Rendering to the stats, 37,935 hours is the staying time of an average American throughout his life. Well, that is too much. This emphasizes the importance of keeping your car clean on an everyday basis both from the outside as well as inside. On top of that, keeping your car clean is also vital to maintain its newness in particular if you have recently bought a new one.

However, our hectic daily life schedules probably don’t allow us to pay attention to the cleanliness of our cars. Nevertheless, there are some of the easiest and simplest car-cleaning ways that can favor your car and you to a greater extent:

Tips to Keep Your Car Clean

  • Use a Dual Action Polisher to Maintain the Newness

You can do the paintwork yourself with the dual-action polisher that is considered ideal for beginners. The reason behind its ideality is that it is highly safe to use without damaging the car while you paint it. Its mechanism is pre-set so that the pads it brings along will discontinue rotating in case you put a lot of pressure while using it. Actually, its easy-to-operate design allows everyone to paint the car without much trouble.

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  • Place a Trash Can to Avoid Garbage

Believe it or not, your car will remain a lot cleaner by just placing a trash can in your car. It will ultimately reduce your stress of decluttering your car for the next time. With your little ones, it is practically impossible to find your car perfectly clean at the end of even a short ride. The little jovial heads don’t waste a minute to think about messing up the space, be it your home or car. Having a garbage bag or dustbin is the best option. Kids who are trained to throw garbage in a dustbin will repeat the behavior in the car without you telling them again and again. Make sure to empty the trash can regularly to ensure the cleanliness of the car.

  • Deodorize Your Car Frequently

It is easier to overlook the peculiarity of the scent in your car as you are already used to it. So, keeping an air freshener in your car and using it frequently can ensure a pleasant in-car environment. If you don’t want to buy one for your car, a cost-effective way is to make it on your own. But, how can you make a deodorizer on your own? The ingredients you require for this purpose include baking soda and any of your favorite essential oils.

In order to make a deodorizer, take about 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda in a small container. Then, add a few drops of your desired essential in it. Make sure to have a small hole in the lid for an equal distribution of fragrant odor in your car. Pleasant odors can effectively improve your mood and provide mental and physical relaxation. On the contrary, a bad odor can overpower your senses and badly interfere with your moods.

  • Remove Filth and Stains Instantly

Your car seats can easily get dirty or stained if you frequently travel along with pets or kids. So, it is crucial to remove all the dirt and stains from the car seats. A used toothbrush can clean the tiny crumbs stuck in difficult-to-reach areas in your car.

Furthermore, a magic eraser can come in handy for the removal of stains from the cushions of the seating area. Did you know that you can make the stain remover at home? For this purpose, you need an empty bottle of spray. Start off by adding in a few drops of lemon juice, a pinch of baking soda, a small quantity of dishwashing liquid soap, and a cup of vinegar in the spray bottle. Subsequent to adding, shake it well and then spray it on the stained seating area. Using a brush for scrubbing the surface is also a good idea to remove stains effectively. Afterward, wipe away all the filth with a soft linen cloth or wipes.

You can also keep a portable vacuum cleaner in your car to remove pet hair and food crumbs from the leather seats. Another way to prevent mess is to have plastic sheet covers over the seats to prevent the spill and mess. Invest in seat covers that do not let the stains get absorbed inside them. For pets, predetermine a place in the car to place their cage. It will save you from hours of struggle to remove the stains and mess that these furballs might create inside the car.

  • Shake the Mats Out and Knock the Shoes

You cannot stop your car’s flooring from getting dirty due to the garbage you are bringing inside the car after an adventurous trek through muddy paths. Nevertheless, you can shake the dirt off on a regular basis. Moreover, knocking on your shoes every time before stepping into the car is also an effective trick to prevent filth.

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  • Utilize Extra Napkins and Tissues

Napkins and tissues are essential to keep your clothes, your car, and your surroundings clean. With kids, the mischievous clans it is difficult to prevent spills and garbage. Undoubtedly, we frequently need some cloth or wipes to remove away the dirt, spills, or crumbs of food inside the car. Have plenty of tissue paper or napkins in your car to avoid the mess, the odor, and, ultimately, the mood swings. Always keep the napkins in the glove compartment. It is the best way to keep your car tidy and perfect from the inside.

  • Clean the Headlights Inexpensively

Maintaining the cleanliness of the headlights of your car is good yet expensive. It is because the headlight cleaners are pricey and thus can burn a hole in your pocket. Nonetheless, toothpaste and water can do the trick for your car and give the headlights a perfect shine once again. It is simply inexpensive yet quite effective. Just blend a small amount of toothpaste in a few drops of water and apply it over the headlights. Subsequently, scrub an old toothbrush all over the surface of the headlights. After a few minutes, wipe it away with wet wipes and see the magic.

Surely, these simple yet effective tricks will add to the life and tidiness of your car when followed regularly and perfectly.

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