How to Keep Geese Away All You Should Know

Geese are some of the most annoying creatures—especially when it comes to the backyard. They can bring fifth, destroy the grass, and make it uninviting. They tend to set up nests around the backyard and prefer habitats featuring short grass, easily accessible foods, as well as water grounds. Geese can bring a lot of problems in your backyard.

For instance, when they defend their habitats or territories, they can be extremely aggressive. Thus, they can put you and other family members in danger. They can attack you and lead to unwanted injuries. Even more, they can eat your backyard vegetation and cause a lot of damages. Even worse, they can soil their droppings on driveways, lawns, as well as decks. Also, they don’t spare pools.

How to Keep Geese Away All You Should Know

That’s why you should equip yourself with the right techniques to control them from becoming a menace in the backyard. This article is going to give you the basics—including prevention, removal, and controlling geese.

Geese Prevention and Removal

Geese can attack you and lead to injuries and even lead to disease transmission. That’s why you should always learn how to keep geese away. You should put in place effective preventative measures. The most common geese preventative measures include erecting fences and using scarecrows to scare them away. However, it’s important to note that geese might still access your yard and wreak havoc on your lawn. In this case, you are advised to seek assistance from the wildlife control unit. Professionals from these organizations are equipped with the skills, tools, and capacity to eliminate geese from your yard.

Canadian goose

Geese can be messy and dangerous. They can cause sickness to you or your family members. They are the last creatures you will want at home. Geese tend to hang around areas with food, water, as well as protection. That’s why they are usually found in urban areas featuring manicured lawns, lakes, etc.

Here are some tips from the DNR on how to keep geese away from your yard:

Long Grass

Dint cut your grass. Instead, allow it to grow long. Don’t water the grass. Also, avoid fertilizing the grass.

Scare Them

Consider using bird-scare based balloons and loud noises to scare geese away. It will force them to leave your yard.


Repellants can also kill geese. So, use them on your lawn. Consider using grape concentrates to spray the yard.


It’s important to note that during the months of June and July don’t fly since they tend to molt. Thus, consider constructing temporary barriers (i.e. between your yard and any other source of water). It will keep those flightless Canada geese out of your yard.

The Bottom-Line

Designing and maintaining a garden yard isn’t a joke. It takes money, time, and effort. That’s why you shouldn’t let anything come in between you and your yard. For instance, don’t let geese make it untidy or unwelcoming. You can control geese and let your yard do the talking. The above guide contains detailed information regarding the control, prevention, and removal of geese from your yard.

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