4 Basic Needs of the Elderly

People that are fortunate to grow up seeing their grandparents around, often tell fond tales of being loved, protected, and pampered beyond belief. Occasions are marked with extra fanfare, holidays are much warmer and intimate and they get to enjoy having a sage in the family. However, the reality of their mortality is often lost in the euphoria of being with them. They’ve been around so long that it is easy to forget that they are getting older and need more care and attention than the average person.

The elderly are among the most vulnerable members of society. This is because as people age, they tend to lose the strength and vibrancy in their bodies and minds. There is a relative decline in the body’s functionality as systems and organs perform less than optimally and they are prone to illnesses their immunity may no longer be strong enough to fight. All of this requires them to have assistance from the people around them to live a wholesome life. There are many things people can do as caregivers to make this possible.

A healthy diet

The older one gets, the less the body can process certain kinds of food. The body also requires certain nutrients more than others. Elderly people need to have meals that are specific to their dietary needs. A healthy diet will ensure that they not only get proper nutrition but that the body will have all it needs to repair itself in the event of illness or injury. It is also wise to keep away from food that causes allergies or is known to have long-term health risks.

A professional healthcare provider

A geriatrician is a doctor trained to provide care for aging and elderly people. With people living longer today, geriatric care has become necessary to ensure the integrity of their minds and bodies. Having one for the older members of one’s family or community will do no small service in ensuring that they stay strong and healthy as they age gracefully. Top hospitals like the Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Private Healthcare in the UK, boasts one of the best geriatric units and is often overbooked to capacity with patients seeking their excellent care.


A good exercise session daily will ensure that older people remain in top shape. It keeps them strong and limber and does wonders for the mind. It has been scientifically proven that older people who engage in exercise are less likely to experience neurological and psychological problems.


There is no substitute for good company in the life of an elderly person. They usually crave the attention and company of their family and loved ones but because they are often away at school or work, they are left lonely. Spend as much quality time as possible with the older members of the family or community. It makes them feel seen, loved, and relevant and this has been proven to greatly increase the quality of their lives.


There is so much that can be done to improve the lives and living conditions of the elderly in society. It often starts on a personal level. Engaging them, including them in everyday activities, and ensuring that their dietary and health needs are adequately met are just a few ways to guarantee their wellness and happiness.

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