With Father’s Day arriving at the weekend, we’re all being presented with a chance to show our dads just how much their efforts are appreciated. This year, of course, things are complicated slightly by the ongoing pandemic, which means that some of the plans we normally make to mark the day aren’t really practical.

But that needn’t mean that we can’t take the time to mark the occasion. Let’s run through a few special ways we might make dad feel special this year!

Wash the Car

With there being no real reason to take the car off the drive recently, your dad’s vehicle might be looking a little lacklustre. This can be easily corrected with the help of a bucket, a sponge, and the application of just the right amount of wax. You can wash the car while he’s not looking, and give him a surprise the next time he steps foot outside the front door!

Buy him a hamper

While a one-off gift might make a mark on his father’s day, you can go one better by investing in a selection of personalised father’s day gifts and putting them all into a single basket. Among the selection you might include things like baked treats, monogrammed tea-towels, and a greetings card with a personalised message inside.

Play a Game

There are some games which don’t require any physical contact, but which will still allow you to enjoy an afternoon in the company of your dad. These might include tennis and other racket games, as well as golf. If you don’t have a golf club membership, then don’t worry – mini-golf will do just as nicely! It will be best to give your father different golf bags so he can be well-prepared during the play.

Of course, not all of the games you play with your dad need to be outdoor, sporty affairs. You might go for a round of no-touch cards, a board game, or even a party game like charades or Pictionary. As long as you’re together and bonding, and the game appeals to your dad, then the effect will be much the same.

Host a Barbeque

Sharing the gift of great food is a fantastic way to make any special occasion. There government covid-19 advice goes against outdoor gatherings, and the sun’s out in force, which basically means that the conditions have never been better suited to a barbeque. Prepare a range of your dad’s favourite treats, and don’t neglect the salads!

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