12 Tips to Save Money on Air Conditioner

When it comes to your quality of life at home, it’s impossible not to talk about the importance of air conditioning. HVAC or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are what keep you sleeping soundly at night. It’s the system that makes even the hottest summer cool and bearable, and the coldest winter warm and cozy, here you will get the idea about 12 Tips to Save Money on an Air Conditioner.


It certainly plays a big part in ensuring a great quality of home life for you and your family, that’s why we put a premium on it. We spend a lot of money to have one installed and running throughout the year. It is probably eating the biggest chunk of our power bill. We also try to have money tucked away for future repairs and upgrades, simply because we can’t last summer or winter without it. That’s why it is also important to know some tips on how to save money on air conditioners.

Here are the top 12 tips on how to save money on the air conditioning bill.

Let’s dive into the tips…

12 Tips to Save Money on Air Conditioner

1. Keep Your Unit in Top Shape

Your air conditioning unit is quite easy to operate, just turn it on, set the desired temperature, and enjoy. It’s pretty straightforward, that you might tend to neglect its condition. One key how to save money on air conditioning in the summer or at any time of the year is to keep it in top shape. Have your unit serviced regularly, especially before periods of heavy usage like the summer. You can do the servicing yourself, like a good hosing out to remove the buildup in the filters.

2. Check for Leaks

If you have central air conditioning, chances are, your ducts run through all over your home. Ensure that these areas are properly ensured so that your air conditioning system can function efficiently. You don’t want any of the cool air leaking into places that you don’t want them to be, like the attic, or worse, outside your home.

This also means your AC unit will run harder and consume more power in order to maintain the temperature you’ve set. By keeping everything leakproof, you’re not just addressing how to save money on an air conditioner, you’re also prolonging the life of your unit.

3. Keep the Air Conditioner Down During Bedtime

Even during the hot summer months, nighttime provides cool relief for everyone. Make the most out of this natural cooling down process by keeping your AC down come bedtime. Running it less during your sleeping hours cuts your consumption and lets your unit rest before another day of operation. If you’re quick to forget about these things, you can just use the sleep mode of your unit, and it will automatically shut off depending on your timer.

4. Change the Layout of Your Furniture

Having central air conditioning for your home means having vents all over your house. These vents could easily get blocked by furniture, making the system less efficient, as it will take more time and energy to cool one area. Change the layout of your furniture based on the placement of these vents. Make sure that these are unobstructed to promote proper, continuous airflow and consistent cooling.

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5. A Bit of Dark Won’t Hurt

One of the biggest factors that affect the efficiency of your AC is the heat from your lights. With air conditioning on, you might want to be mindful of how many lights are turned on as well, as the heat from these can mean extra work for your system. Opening and closing your windows as well can compete with how much cooling down your AC is doing for your room or living space. The key on how to save money with air conditioning is ensuring that there are no other factors to increase the temperature at your home.

6. It’s Okay to Go Small

If you are alone at home and turning the AC means cooling the whole place, perhaps you might want to consider using a portable unit or just a window-type unit. This way, you only need to cool a specific room or space that you’re working in. These AC units use significantly less energy compared to your centralized HVAC.

7. Try to Close Vents for Faster Cooling

Cold air settles in the lower portion of your home, so basements are typically the coldest rooms in the house. If you want to cool the upper levels faster, you can just close off the vents leading to the lower levels first. The cold air will naturally settle down even with the vents closed, and the living space above would be faster to cool.

8. Even a Small Fan Helps

If you rely on the air conditioner alone to cool your space, expect to pay a premium for such a luxury. But if you want to strike a balance between convenience and affordability, you should consider using your fan along with your AC. With a fan circulating air in the room, you don’t have to crank up the AC to 11 to feel cool fast.

9. Don’t Let the Heat In While You’re Away

If you’re going out for a bit and you need to turn your AC off, make sure that your windows and drapes are closed. This way, the residual coolness won’t dissipate easily, and the heat out won’t go in. Upon your return, your AC unit won’t need to work too hard to cool the space back to how to want it.

10. Proper Thermostat Placement

If you’re keen on saving money while you use your AC, be sure to place your thermostat away from a heat source. Place it on a wall that won’t get any sunlight. With direct heat, the thermostat will think that the room is hotter than the actual temperature. The AC will kick in frequently, increasing your consumption because of a simple mistake.

11. Don’t Set the Temperature Too Low

When you’re setting your thermostat, the rule is you should select the highest temperature you’re comfortable with. Others often choose the lowest possible setting and adjust by wearing warmer clothes. This is counterintuitive since you’ve drastically altered the temperature to the point that you can’t stand the cold in normal clothing.

12. Clean Your Air Conditioner Filters

The dusty air filters in your Air Conditioner will consume a lot of energy. Make sure to check the air filters every month to clear the dust particles. The unfitted air filters also cause high energy consumption, hence, keep your air filter fit and clean. 

Hope the above tips help you to be aware of energy consumption in Air Conditioning. Following those 12 tips will help to lower energy consumption and save money on your electricity bill while using Air Conditioner.

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