Moving is a complicated process, during the process you have to complete numerous tasks in a short duration. The complexity of the task and the higher number of jobs make it possible to forget about a few things during relocation.


These things might make the entire process more difficult and could increase the hassle, tension, and stress of a move. The best cross-country moving companies explain that there is a way that helps you to have a smoother and more successful move without forgetting things. If you want to know the things on which people forget to pay attention then check out these:

Plan for your children and pets:

Sometimes owners of the home become so engrossed in planning the moving process that they forget about the fact that the same process can also be stressful for their small children and pets. The presence of large moving trucks and equipment on a moving day can put them at risk of injury. They will need their own set of plans on a moving day so that they can remain safe and can smoothly reallocate to the new place. Ask your friend or relative in advance of the moving day to take care of your children and pets.

Labeling the boxes:

It is frustrating when you have no idea about the items that are carried by the boxes. Unlabeled boxes make it difficult to organize the new place. There can be a possibility that you may carelessly grab a box thinking that it is filled with your clothes, only to find out that the box contains fragile glassware. To avoid such pitfalls, make sure to put the label on every box.

Transferring schools or medical records:

If you are moving to a completely different school so that you also have to change your kid’s school and also your family doctor. To do these things successfully, it is important to transfer school and other medical records but many people forget about this process.

Plan for your meals:

It is most common to forget about the food when you are busy in the moving process. You need to make plans for your meals as on a moving day your pantry will be packed and there will be nothing to eat in the refrigerator. Just think about the dishes you will be eating beforehand to avoid last-minute discussion. Have prepped meals set aside so that they are ready to go? After shifting to the new house you will be busy unpacking for the first few days. Therefore, be sure to plan your meals for the same time frame.

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Forgetting personal records:

During relocation, forgetting or misplacing things is very common. But you should take care of all the important documents even when you are busy heavily so that you don’t need to regret your decision later.

Packing an essential box:

The essential box is the most essential part of your moving process. You need to have a box packed with essential items that you might need on a moving day. If you want to make your new home comfortable from the very first night there so get your essential items such as paper towels, toilet paper, charger, dishware, silverware, medications, clothes, entertainment, etc. Also, keep in mind to pack a separate essential box for each family member with the items they will need for the first few days at the new place so that there is no chaos till your new house is organized.

Notifying important people about your relocation:

It is essential to inform your insurance company, bank, credit card companies, utility company, and other vital parties about your upcoming move and get your address updated. You can contact them via email or telephone. Just send your new address and moving date two or three weeks before you move. Also, send the mail when you have moved in. Before contacting one via phone make a list of key contacts and then talk to the actual person for whom you are supposed to leave the message. If your contacts are not active online then you can also send them postcards announcing your new address.

Change the locks:

Changing the locks of your new home before you arrive there is important because it is feasible that someone could have the spare keys of those locks. That is why, considering your safety purpose, it is great to change the locks before you move there.


Moving needs a lot of your time, effort, and attention. Doing the task alone is not easy. Getting assistance from professionals is a big relief to complete the entire task. Try to stay organized as much as possible. Check out all the above things that you should not forget when moving to a long distance. Also, don’t forget to set apart a little time for yourself so that you don’t get too much stressed.

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