Any physical discomfort you face can put a damper on how you spend your days. A day of work could be much more of a struggle to get through than it would without any pain at all.

If you are suffering from neck or back pain, even simple activities like holding a child or standing up for too long can be a challenge.

Serious back and neck discomfort should be addressed by a medical professional, but there are some remedies that you can try from your own home.


Temporary back pain or an occasionally sore neck could easily be remedied with a few innovative techniques that will get you feeling more comfortable soon. Don’t let the pain you have hold you back from moving how you want to!

Try a few of these seven remedies to help your neck and back feel as good as new.

Get a Neck Hammock

Since so much tension tends to rest in the neck and shoulders, the first steps of alleviating back pain could be to focus on those areas.

Using a neck hammock could be one at-home method that is effective for lifting the strain away from the neck.

Neck hammocks work by cradling the head and gently pulling it away from the spine to create more space for blood flow. It can be attached to any doorknob or handle in the home to support you.

Deciding on which neck hammock to use is not the most simple task because there are so many variations. Visit Cool Things Chicago for more information about the best practices for using a neck hammock.

Use Better Posture

When you sit for a while, there is a good chance you will find yourself hunching over, which is a major cause of neck and back pain.

Even standing up with your back curved and your neck hunched can cause discomfort in the back and neck.

Reminding yourself to use better posture throughout the day can significantly improve the pain that you feel in your back and neck.

Sitting and standing straight up with relaxed shoulders can keep all the pressure balanced evenly on the neck as well as the back to make sure one area is not supporting too much weight.

It might be helpful to write a sticky note to keep on your desk during the workday to help you remember to sit up straight.

Making a simple change to the way you sit and work could have a big impact on the way you feel at all times.

Apply Heat or Cold

Back and neck pain is something to take seriously because it can really disrupt your day to day life. If a flash of pain comes on, immediate relief is necessary to get back to your daily grind.

Using an ice pack or a heating pad can help reduce the sudden twinges of pain that plague your neck and back.

Ice packs are great for if your neck hurts after an injury to reduce inflammation. They can also help to numb an area that is experiencing pain.

Similarly, a heating pad is the best option for an achy or stiff muscle. They can help relax the muscle to reduce the tension and thus the pain.

Immediate relief can be found with the use of a hot or cold compress on the painful area. Just be careful not to give yourself frostbite or a burn!

Use a Better Desk Chair

Since many people do work at a desk or spend quite a bit of time sitting down during the day, the chair that you use could change the way your back and neck feel.

The right desk chair should provide you back support to keep it from feeling the aches of a long day of sitting.

If you don’t work at a desk, think about the chairs that you do sit on frequently. It might be worth changing out an old chair for one that can offer more support for your neck and back.

Treating your body the way it needs to be treated can really help to reduce the tension that your back and neck face every day.

Work on Your Mental Health

When we feel stress, it is common to feel more physical aches as well. Poor mental health can actually contribute to more discomfort physically.

Maintaining your stress levels and keeping a more positive outlook on life could actually help you alleviate any of the pain that rests on your shoulders.

It can be beneficial to practice meditation or deep breathing to unwind and reduce stress. A more relaxed life could lead to calmer muscles and much less tension!

Try finding some time for yourself to unwind every day to keep your mental health in balance. It will make you feel better overall.

Wear More Comfortable Shoes

Our poor feet keep us going all day, holding up all the weight of our bodies with every step we take. Our feet also support our backs, so what you wear on them will have an impact on how your back feels.

A comfortable pair of shoes could alleviate the pressure that your back feels all day. Shoes with high heels or flat soles are not ideal for back health.

Instead, a shoe with a comfortable sole that offers support is the best option to keep your back feeling pain-free.

There are methods for maintaining your sense of fashion while also keeping up with your comfort. Be on the lookout for stylish and supportive shoes!

Keep Your Muscles Moving

A stagnant body is rarely ever a happy body. Your muscles and bones want to move to feel the best that they can.

Your back and neck in particular need to be stretched throughout the day to keep the tension from settling in one place.

Take walks, make time to stretch, or do a full workout every day to strengthen the muscles and keep them moving.

It might be hard to find the time to dedicate to a stretching routine or a daily exercise goal, but even quick moments of movement to break up the day can make a big difference.

Back and neck pain should not keep you from feeling happy and comfortable. These simple remedies can all take place at home to make you feel physically better.

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