3 Excellent Ways to Kill Mold from Your House

At some point in your life, you might have experienced mold in your houses, and realized what a menace it is! Not only the mold is an unpleasant sight to look at, but it can also be a big threat to you and your child’s health if left untreated.

It can cause breathing issues and skin allergies, sneezing, headaches, and continues to grow around the house and contaminate the air.

3 Excellent Ways to Kill Mold from Your House

In worst cases, dwellers may have to revamp the affected portion of their houses and call mold removal companies to get rid of mold. However, fortunately, you can employ several ways to kill mold and heave a sigh of relief.

Still not convinced? Let’s Read on!

3 Excellent Ways to Kill Mold from Your House

You need to trace the root of the mold sprouting here and there in your house. In that case, moisture is the usual culprit. Prepare to nip it in the bud if you must kill mold in your house completely.

Then move on to take measures to improve the air quality, humidity, and poor ventilation at home. Then subsequently, you can move on to the mechanical methods to kill mold spores.

Here are the three excellent remedies for you to shoo the mold away!

1. Air Purifiers

Considered to be a technological solution to all your “mold woes”, air purifiers are becoming popular these days.  Well, this amazing appliance filters dust, allergens, contaminants, or even mold, from the air and purifies it. That is why it is rightly called an air purifier.

The air that you breathe must be fresh and free of any harmful particles. Hence, an air purifier kills mold spores and can prevent you from inhaling any infectious or dangerous particles as it cleanses the indoor air thoroughly.

Now, with so many different types to choose from, it’s a tough decision the right one. But these features will help you find the exact solution.

●     Filter performance

Do you know why mold becomes too hard to remove? Because its spores are so tiny you can easily lose sight of them. In this situation, Air purifiers with HEPA or Carbon filters can help a great deal. They would ensure that there are no traces of even the smallest of spores in the indoor air.

●     Room size

Nowadays, air purifiers come in various sizes, capacities, and capabilities. So you can choose a purifier as per the size of the room you want to place it in. No matter if your room area is 120 square feet or 1000 square feet, there are purifiers available to handle all of them.

●     Automatic technology

What good is a gadget if it cannot perform on its own. Making your life easier, automatic air purifiers work with just a press of a button. These can detect and prevent a wide range of allergens and contaminants on their own.

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2. Baking Soda

After choosing the right air-cleansing device, think about mechanical cleaning. From what’s available at hand, start the mold-killing operation in your kitchen. Remember: Cabinets are the places to start from.

About that mold preventing solution, add three teaspoons of soda to a glass of water. Now apply or spray this soda potion on the affected areas, and leave it for half an hour. Then, wipe it off lightly. Consistent use of this will manage to keep mold away.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide

Do you know that hydrogen peroxide is a powerful mold-removal agent? You can use a three-percent solution to vanish the mold. But be careful while using it, as this chemical solution has caustic properties. As a precaution,  wear a coat or special gloves while applying this chemical mixture. If there is mold present in large amounts, consider scraping it off with protective gear on.

Consequently, you could even remove the affected carpets and wallpapers, and completely wrap them before discarding them.

Preventing Mold from Growing Back

After all the endeavors, you may be rightly hoping that this plague doesn’t grow back again. To save your efforts and peace, you can keep humidity and moisture in check. Since dampness expedites mold growth, look for spaces where moisture might sweep in.

For example, washing areas, attics, and basements are potential areas where moisture sweeps in. Take preventative measures by tracking and controlling leakages, if any.

Moreover, ensure proper ventilation throughout the building, including enclosed locations. Keep them clean and dry. Also, apply special kinds of paints and varnishes – those with mildewcide – to prevent mold. Also, take expert advice from the paint dealer to keep your home safe.


So now that you have learned Three Excellent Ways to Kill Mold from Your House, it’s time to apply them to ensure the maximum safety of your family. But initially, invest in a good air purifier that fits your budget and meets your requirements. Better air quality means less breathing space for mold. Then you can go ahead and remove these tiny little devils from your house. Hope this article gives a better idea to kill mold in your home.

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