Does your messy backyard give you anxiety? We often see other people’s Instagram-worthy backyards online. Yet ours always looks like an overgrown, out-of-control jungle.

Backyard maintenance is a tricky business. You ignore your backyard for a few weeks, and it turns into a wild monster. When you finally decide to tackle it, you might not even know where to begin.

5 Easy Steps to Clean Up Your Backyard

The longer you avoid cleaning, the harder it becomes. A wild backyard will attract rodents and pests. Ensure a healthy outdoor environment for your household with a clean backyard.

Ever tried cleaning your backyard by yourself? Try doing it by yourself to cut expenses. It will be a piece of cake with these five easy steps.

Mow Your Lawn

Don’t ever let your grass grow so long that a corgi gets lost in them. If nothing else, always remember to mow the grass.

Nothing makes your lawn look overgrown and messy like grass that has grown really tall. If you are cleaning up the yard after a long time, tackle the grass first.

Some people are extremely allergic to grass pollen. This can pose a serious health hazard during the warm months.

Lawn mowing is not as simple as it looks. Mow your tall grass over the course of a few days. Don’t turn your lawn barren with over mowing.

If you mow your lawn regularly, leave the grass cuttings on the lawn to breakdown naturally into the soil.

Get All the Necessities

Along with the lawnmower, you will need a few other tools to clean out your backyard

The price of your lawn mower can range from about a hundred dollars to several thousand, depending on functions. It takes less effort to use the more expensive ones.

For weeding the soil, you need to buy a long-handled garden hoe. With a forked-blade garden hoe, you can keep your yard clean and weed-free.

While cleaning the yard, you will need to use pole saws and pruners. Pruning trees are necessary to keep them neat and growing healthy.

You will also need a rake to gather the fallen leaves, branches, etc. from the ground and a wheelbarrow to transport them.

Keeping It Neat

After mowing the lawn, try weeding the soil. If your yard is filled with weeds, it will look unkempt. If you have trees or plants in your yard, weeding the soil will take out the competition and help them grow healthily.

Try tackling the pruning next. Prune your shrubs and hedges with pruning scissors. If your trees are growing wild and untidy, use a pole saw to cut branches you can’t reach with scissors.

Follow this with raking. You can rake the leaves and other trash out of the yard. This is the final step to making your backyard look tidy.

Clearing away the overgrown vegetation should take care of the pests. Use citronella tiki torches to keep out bugs.

Choose Gardening as a Hobby

If you opt for gardening as a hobby, you will automatically take care of your backyard. For growing your plants and trees healthy, you must ensure that your backyard is in prime shape.

The soil needs to remain weed-free to encourage the growth of your plants. You will have to clear out the debris and keep the ground clean.

You must clean your yard of unnatural waste, like cans, wrappers, or packets. You must throw out the trash that pollutes the soil; otherwise, it will be unfit for gardening.

Plants will give you a reason to take care of your backyard every few days. You won’t be able to neglect your plants as they will die without proper care.


You will need to fertilize your soil for gardening. This way, you ensure that your plants and trees are receiving all the nutrition they need from the soil.

Since your backyard will create a lot of natural debris, try using that for composting. You can use a composting bin and create your own natural fertilizer.

Place the bin in a dry area, away from sunlight. Your compost will consist of dry waste, such as dry leaves, and green waste, like fresh-cut grass. Remember to moisten your dry waste.

You can add natural food waste from your house, including fruit and vegetable peels. Remember to bury the food waste well under the compost, approximately 10 inches below the surface.

Schedule Weekly Cleaning

After cleaning out your backyard once, don’t go back to ignoring it. Try to schedule a weekly cleaning session.

The best way to avoid tall grass is to mow your lawn once a week. It will also be less tiring that way. You can make this a weekend habit.

Rake the leaves every week to keep the ground clean. Cleaning up every week will mean the debris won’t pile up. So, backyard maintenance will merely take an hour instead of an entire day.

Try to get your children to help out. Give them chores like collecting leaves or weeding the soil. You can use pocket money as an incentive.

As we clean our houses every weekend, we can do the same with the backyard.

Final Thoughts

We tend to ignore our messy backyards. Save yourself the stress and clean out your backyard using these easy steps.

If you pick up gardening, your backyard can become the garden of your dreams. You can have a hobby you enjoy and help the environment with gardening.

Also, cleaning the backyard can become a family activity, so try to get your children involved. Weekly cleaning will ensure that the work doesn’t pile up.

A clean backyard is like a blank canvas. You can do whatever you want with it. Instead of being the part of the house you avoid, it can be the place where the family hangs out. Maintain your backyard so that it always looks social media-worthy.

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