Finding people in the United States has never been easy thanks to people searching for services like ZabaSearch. While many people rely on people search services, you should know that not everyone gets the same experience when using these platforms. What makes ZabaSearch more attractive to users is the fact that it provides information for free.

To be able to enjoy the full services of ZabaSearch and get more accurate results, there are specific facts that you need to know about, and are discussed below.

Go for premium

When people hear about Zabasearch premium services, what comes to their mind is paying to get the premium service. However, the truth is, premium services here only require you to link the ZabaSearch to your Facebook account. The reason why this is helpful is that it allows you to get more accurate search results.

ZabaSearch TruePeopleSearch is vital to both the users and developers of this platform because it feeds in more data into the system. When you link your Facebook account to ZabaSearch, it even collects the information of your friends and followers making the site more accurate.

Advanced search if you have enough details

When using ZabaSearch and you have more information about who you are looking for, you will have a pleasant experience using the platform. Thanks to the advanced search option that allows you to enter the exact details of the person you are tracking, you can only expect very accurate results.

The difference between advanced searching and the average search via ZabaSearch is that regular searches bring overall results. That will be much trouble if searching for someone with a common name.

Search by phone number

If you have the phone number of whoever you are looking for, then ZabaSearch will lead you straight to them. Remember that phone numbers cannot be shared making your search more accurate. However, it is good to know that very many people have opted out of ZabaSearch services that make the trackable via their phone numbers.

Unlike searching using a name, phone numbers are a sure way of getting someone’s location and other information. This can be risky for someone with enemies but beneficial to someone whose long-lost child has been trying to track them.

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Paid search services

Before you rush into any conclusion, don’t forget that ZabaSearch is a TruePeopleSearch services provider that is free. However, you need to know that ZabaSearch is a partner to a more prominent company called Intelius.  Being people’s search engine website that charges for its services, some of your searches will need you to be redirected to Intelius.

The reason why this has to be is that not everyone is trackable through ZabaSearch. Some people opt out of the service for various purposes but most commonly to keep people from tracking them through such platforms. However, when you get redirected, and you have to pay, you will still end up getting all the information you need even if the person being tracked opted out.

Use other sources

Because you are looking for someone, it is safe to ensure that you have accurate results. Know that ZabaSearch is reliable, but, it will be better if you can use other sources of public information to ensure that you have tracked the right person. It is also safe to say that free people finder services can be inaccurate because it may display old information, especially if the person being tracked moved to another state unofficially.

You can read more about free people finder here and find out why you may need several sources of data before you pack up and start your journey to meet whoever you have been searching for.


Getting accurate results in everything requires sound research from more than one source. ZabaSearch being a free platform, it is safe to say that you cannot compare it to websites that charge for the service because such sites tend to offer more accurate data. It is, however, good to know that ZabaSearch is the best place to begin your search.

Keep in mind that since ZabaSearch and Intelius are working hand in hand to give you the best results, it is safe to say that ZabaSearch is highly reliable.

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