Your complete guide to buying a cell phone spy app

Cell phone spy apps have been around for a while. The range of available functions and the detail of data collection have increased with improved technology and internet connectivity. Early Symbian-based monitoring apps were rudimentary at best.

However, things have changed in recent years as advanced apps can collect data from a smartphone that has various sensors, apps, and larger computing power. In this article, we will detail the important factors that determine the quality of a cell phone spy app such as “mSpy App reviews“. We will then identify the top app that meets these criteria and briefly review the functions.

Your complete guide to buying a cell phone spy app

You must consider the following factors when deciding which app to buy.

1) List of features

The quality of an app is predominantly determined by the list of features it provides. However, it is important to bear in mind that some apps are primarily designed for parental monitoring, while others have features that are more suitable for employee management. Many apps specialize in each of these domains. However, some apps try to strike a balance between the two areas and offer a complete set of functionalities.

These apps are also typically on the expensive side, though there are exceptions that we will discuss. Cell phone monitoring apps cannot be complete if they do not track calling and texting information. Additionally, messaging and social media apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Skype, and others are now increasingly being used for communication, and a good spy app should be able to monitor these programs. Location tracking and internet activity tracking are further features that have important uses for both parents and employers.

2) Compatibility

You do not want to purchase an app only to discover that it cannot work on the device you want to monitor. Some cell phone spy apps are geared towards Android phones, while others are more suitable for iOS devices. However, most can run on both operating systems but offer varying levels of compatibility. You may have to downgrade your OS version if the app is incompatible with the latest version.

Similarly, the app developers should be able to quickly roll out an updated version to make sure it is compatible with a new OS. This is important because the app may cease working if the device is upgraded to a new OS version. Moreover, some apps require that the device is rooted or jailbroken for successful installation and use. On the other hand, good apps do not require this, though some specific features such as Facebook-Messenger tracking cannot be used on non-rooted or non-jailbroken phones, and this is true for all cell phone spy apps currently available on the market.

3) Ease of use

Ease of use is an important factor to consider, especially for employers who may need to oversee many devices at the same time. Parents who are not tech-savvy may also have to consider this perspective because the app may ultimately be useless if it is too difficult to use. Additionally, the app should ideally have the capability to hide its operations so information collection is discreet.

The payment method, subscription packages, installation process, and reputation of the app developer also matter. One critical point to keep in mind is how easy it is to view the data. Cell phone spy apps can collect large amounts of data that can be of little use if it is difficult to make sense of it. A good app should ideally have a system in place that provides remote viewing options, and a properly designed program that makes it easy to access exactly the information you want to see.

4) Affordability

Let’s just admit that price is a factor you are likely to consider in ultimately deciding which app you want to buy. Most cell phone spying apps are available via a subscription package that can be renewed automatically. Typically, developers offer their product for one, three, six, and 12 months.

The 12-month option is generally the most affordable. Still, some apps can cost you hundreds of dollars, while others are quite affordable. Evaluate if an expensive app is worth that extra feature it offers over its inexpensive counterpart. You may discover the extra function has little utility or is not worth the extra money.

5) Customer support

Good customer support can go a long way in helping to select a suitable subscription package and clear any confusion regarding features. As previously discussed, marketing gimmicks can hide limitations. Speaking with a customer support officer about this can help to make the right choice.

Any problems with installation and use can also be resolved. A good indication of quality customer support can be whether the app’s website features a live chat feature. Avoid apps that do not provide this facility as it can take days or sometimes weeks for them to resolve any difficulty you may be facing.

Now that we have reviewed the critical factors, let’s briefly discuss the top smartphone monitoring app.


XNSPY cell phone spy app is an advanced and renowned program that offers a comprehensive set of features to meet the monitoring needs of both parents and employers. For example, the telecommunications tracking feature monitors all calls and text messages. You can use the app management feature to view all messages exchanged via social media or instant messaging apps.

You can also view or block all installed apps. Similarly, the GPS tracking feature offers real-time location access, along with a geofencing feature. Go through the web history and all emails through the online activity tracker. Besides, the multimedia access function monitors all photos and videos saved on the phone.

You can remotely turn on the microphone to listen to surroundings, take screenshots, lock the phone, restart it, or delete all data. The watch list alert function is particularly useful. Just add a contact, location, or a word to the list, and XNSPY will immediately notify you of relevant activities. This way, you do not have to monitor all data streams all the time because the app will alert you to exactly what you want to know.

XNSPY is available with two subscription versions costing USD 4.99 or 7.49 a month, with the slightly expensive option offering a complete set of functions. You can access all the data via the app’s intuitively-designed control panel from any web browser. XNSPY is compatible with Android phones running above OS 4.0 and supports all iOS devices running 6.0 and above.

You do not have to root or jailbreak the Android or iOS devices, though some specific features do require this. In this case, you will have to avoid using those features.

Affordability, list of features, compatibility options, customer support, and ease of use are the five most important factors that determine the quality of a cell phone spy app. With these criteria in mind, we recommend the XNSPY cell phone monitoring app for both parents and employers.

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