A spark plug is one of the smallest parts of the car. It is the most important part of the car too. When you start the engine of your car, spark plug makes your car to start when the ignition is on. When there is a problem in starting the car, no one thinks of the spark plug, they usually check the battery, fuel or gas, etc.

How often to change the spark plug

The health of your car’s engine depends on the good condition of the spark plug. Make sure that the spark plug’s health condition is more important to run the engine without any problem. For better performance of the engine, the spark plug should be of no damage. If the spark plug gets spoiled, it affects the health of the engine. To keep your engine safe and healthy, you should often check and change the spark plug. Check some of the best spark plugs for good performance in the market.

Symptoms of a bad spark plug

Driving the engine with a bad spark plug is not an advisable condition. A fouled spark plug usually covered by oil-like substances, carbon or engine running too hot is prone to cause more damage to the car’s efficiency. Engine with a bad spark plug creates a starting problem for the car. The symptoms of fouled spark plug include,

  • Reduced gas mileage: A sudden drop in the fuel of the car may be due to a fouled spark plug. The bad spark plug will give less mileage, which wastes your valuable money. If you get reduced mileage, check the spark plug first
  • Lack of acceleration: If your car is not picking up properly, then the spark plug is the culprit. The performance of the car gets reduced if the spark plug is spoiled or dirty.
  • Hard starts: If your car doesn’t start properly, your first thought may go to the dead battery, or empty gas or oil, but the actual reason is fouled spark plug. The combustion process takes place only when the spark plug creates the spark for ignition.
  • Engine misfires: Instead of running smoothly, engine misfires or hesitation to start is due to a fouled spark plug. If the ignition process interferes even for a second, then you have to check the spark plug to avoid heavy loss.
  • Rough idling: Your car should run smoothly and without any sound. If you hear any noise while driving and if you feel any vibration while running the vehicle, then you have to look into the spark plug.

If you experience any of the above problems, then don’t hesitate to move to your mechanic. The main problem for all these issues may be a fouled spark plug and very easy to fix at the early stages, so that your valuable time and money is saved.

How often to change the spark plug

If you check the manual of your vehicle, it is usually suggested that the spark plug should be replaced every 30,0000 miles and it is advisable one too. However actual timing to change the spark plug may depend on various factors as follows,

  • High performance: If your vehicle has a high-performance spark plug, then the electrodes may erode faster, so the spark plug gets damaged more often. In this situation, you have to change the spark plug more often to maintain the performance of the engine.
  • Long life: Some of the spark plugs are designed to have a longer life span. These types of spark plug’s electrodes do not erode often, which means you don’t need to worry about changing the spark plug often. Copper spark plugs have a shorter life span, so choose for the iridium or platinum spark plug which has a longer life span.
  • Oil leaks: When you take the spark plug from the engine, there should not be any contamination. The base of the engine should be clean, if there is any oil-like substance sedimented, then you can confirm that there is oil leakage. You have to replace the spark plug if that condition occurs.
  • High revs: If you drive your car with high pushes or acceleration, you are putting additional force on the spark plug, the electrodes may get damaged due to high wear and tear, thus the spark plugs to be replaced often. The drivers who handle the vehicle lightly enjoy the longer life span of the spark plug.

Hence to make your vehicle perform better, change your spark plug timely, so that you can save your valuable money and time.

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