Nowadays in the busy world security for our home, worksite, property and business is most important for everyone. Fortunately, the driveway alarm plays a vital role to protect your property. Let’s have a review for eMACROS 1/2 Mile Long Range Solar Wireless Driveway Alarm.

One of the most popular solar-powered, weather-resistant and motion sensor system based on pyroelectric infrared detection technology.

emacros driveway alarm

The sensor must be placed around 1500 ft from the base unit. The main thing is that, between the sensor and receiver make sure there is no electromagnetic or any metal interference. It will affect effective working distance of the driveway alarm and it will be shortened. And the sensor is ideal to use in extreme weather conditions and it has excellent waterproof property. And coming to the charging option, it can be charged by solar energy as well as by battery. It is recommended to be mounted on fuller sun light condition.

Make sure do not place the sensor to straight sunlight, the excess amount of heat from the straight sunlight causes false alarm. For better detection have to set the sensor 4.5-6ft above the ground. If it’s not charged properly, we have to check the battery whether it is defective and have to replace with new one. This is one of the best driveway alarms in the market right now.

driveway alarm review

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Special Features:

  1. Receiving range is upto 1/2 mile distance
  2. IP 65 waterproof with excellent weather resistance
  3. Expands up to 4 solar sensors with unlimited receiver
  4. Detect vehicle or pedestrians approach around 30 feet


  1. Solar powered
  2. No need for replacement of battery
  3. Easy to install
  4. Detects motion up to 4 different zones
  5. Included Low battery indicator


The power connection of the receiver is designed in the top of the unit thus results in unbalancing of unit and dirt can be undergone into the receiver.


By adjusting the sensitivity of sensor “eye” with Hi = 30ft and Low =20ft will minimize the false alarm. Please make sure to tight the bottom of the sensor which prevents from getting inside of water or any other small insects.


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