5 Reasons to Start a Trucking Career You May Not Have Considered

You have probably seen plenty of trucks on the road. There are the smaller personal trucks people own, but then there are the commercial trucks, the big eighteen-wheelers that transport all kinds of goods from place to place. America runs on them and counts on them for all sorts of supplies. You can expect lifetime job security by a trucking career.

There are a couple of million truck drivers in this country, and you may want to become one of them. Let’s talk about some of the more compelling reasons to do so that you may have never considered before.


5 Reasons to Start a Trucking Career You May Not Have Considered

1. You Can See a Lot of the Country

One reason to start truck driving is that you can see a lot of this great nation of ours when you do. If you live in one location your whole life, you can get pretty bored seeing the same things every day. You might want to travel, and this is a job that lets you do that.

You can drive your truck or start a trucking business somewhere and see a state or region that’s different from what you have known. Think how amazing it will be to see Mount Rushmore or the Grand Canyon. If you grew up in the Midwest, seeing California’s remarkable redwood forests or Arizona’s scorching desert will be incredible for you.

2. You Can Meet Lots of Fun People

When you travel around by truck, you’re a people person, or at least, that is how many individuals will perceive you. Most people think about truck drivers as being the salt of the earth, good-natured individuals who always have a ribald joke or a fun story to tell.

You can meet some eccentric or outlandish characters at the nation’s many truck stops and rest stops. You might even meet some lifelong friends or a new significant other. You can get in some spirited debates with the individuals you encounter.

3. You Can Make Better Money than You Might Realize

You also might not realize just how much money a trucker makes. You can easily make $50-60K in your first year on the job if you sign up with the right company and you log enough hours. You can make even more than that if you’ve been on the job for a few years and you have plenty of experience on which you can rely.

You don’t need a college degree to attend trucking school or to get your commercial license. There are very few other blue-collar jobs where that is true, and you can also make that much money. You can’t usually make that much working construction, for instance, and those jobs are much more dangerous, with high injury and mortality rates.

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4. You’ll Never Get Bored

You can stay away from that desk job where you have to sit behind a computer for hours on end. That’s a part of so many professions these days, and some people are okay with it, but many others don’t care for it at all.

If a big rig driver’s seat is your office, you can see so many landscapes, sunrises, and sunsets that you’re never likely to feel unfilled or stagnant. You can also sample many different roadside delicacies. You might try to find each state’s best piece of apple pie, or you can compare various BBQ recipes to see which well-known restaurant has the superior one.

5. There’s New Technology Coming Out in the Trucking Industry

You may want to get in on the trucking industry because of the remarkable new technology that’s rapidly becoming available right now and in the near future. For instance, several companies are working on electric trucks that are going to feature a much smoother driving experience than what exists today. They will be much better for the environment, which is a concern at this point.

You can also check out some incredibly realistic driving simulators that certain trucking schools have. They will make sure that you get in enough hours so you’ll be very confident when you start driving one of these massive vehicles for the first time.

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Some people get into the trucking industry and like it so much that they make it their entire career. Others do it for a while and save up some money so they can buy themselves a home.

But before choosing the trucking career, make sure that you are interested and have some knowledge about career flexibility.

Either way, you can try it out to see if it’s for you. If you’re a free spirit and love to heed the open road’s call, truck driving can be a worthwhile endeavor for you.

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