.
  • Can handle light to average snowfall really well.
  • Powerful equipment that has one of the easy operation system.
  • Handles are foam coated for added grip.


  • The plastic parts may not stand if you use it heavily.

11. Honda Power Equipment HS720AA: Best electric snow blower for small to medium tasks

honda power

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If you are a homeowner and you are looking for an  answer to remove snow efficiently and quickly from your driveway and sidewalk, don’t go any further.

The Honda Power Equipment HS720AA snow blower will be the machine you need to have with you to deal with snow effectively. It is a reliable single stage snow blower and can handle 20-inch wide pathway exceptionally well, and cut through any type of snow with ease. According to Honda, this snow blower can move 55 tons of snow per hour. That’s an insane number to have. Right?

It is powered by the honda’s easy start 4 cycle 190cc OHC engine and offers an auger propelled drive that makes snow throwing a breeze. The throwing capacity is 33ft and you can adjust the direction in which you want the snow to go with the help of the chute. This is more than enough throwing distance for simple residential needs.

There is no need to keep a special gas for this engine as it can operate in normal gasoline itself. It comes with a 2 years of warranty and as a homeowner, this will be a great news for you.

This equipment is built with durable materials that will last for years to come and fulfills all your snow clearing needs. You can operate it with minimum effort and don’t have to flex your memory muscles to remember the functionalities of the various controls.

If you are looking for a powerful single stage snow blower that can get you through this winter season, then you should consider purchasing the Honda Power HS720AA snow blower.


  • Powered by the 190cc Honda OHC Engine.
  • Throwing capacity is 33ft.
  • Comes with a 20-inch clearing path to work with.
  • Easy to operate.


  • Some users complained about the wheel’s durability.

Buyers guide:

Finding the right snow blower is a challenging task. There are lots of options available.

That’s why, we’ve put together an useful buyers guide. Read it fully to get the needed knowledge to purchase the best snow blower for your home needs.

1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of owning an electric snow blower?

There are many advantages of owning an electric snow blower over the cordless and gas powered ones. First, let’s look at the advantages.

  • Price: this is the number one reason people tend to prefer electric powered option over its competitor types. There are even cost effective options if you are in a tight budget. If you don’t need much power, then the electric powered snow blowers are your best friend.
  • Maintenance: with the electric powered snow blower, there is no maintenance. No need to change oil, no need to fill up gas, or you don’t even have to replace the spark plug. You can put it away at the end of the winter season with zero maintenance.
  • Size: these machines are usually have smaller footprint and they are much lighter as well. They range from 30 to 50 pounds and can be stored in shelves.
  • Sound: electric motors are much quieter than the gas powered ones. If you plan to use it in the early morning or in the night hours, this is the best choice.

Now let’s look at the disadvantages of it.

  • Power: as per the US regulations, the highest motor power of the electric snow blower is 15amp. This is nowhere close to what gas powered engine can produce in terms of horsepower. What it means is that you won’t be able to remove much snow and it’ll function at slow speeds. The distance you can throw snow will also be limited too.
  • Build quality: among consumers, an electric snow blower is seen as a budget option. Also, people who don’t want to use the blower heavily will look towards the electric blower. Hence, they are usually made of plastic.
  • Features: less power means less features. You don’t find any electric snow blower with self propelled option. They also lack in heated handlebars, headlights, and power steering.

Now you are clear about the pros and cons of owning an electric powered snow blower. We will again stress the fact that if you need less power, go for an electricity powered model. Otherwise, we are sure that there are many powerful options available in the market than the electric ones.

2. Are electric snow blowers worth the investment?

It depends on two key factors. The place you live and the money you are willing to spend. The electric snow blower works really well in areas that rarely get over six inches of snow. The power outlet should be within the reach of 100ft. If these two factors match your situation, then it is worth your investment.

Why spend so much money on a powerful equipment when you don’t need one?

3. Are electric snow blowers self propelled?

No. There just isn’t much power that they can draw out from a wall outlet to give  itself the self propelled feature. Some snow blowers will offer assistance from the auger to guide the machine forward.

4. How to buy a snow blower?

Shoveling snow is difficult, time consuming, and painful. We get it. Many invest in a snow blower to avoid this grueling task.

Before purchasing one for yourself, you should know what you need to look for in a snow blower.

Why that is important? For most snow blowers, you need to pay a premium price to get it. If you don’t know what to look for, you will end up purchasing the wrong model.

We don’t want that to happen to you. So, read the following sections carefully.

5. What are the types of snow blowers available?

Before getting to know what to look for in a snow blower, you should know what are the types of snow blowers currently available. Each one is designed to meet specific needs.

There are three types of snow blowers available. They are single stage electric, single stage gas, and 2-stage gas snow blowers.

  • The single stage electric snow blowers are the lightest ones in the pack. They are also the quietest and the easiest to handle as well. But they can only clear narrower paths up to 11 to 18 inches, and removes less snow than its competitors. They are best suited for flat surfaces and small pavements. These snow blowers require less maintenance and no fuel. They are more energy efficient than the gas powered models and use an electric cord, which is dangerous in wet conditions.
  • The single stage gas snow blowers can handle a bit more snow and can clear away wider paths up to 22-inches. They tend to be larger and heavier than their electric counterparts. These snow blowers are best suitable for flat and a little bigger pavements that typically gets not more than 8-inches of snow.
  • The 2-stage gas snow blowers are the heavy duty ones that handle hills, uneven terrain, and can clear away a larger amounts of snow. They take care of 24 to 32 inches wider pathways. Hence, they are the largest and the heaviest ones in the list. These blowers can handle any type of surface and give you the desired results you were after.

6. What to look for in a snow blower?

Now that we know all about the types of snow blowers in detail, let’s have a look at what you need to know to make a better choice when it comes to selecting the right snow blower for you.

  • Maintenance: many gas snow blowers require you to mix oil and gas together and need some sought of engine maintenance. That’s why we only featured the gas blowers that doesn’t require you to mix gas and oil together. These blowers are louder, sometimes as loud as a construction equipment and if you turn it on indoors, very likely you will have a breathing problem due to the buildup of carbon monoxide. So, only use such a snow blower outdoors.
  • Height, weight, and maneuverability: homeowners who want to buy a snow blower with back pain or other physical problems should carefully consider weight, height, and maneuverability of a chosen model. Using a poor ergonomic fit is just as painful as repeated shoveling.
  • Warranty: warranty varies from one manufacturer to another. So, read the warranty information carefully before deciding to purchase a particular snow blower.
  • Headlights: safety is utmost important. Choose a model that has a powerful headlights that will enable you to use the blower during the night time or in an area where there is less visibility.


If you have read this far, we seriously believe that you care about your purchase. We really appreciate that. Just think through your needs and purchase the best electric snow blower that fulfills all your snow clearing needs.

Want to add your thoughts? Share them in the comments section below.

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