Fans are the utmost necessity during the summer and in some places, a requirement all year round. In the Indian climatic conditions, you might sometimes need a fan even in December. It is simply impossible to imagine a day without a fan during the humid Indian summer.  It provides the cooling and comfort you need without burning a hole in your pocket. However, does it provide the peace we need?

Fans are usually noisy, and when they are running at full speed, it feels like a helicopter hovering over their head. The noise is unbearable to light sleepers, and people who crave for absolute silence during sleep find it very difficult to sleep in such an environment. Moreover, after a hard day’s work, people get easily stressed, and a fan that makes noise continuously can get onto the nerves of any individual, hampering their peace of mind. Several reasons can cause the noise – aerodynamics, the material used, its distance from the ceiling, and the quality of the motor.

For all people who hate noisy fans, technology has rewarded the human race with silent fans that produce up to 60% lesser sound. These fans are engineered and manufactured in such a way that they provide a gentle breeze with a steady flow of air while producing a negligible amount of noise. Silent fans are not only excellent for sleeping but also suitable for providing a peaceful environment so you can meditate or study in a noise-free environment.

1. Noise-Free Environment

After a long day of hard work during the summer, as you rest on your chair, all you want to do is enjoy the cool breeze without the background noise. However, even pricey energy-efficient fans cannot provide the peace and quiet of silent fans, while delivering all-around air circulation like ceiling fans. Silent fans operate at the range of around 50 dB which is half the noise of typical ceiling fans.

2. Maximum Air Flow

Silent ceiling fans of the modern era, unlike traditional ceiling fans, are aerodynamically designed and engineered to provide maximum airflow to every corner of the room. The blades are designed in such a way that they have less friction with the air and can seamlessly rotate with the highest RPM (rotations per minute). Reduced air friction not only allows the blades to spin faster but also prevents the fan from overheating, thus providing cooler air for a longer time.

3. Premium Look

Another great reason to upgrade to silent ceiling fans is the variety of designs on offer. With the implementation of more advanced technology, these fans are designed with a premium touch. These are beautifully designed to blend in with your home décor perfectly. Crompton has a wide variety of silent fans with various elegant designs to choose from. These designer fans add a certain wow factor to your home and a spellbinding aura to the room. You can also choose from a range of anti-dust fans that will not the dust settle on the fan blades. The nanotechnology paint does not let water stay on the blades and thus wash away the dirt.

4. Energy Efficiency

Silent ceiling fans use high-quality motors, with a high-efficiency rating, making them some of the most energy-efficient fans on the planet. These motors consume the least amount of energy, saving up to 50% of energy. Since these fans can operate with a wide range of voltage, you no longer need to worry about voltage fluctuations or a huge electricity bill. Today, silent fans have a very high-efficiency motor, with operability within a wide voltage range of 90-300V.

5. Remote Controlled

Silent ceiling fans are operable by a remote that uses radiofrequency to communicate. These provide you with the option to adjust the fan’s speed to your comfort zone easily and switch it ON and OFF, while you rest on your couch. Since the remotes operate on radio frequency, you don’t have to even point the remote toward the fan to give commands.

Now Flaunt Your Silent Ceiling Fan

Everybody loves ceiling fans that perform without a lot of noise. Today, you can not only conserve energy and enjoy a noise-free home but also have designer fans that you can flaunt. A good silent ceiling fan price in today’s date is available in the range of 2500-5500 INR.

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