The roof of your house can be the crowning glory of your home’s appearance. When kept in a clean, pristine condition, a gleaming roof is something that you can proudly show off to your neighbours or visitors. On the other hand, a dirty, unclean roof covered in shingle moss can certainly leave a blemish in the appearance of your home.

Besides affecting how your home looks visually, moss on your roof can lead to other problems as it can degrade, damage, or even shift your roof shingles. Therefore, cleaning shingle moss off your roof is an important task. Here are five mistakes to avoid in order to ensure that you get your roof clean in Adelaide done properly.

1: Neglecting safety

This is the mistake with the most dangerous consequences. When it comes to cleaning or servicing your roof, safety is no laughing matter as people can die or get seriously injured when they fall off their roofs or ladders. It is important to take as many steps as possible to ensure your safety when you climb up to your roof.

If you hire a cleaner to carry out the roof cleaning for you, do bear in mind that accidents can occur under all sorts of circumstances. Therefore, make sure that your commercial cleaner in Adelaide is adequately insured.

2: Harmful chemicals

In order to get rid of the moss on your roof, you would definitely need to use chemicals. However, there are several things you need to take note of when it comes to choosing the right chemical solutions to clean your roof.

Firstly, some chemical solutions – especially those which are sold under market price – may not be regulatorily approved. These solutions could damage your roof either immediately or in the long run over repeated use. Moreover, the runoff from your roof could make its way into your home or garden where it could harm your family, pets, or even plants and the greater environment.

3: Overlooking the roof type

Did you know that different roof materials require a different type of care? Thus, you not only need to know what type of roof you have, you also need to identify the best cleaning solutions or cleaning methods to tackle your shingles. At the end of the day, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to roof cleaning.

Make sure you have determined your type of roof before starting your cleaning process. Do your research and buy the right kind of cleaning solutions for your roof type – the wrong solution could be ineffective, or even damage your roof shingles.

4: Over-intensive scrubbing

Shingle moss can be stubborn, which is why you might think that a lot of strength is required to clean them. However, over-intensive scrubbing can lead to damaged shingles, thus compromising the integrity of your roof. In fact, scrubbing your roof too violently could even dislocate shingles from their proper position.

Use a moderately firm brush to clean your shingles in a gentle scrubbing motion in order to minimise the amount of damage inflicted. If the moss does not come off, source for more effective cleaning solutions instead of amping up the scrubbing.

5: Pressure washing

Just like overzealous scrubbing, pressure washing can do more harm than good to your roof shingles. While it may be an efficient way to remove moss from your shingles, you also run the risk of damaging your roof with such powerful jets of water – or in the worst case scenario, blowing your shingles clean off the top of your house.

You may still use a pressure washer if you keep the setting on low – but this may make it more difficult to successfully dislodge the moss. Given that it is a fine line between knowing what is powerful enough to clean and too strong for comfort, it is recommended that you stay away from this method of moss removal unless you have plenty of experience.

Consider leaving it to the professionals

As you can tell from the possible scenarios above, cleaning shingle moss is not that straightforward a task. To save yourself time and effort – and to prevent wasting money on costly roof repairs – consider hiring a professional cleaning company with the experience and skills to get the job done for you.

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