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Recently, we discussed some of the best gaming smartphones, highlighting some of the most powerful mobile devices on the market in the process. The point of these phones, at least as concerns gaming, is that they can handle bigger and better games. More than anything else though, they can help some of the best, and more specifically most beautiful games really show themselves off the way their developers intended.

To follow up on the piece discussing some of the best gaming phones, we’re now identifying 10 viral mobile games that, whether new or old, can take full advantage of powerful, modern devices.

Top 10 Viral Games

1. Monument Valley 2

Some consider Monument Valley 2 to be the single most beautiful mobile game available. While it’s not particularly advanced in its graphics in that there’s nothing realistic about it, the full spectrum of colors, geometric movements of puzzle-like levels, and gentle, almost pulsating visual elements create an incredible picture altogether. It’s a game that’s pretty on any device that supports it, but it truly pops with a cutting-edge display system.

2. Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the most popular viral mobile games on the planet now and has been steadily adapting to stay ahead of the pack. Just recently, for instance, the game introduced wearable NFL uniforms in celebration of the Super Bowl, simply to stay current. It’s another game that doesn’t strive to be entirely realistic in its graphics, but which is visually impressive in its own way. Additionally, with up to 100 players connected to a single game at a single time, and lots of action on the screen at any given moment, the power of the better gaming phones helps the experience to be as smooth as possible.

3. Alto’s Adventure

A winner of certain “Game of the Year” awards when it came out, Alto’s Adventure may be the only mobile game that can justifiably be called similar to Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2 from a visual standpoint. This comes partially through the color scheme, but they’re also a serene, intangible quality to both games’ visuals. Like Monument Valley 2, Alto’s Adventure simply shows up all the more beautifully on the best of gaming phones.

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4. Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo’s Quest is little-known to mobile-exclusive audiences, but has become a headline game among online, and now mobile slot arcades. It’s effectively the leader in this genre and has attained that status because of its near-cinematic graphics, which surround an otherwise-ordinary gaming experience. Playing Gonzo’s Quest on a highly capable gaming phone is essentially like looking into the future of casino gaming.

5. Bullet Force

There are a lot of shooters on mobile devices, and most of them are graphically underwhelming, glitchy, chaotic, or otherwise unsatisfying. Bullet Force is not a perfect game, but it may be the best of the genre on mobile purely from a visual standpoint. It’s a gorgeous, realistic shooter, and one that’s certain to be better on a stronger and more capable device.

6. Maginary

Calling Maginary a game may be somewhat generous, but it’s quite clear what else it could be called. It’s an innovative storytelling experience to some degree and an app that combines reading with real-world actions (such as turning your phone’s light on or off). In a way, though it’s at minimum a playable novella, and at most a full-fledged game. The visuals aren’t particularly complex, but they’re sharp and effective in a dream-like way that truly pops on a powerful, modern phone.

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7. Godfire: Rise Of Prometheus

Despite its over-the-top title, this is a magnificent mobile game from a visual perspective that is recently viral in the gaming world. It’s like a Hollywood film and a comic book come to life all at once, displaying rich, detailed scenes of the world of ancient mythology. The effect is dizzyingly beautiful for a mobile game, yet it also demands a phone with powerful processing and a high-tech display in order to do itself justice.

8. Tacticool

If Bullet Force is the prettiest shooting game in the mobile medium, Tacticool may be the most effectively optimized. It’s more or less been demonstrated by now that no matter how much detail and intrigue may be packed into a first-person shooter, the games just aren’t particularly satisfying with touchscreen controls. Tacticool manages to stand out by way of being a top-down shooter, meaning you control your character from a sort of semi-overhead third-person perspective. This makes it more fun to play than most of its counterparts and allows for focus on a big, vibrant game. As with all of these games, the better the device, the better the game looks and feels.

9. Samorost 3

Samorost 3 is a difficult game to explain adequately. Broadly speaking though, it’s an adventure and puzzle-solving game that follows a “space gnome” around the cosmos as he seeks clues regarding his origin. This setup leads to all kinds of fantastical, beautifully rendered settings, and ultimately makes for a virtual fairytale of a mobile game. Needless to say, any phone that can most effectively demonstrate its beauty makes it all the more special.

10. Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE (pocket edition) may be old news by this point, but it’s still amazing on the most modern devices. As simple as the concept of Minecraft is, it can actually be a pretty demanding game in terms of the graphics on display and the activity going on in a given game. A phone that can handle it all helps to keep the experience sharp and attractive and allows you to build a blocky world in the most beautiful possible circumstances.

For those who have mid-range smartphones, you may install word puzzles/jumble games and try to use the word unjumble tool only for complex words, so you don’t miss the real fun 🙂

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