Is It Worth Participating in Forex Partnership Programs?

Under stats, about 49% of new forex traders rely on influencers’ recommendations when choosing a broker. Therefore, brokerage companies widely apply the practice of encouraging, e.g., successful dealers or famous bloggers to invite new customers. However, probably the most effective way to gain more newcomers is by implementing referral programs. As a part of such … Read more

Why use technical analysis in Forex trading in Singapore?

Forex trading

Technical Analysis is an approach to forecasting prices by studying past market data, primarily price and volume. Technical analysts believe that all relevant information is already reflected in a stock’s price. Technical analysis takes many forms, but all are based on recent market activity. Trendlines show support and resistance levels. Chart patterns indicate where buyers … Read more

Essential Tips for New Forex Traders

 Forex trading can seem like an attractive prospect for most new investors due to its exciting and hectic nature. However, it pays to note that it is precisely the same nature that attracts would-be investors that also causes most people to fall flat. forex trading is not the kind of thing anyone can pick up … Read more