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Halo: Reach, first released for the PC platform on December 3rd, 2019, immediately conquered Steam charts with over 100 000 unique players participating in the game only one hour after its launch. Fans of this legendary Xbox sci-fi FPS franchise have waited years for the mainline Halo titles to finally release on PC. If you also enjoyed Halo: Reach and can’t wait for the subsequent MCC titles to arrive, here are 7 more Steam video games you can try out if you love the Halo series!

Steam video games

Destiny 2

The Destiny franchise should serve as a first and most obvious choice when it comes to looking for games similar to Halo, as Destiny was developed by Bungie – the original creators of the Halo franchise itself! Destiny 2 is the latest iteration in this new sci-fi FPS series and on top of that – it’s completely free to play on Steam!

Destiny 2 has a strong multiplayer focus as it is one of the Steam video games leaning more towards the MMO end of the spectrum. Nevertheless, you can choose to play the game fully on your own, enjoy great PvE gameplay and well-written quests. Destiny 2 is set in the post-apocalyptic future of the Solar system. You play as one of the custom-made guardians of the last human city protected by a benevolent extraterrestrial artefact known as the Traveler. Help humanity to rebuild its former glory in the next ambitious space opera provided to us by the creators of Halo!


Half-life series are just as infamous and influential as the Halo franchise. Its developers – Valve – are also directly responsible for the entirety of Steam! Video games like Halo and Half-life led the entire FPS genre to new frontiers, introducing revolutionary new gameplay mechanics, game design choices and technical achievements that formed a whole generation of modern first-person shooters released in subsequent years.

The original Half-life released in 1999, even before Halo: Combat Evolved. Just like Halo: CE the first Half-life game featured the main character wearing high-tech armor (HEV suit) and fighting an alien threat. Inter-dimensional beings began entering planet Earth through portals after a failed scientific experiment – a catastrophic event, known in the series as “Resonance cascade”. The protagonist of these Steam video games is a theoretical physicist named Gordon Freeman working at US government-funded Black Mesa facility – main setting of the original Half-life.


The Crysis video game series began in 2007. The first game was made by Crytek (the developer behind the original Far Cry) and published by Electronic Arts. In multiple ways, Crysis games are quite similar to Halo, considering their premises. Just like Master Chief, the main characters of Crysis games wear futuristic armor known as nano suit and fight human as well as alien opponents.

Steam video games include the first two installments of the Crysis trilogy along with their DLC expansions, but with EA and Valve joining forces against other digital storefronts it’s possible that we might see Crysis 3 appear on the Steam platform in the near future as well. The original Crysis is famous for high system requirements.

These requirements must be met in order to play this graphically amazing video game. The question “can it run Crysis?” posed about computers has become a meme in gaming culture, thankfully, more than 10 years later, current PC rigs have a lot higher chance than they did in 2007. For this reason, Crysis games are worth a shot, especially today.

Doom (2016)

Among the Steam video games that are similar to Halo titles, there’s also the latest installment in the series that kickstarted the first-person shooter genre itself – Doom. The most recent iteration of this franchise which released in 2016 is highly recommended. Doom (2016) is a modern reimagining of the 1993 classic which also manages to remain faithful to the spirit of the original.

Creators of this game intentionally avoid overloading the player with the story and focus on making the gameplay as fun as possible. As far as the setting goes, you play as a space marine deployed on Martian colony that is overrun by demonic forces from Hell. Just like Halo: Reach, Half-life and Crysis, Doom (2016) is one of the Steam video games that feature a protagonist wearing sci-fi armor and fighting non-human enemies.

Star Wars: Republic Commando

Star Wars, Halo and Mass Effect are science-fiction franchises that can be considered being the three modern pillars of the space opera subgenre. Because of the worldwide popularity of the Star Wars films, there were many Star Wars games created throughout the years. Naturally, some of them were awful but others were breathtaking masterpieces loved not only by Star Wars fans but by the entirety of gamers in general.

Star Wars Battlefront is an example of a good sci-fi FPS, it can also be played as a third-person shooter. However, Star Wars Republic Commando is a more fitting alternative to Halo and it’s also among the Steam video games that are rated as overwhelmingly positive. This tactical FPS is set in the Clone Wars era, set between Episodes II and III of the Star Wars saga. You’ll get to play as a member of an elite clone trooper squad and participate in missions that take place all over the Star Wars galaxy.

Terminator: Resistance

Speaking about Halo-like first-person shooters inspired by cinema, the latest Terminator game titled as Terminator: Resistance is worthy of attention, especially if you’re a fan of the Terminator franchise. After all, this is the only Terminator gaming title among the vast variety of Steam video games. The newest title takes inspiration from the brief, fan-beloved future war scenes featured in the first two original Terminator films directed by James Cameron.

The first Terminator movies were set in the present time, with terminators arriving from the future through the means of time travel. Because of that, the awesome looking future war scenes were showcased only briefly, mostly for the purposes of exposition. Terminator: Resistance brings us to this post-apocalyptic future of the Terminator series. You’ll play as Jacob Rivers – a human resistance soldier targeted for termination. Get ready for plasma gunfights between humans and machines taking place in the ruins of post-Judgement Day Los Angeles!  

Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year Edition

Steam video games like those of the Unreal Tournament series are among the FPS classics that very much mirror the gameplay and design of Halo titles. Unreal Tournament: Game of the Year Edition is an exceptional example. This sci-fi FPS is very much reminiscent of Halo games, especially with its genre-defining multiplayer mode that still has a passionate community even 20 years after UT release. Later sequels introduced the use of vehicles, making the gameplay feel even more native to Halo fans.

Unreal Tournament GOTY, at its heart, is a multiplayer-focused arena shooter and in this regard, it’s a worthy addition among the Steam video games that feature a multiplayer experience similar to the one provided by the Halo series. The game doesn’t feature an elaborated single-player campaign: you’ll play as a custom-made participant of futuristic sport – the Unreal Tournament – a gladiator-like contest originally organized by Liandri Corporation, in order to control violence among the deep space miners. Expect a large selection of maps, fun sci-fi weapons and an absolutely epic musical soundtrack created by Alexander Brandon – a composer behind the score of the original Deus Ex. 

Looking for more games like Halo?

The listed FPS examples are without a doubt worth trying, however, they make up only a fraction of Steam video games that can help you pass the time whilst waiting for the subsequent Halo: MCC PC releases. A useful reminder: if you buy a Steam wallet gift card, you can get these games easier and safer, as you won’t have to enter credit card information to make a purchase. Even a Steam gift card of the lowest value can cover the entire price of some of these games. It’s worth pointing out that some of these titles are already very cheap, especially during sales. So, don’t delay it any further, increase the value of your account and enjoy great Steam video games to the fullest!

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