Bubble shooter has always been the most fun part of everybody’s childhood. There are many different types of bubble shooter games that one can enjoy playing. You can now play these games online. There is not need for you to download it on your system or portable device. All you need to do is visit websites like, select the game and start playing, Bubble Shooter – Tips and Tricks to Burst Bubbles and Get High Score


Bubble shooter games have not only kept the kids entertained but adults as well. These games offer more than just entertainment for kids. They are an ideal way to help kids get acquainted to sense of directions, enhance their concentration and eye to hand coordination etc. They also learn to strategize their game plan and win high scores.

There are many ways you can score big without stressing yourself, if you know the right technique. Bubble shooter may sound like an easy game, but it is tough to get high score, unless you are a professional gamer. The key rule here is to not work hard, but smart, especially if you want to beat the best score achieved so far.

You must have often wondered how these top ranking gamers score so big! Basically, it is all about knowing the game well, and playing it in a manner that will get you the best results. In this post, we’ve discussed how exactly can you play bubble shooter games and achieve great score. Read on……

Game controls – At the beginning of the game, you will be given a bubble grid and cannon to shoot. Once you move the curser on the cannon, you’ll see a dotted line, pointing towards the direction you want to shoot. Choose the placement as per the matching bubbles to burst them and earn points.

Power-Ups – Usually any bubble shooter game will offer you three power ups like a bomb, fireball, or wild bubble, which can be used in difficult situations and score high. Ensure that you use these power-ups wisely and strategically.

Be smart – You need to aim well, so that you shoot exactly where it is supposed to bust the bubbles. Piling up of bubbles can make your game difficult and impossible to win and move to higher levels.

Be Quick – You are required to beat the time and burst all the bubbles as soon as you can.

Planning your bubble colors – On the game screen, you’ll be able to see which color bubble is next in line. Thus, you need to plan your shots well. You can switch the bubble if the next one in line can help you burst a big group and score high.

Clear the Path – Always make sure that you clear the bigger group of bubbles. The small ones can be dropped later once the big groups are busted. In case the small group of bubbles is blocking your path to the large ones, clear it first to get to the targeted group.

Endgame – The objective of this game is to keep just two colors for the longest time you can. If you are able to do so until the board is cleared, then you get to score double.

Practice – Practice makes you perfect. You will not be able to learn all the tricks of scoring high overnight. Thus, take time out of your busy schedule and learn to aim right. Also practice some angle shots to master the game.

Now that you have the tips and tricks to play bubble shooter games, you can enjoy playing it online whenever you want, and also compete in tournaments, once you are confident and experienced.

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