Everyone wants a brand new phone– and who doesn’t, right? It is always different if you get a brand new phone fresh from the store with its complete set of a brand new charger, earphones, and other freebies. However, not everything needs to be brand new for it to be brilliant and worthy. 


However, while brand new phones can be overwhelming to have, there is still a lot of good reason to get used smartphones. Before getting a brand new one, you can always consider buying a used one, especially when there are second hand phones available that have nearly the same condition as a brand new one (except for the price, of course.)

In this article, we will discuss some of the best-used smartphones and stores that offer such a reasonable and affordable price. Whether it’s a new or recently launched smartphone or an old one, you will surely end up with your dream phone at the end of the day. To start, let us discuss what the advantages of getting a used phone are.

Reasons Why To Buy Used Smartphones

Buying a used smartphone is not as bad as it seems. One advantage of buying a used smartphone is that it is cheaper than brand new ones, and it lets you save more money. Since it’s used, it is expected that the phone’s value will lessen. Instead of buying a Samsung Galaxy S7 worth $480, you can find one that will only cost you $149.

Also, getting a used phone will offer more storage for a lesser value. Let’s say for iPhones. You can get an Apple iPhone for a cheaper price and then enjoy its massive storage capacity. Instead of getting a 128GB iPhone for hundreds of dollars, you can get one with less than $50 to $100, depending on the buyer’s condition. 

Lastly, used smartphones are more eco-friendly compared to buying a new one. Electronic gadgets are going to waste every year, and their chemicals can harm the environment. Getting a used phone is just one way to reduce electronic waste every year. Hearing that, here are some of the best used phones you can get today.

iPhone X

This is not the latest iPhone model, but you can easily get the iPhone X at a much cheaper price, especially when it is used. iPhone X was released in 2018, and it costs about $769 per unit. 

However, if you look for a used phone, you can get a slightly used iPhone X for around $479. There are online stores that sell used phones, and if you’re looking for an iPhone X, you can check out Swappa or Glyde online. 

Samsung Galaxy S9

Of course, Samsung phones are next to Apple iPhones. Samsung’s S9 is one of the best smartphones in the market, even up to this day. When it was first launched in the market, many people were at awe of how brilliant the phone was designed. While it may not be as powerful as the S10 series, it is still worth every penny because of its features and specs. 

Samsung S8

This Samsung smartphone comes next in line after the Samsung S9. Although S9 received many praises because of its sleek design, Samsung S8 is more cost-effective among other models in the S Series. Today, you can get a Samsung S8 for around $200 at most. 

Google Pixel 3

Android phones are one of the sturdiest smartphones in the world, and one of the best ones is Google Pixel 3. This phone was launched in 2018, and it is still one of the best smartphones to get up to this day. The camera quality is excellent, and it features an AMOLED display. It is also cheap when you buy a secondhand. 


Used phones are not as bad as you think it is. It is cost-effective and safe for the environment, and it lets you save more money than buying a brand new one. However, when buying a used phone, make sure you get to see the phone’s quality, if there are any damages, dents, or whatsoever, so it can be credited to the bargained price. 

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