Cloud Security Monitoring

5 Best Practices For Cloud Security Monitoring

Monitoring is an essential element of cloud management and security. Cloud security monitoring is the study of non-stop supervising the servers physically and virtually both, which will analyze data for any...
How does POS software Provide security for your business

How does POS software Provide security for your business? 

Security is one of the foremost important things when it involves most businesses. If you are a retailer along with POS there is something you need to be concentrated more on...

What Are the Common Online Threats to Watch Out For?

The internet is a world of joy and opportunity if you use it correctly. Unfortunately, there are instances when the online universe represents dangers that can be seriously detrimental to people's...

What to Do If Chargebacks Bother You

It’s a golden rule that some win where some lose. Chargeback is a winning feature for customers, as they can address their banks for returning their payments, without disputes with merchants....

Best Practices for Azure Cloud Security Implementation

When it comes to Azure cloud security best practices, it's often a dilemma where to begin from.  However, it is vital to secure Azure, though several companies during the early stages...

The Beginner’s Guide to Self-Defense and Staying Safe

There is no denying the fact that we live in a scary world. We spend most of our childhood being protected from this knowledge, but eventually we all grow up and...

5 Tips To Keep Your Roof Burglar Proof

Our homes are where we recharge, spend time with our loved ones, and expect to stay safe and protected – which is why it is always a good idea to invest...

Safeguarding Your Information On Facebook and Twitter

You, like us, have probably promised yourself more than once that you're going to delete your social media accounts. Also like us, you probably never got round to doing so. Every...

Understanding Advanced Threat Protection

In a world in which cyber attacks are ever more common — and sophisticated — understanding advanced threat protection (ATP) is key to defending your digital assets. There was a time...

3 Ways to Make Your Zoom Experience More Secure

The world was going on with its routine normal of jobs, the get-togethers when all of it came to an abrupt halt. With social distancing as the new normal, the necessity...

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