Using monitors a few years back was a big problem as it was not possible to carry them because of their weight and size. However, with advancements in technology now portable monitors are available that have made the task of people easier in several aspects.

One of the best features of portable monitor is that they are user-friendly, occupies less space, and is the best option for travel. They make surfing easy and pleasurable as they are enabled with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and offer easy connectivity via USB.

Make sure the monitor that you are planning to purchase is compatible with several platforms viz. laptop, MAC, iPhone, Android, etc. Before you make a purchase of the product, make sure that it also has a wide range of ports viz. HDMI, VGA, etc.

More supportive ports will provide you options to attach additional equipment to the gadget like a projector, mouse for playing games, etc. One of the most beneficial points of the monitor is that they do not require electricity for picture display thus they only work on a plug-and-play concept.

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Top 4 applications of portable monitors

  1. Laptop’s second screen

Multitasking is very prominent these days. Working on several tasks at one time makes the work pleasurable and efficient. There are many times that you need to surf the net for data and maintain the report or note down the essential points at the same time. Switching the windows very often can be tiring and frustrating. Thus, using two screens at the same time can make it easier to do a great deal.

  • Increase your phone’s and tablet’s size 

It sometimes becomes tough to post stories, videos, photos and chat at the same time on social media sites as it is frustrating switching the small windows on the phone’s screen. This sometimes results in adding irrelevant posts or subscriptions to company ads. By simply attaching Smartphones to portable screens, all features can be visualized with clarity which also protects your eyes from getting weak.

  • Amusement, chilling, and Netflix

It is commonly seen that kids, as well as adults, fight for watching their desired series. This will no longer be a problem if you get portable screens that can easily be attached to tablets and allow different people to watch different shows at the same time. These monitors are great fun and amusement during the road trip by car as well.

  • Monitors for previewing videos of shoots

YouTubers or people from different music or acting industry are completely dependent on visuals coming on the screen of T.V. or monitors. Whatever they work on is summarized and analyzed on the screen of monitors to make changes or send for approval.

When people are investing their time, effort, and equipment, they expect great quality and visuals which is not possible with the tiny screen of the camera and cam recorder. The portable screens have made it easy for them to edit videos on the go. They can be easily attached to a tripod via tripod mount and this has greatly increased productivity.

These are the top 4 applications of portable monitors. If you like this article share it with your friends. 

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