driveway alarm types uses

What is Driveway Alarm?

In this busy world, everyone needs security for their properties which include homes, workstations, agricultural land, and so on. For security purposes, we are using a Driveway Alarm. If a home or workstation has a long driveway this alarm detects the presence or intervention of anyone approaching your property.

driveway alarm types uses

If the intruder reaches our driveway, we are notified in the form of LED light or alarm sound, some alarms are designed to get both the signals. The advanced driveway alarm detects vehicles, persons, and animals too. And the driveway alarm is most commonly used for a long driveway or small driveway which is not visible from inside the property.

How does it work?

The Driveway alarm has two main components; transmitter and receiver. The transmitter can be fixed at the entrance of the driveway according to the angle of direction mentioned by the manufacturer. On the other hand, a receiver is plugged inside your home or property and if it is a wireless receiver it will be easier to carry with you. If the transmitter detects any moving objects in the sense it sends a signal to the receiver and the receiver notifies us by led or sound alarm, and it also triggers a security camera.

Types of Driveway Alarm

Here we go with a common type of driveway alarm which is based on sensors and its detection method.

Passive Infrared (PIR)

The driveway alarm which is designed using a Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) detects the moving objects by heat. If the heat pattern identifies by the transmitter in the sense it transmits the signal to the receiver by led light or sound notification. This sensor detects vehicles, people, and animals too.

The advanced model of the PIR Driveway alarm has the feature of adjusting the temperature level. This may help to find false alarms like squirrel crossing and that will be avoided by adjusting the temperature level.

Active Infrared (AIR)

The alarm which is designed using an active infrared sensor works based on two components on the receiver side, one is LED and another one is a receiver. Both the components will be placed on opposite sides of the driveway. If the object is passing over the sensor, it shuts off the infrared light from the led and the opposite side receiver sends the object detection signal to the transmitter. It is also known as a break beam sensor.

The common disadvantage is, if the trespasser passes through the driveway behind the receiver in the sense it does not detect the object. So, preferring PIR is better than AIR.

Magnetic Probe

The magnetic probe only detects metallic objects. The probe is buried parallel to the driveway. When the vehicle is passing over the monitored zone, the change in the magnetic field is detected by the magnetic probe and it triggers the alarm.

When compared to the above PIR and AIR, it does not produce a false alarm. Because it detects only heavy metallic objects.

Rubber Hose

A rubber hose which is a pneumatic sensor works under the principle of change in the air. When the vehicle is rolled over the rubber hose, the change in air pressure detected by the pneumatic sensor triggers the alarm. It will be used for many commercial applications.

Most of the driveway alarms are designed based on the above sensors with the wireless or wired property. Based on our security needs we have to choose the device.

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Common Uses of Driveway Alarm

Protect your gateway

A driveway alarm helps to keep any person away from your property that is not intended to enter. It helps to identify the intruders, unwanted guests, or any animals in the gateway by triggering the alarm. It may also connect with various kinds of receivers like laptops, mobile phones, desktops, and so on.

Secure Cars, RVs, or boats parked on your driveway

Robbers might be targetting the Parked Cars in your driveway easily. This driveway alarm helps you to notify if any thieves approach your vehicle.

Indicates guest arrival or deliveries

Be notified once your guest’s car arrived at your gateway and it will be easier to greet them immediately at your doorstep. On the other hand, if you are expecting any order delivery, you will get a heads up as soon as they entered the driveway.

Watch out for Clients

A driveway alarm is used for Business purposes too. If your client enters into your infrastructure it will notify you. It helps to greet them without any delay.

Supports monitoring large properties or buildings

A driveway alarm is used for monitoring large properties or buildings. This will easily replace mankind’s securities. Some of the warehouses, greenhouses, and remote buildings need more guards, thus replacing the driveway alarm. It instantly notifies the intruders entering the property.

Keep eye on the children playing in the driveway

We will be able to easily monitor children playing in the driveway area. Fix the alarm based on your driveway, if the children stray off the driveway into the street, you can easily find out by the surveillance aid.

Used for Farming

We can choose a driveway alarm to find the unwanted animals are roaring into the farm and it also signals any load vehicles are enters into the farm. It will be helpful to secure the farm or agricultural land from animals and large acreage farms are tough to maintain without any security. So, this will be a great investment for this kind of security purpose.


A driveway alarm is beneficial to secure the home, business and remote buildings, and so on. Based on your need you can choose the driveway alarm whether it is Infrared, break beam, metal detection, or probe sensor. Whether it is a larger or small property with an invisible driveway we can choose the driveway alarm for security purposes. And the Driveway alarm is a worthwhile investment and it is better than a guard or any lower-end burglar alarm.

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