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The game of Bingo dates to the 1920s, created by Hugh J Ward as a popular carnival game around Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania, where beans were used to mark numbers being called on a card. The popularity of Bingo today is a result of Edwin Lowe, a traveling businessman, seeing the game being played and starting to manufacture his own game boards that were designed with the help of a mathematician for a game he called Bingo.

Bingo is a simple game that doesn’t require complex strategies and knowledge of rules to play, and it’s a great way to meet new people and spend some time socializing in your twilight years. Here are four great tips to help you win a few rounds at your next Bingo event.

Find the Right Game

Bingo is played in many different places, from church and school halls to dedicated Bingo venues. For seniors, the venue matters because it will define whom you’re playing against and how many people are there. If you love the game, you’ll want to find a place you love and that consistently runs great events. Of course, for seniors, many assisted living facilities will have regular Bingo nights too, so have a look at the events section of their websites. Follow the link for more info on a facility in Princeton.

Choose Your Seat Carefully

You might be surprised to learn that the next time you visit your favorite bingo hall that where you sit can play a part in your success. It’s for this reason that you should pay more attention to the seat you choose for your next Bingo game. You’ll want to try and get a seat near the front where the caller is so that you have the best chance of hearing every number they call. You’re free from the distractions of those playing in front of you and when you inevitably win your prizes, the trip up to the prize redemption station won’t be very far – great if you have limited mobility.

Use the Right Number of Cards

Bingo is a game all about luck and probabilities. While you can’t control your luck (unless you’re superstitious!), you can control the probability that you’ll win. This can be achieved simply by buying more Bingo cards. The more cards you have, the higher your probability of winning becomes. There’s a line though because if you have too many cards, you might not be able to mark them all off quickly enough and you’ll miss some numbers. Your mind might not be as sharp as it once was as you get older, so stay within your limits.

Test Your Marker

If you’re using your own lucky Bingo dauber, make sure to test it works properly and isn’t dry before the game starts. Even better, bring a spare or two with you. For better control of your cards, it might be worth using some tape to hold the card in place on the table too.

Bingo is a fun and often exhilarating game that provides entertainment, excitement, and even a great excuse to socialize with your friends. By making use of these simple tips, you can be the one calling out “BINGO” more often!

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