Labour Hire Agency In Melbourne

Did you know construction is the third-largest industry in Australia? The construction sector in the land down under (as Australia is affectionately referred to) produces a whopping 360 billion dollars in revenue.

Rated consistently as one of the most livable cities globally, Melbourne has excellent health care, education, culture, and infrastructure. New infrastructure developments like Southbank by Beulah (set to be Australia’s tallest tower!) will pioneer economic recovery after bearing the brunt of the pandemic.

If you’re trying to find qualified, skilled labour for your construction site, consider taking the help of an agency that offers labour hire Melbourne.

Labour Hire Agency In Melbourne

What Is Labour Hire?

Before proceeding, what exactly is labour hire? Labour hire is a form of employment where you hire a skilled worker for a temporary period, usually via a recruitment agency.

How Is Labour Hire Different From Hiring Contractors?

Labour hire workers (also known as temps) and contractors are similar employment types because they involve temporary workers. But the differences lie in the details.

Contractors are separate from your business. The relationship created between your company and the contractor is defined as a contract to deliver services. Depending on the arrangement, a contract worker will either use your resources or theirs. The contractor is in charge of their work.

On the other hand, in labour hire, temporary workers are hired by an agency, and the agency is responsible for them. The agreement is between your business and the agency, not your business and the workers.

Benefits Of Using Labour Hire For Your Business

Nearly any position, from highly skilled to semi-skilled, can be filled using labour hiring agencies. This has been vital for many organisations, allowing them to have both a permanent workforce while still having enough workers during peak seasons when business is high.

Now, here is a list of benefits of labour hire:

Improved Work-Life Balance

Everyone needs a good work-life balance, and that includes your business and its employees.

Hiring temps from a labour hire agency lets you and your employees have a bit of much-needed time off. Also we can reduce challenges in business if we outsource because the particular person or company will take care of your work you just need to supervise if all things are going good. Temp workers can cover extra shifts that would have been otherwise assigned to your employees. This can dramatically improve employee loyalty and morale.

Leave The Management To The Agency

Agencies take care of everything, including payroll, inductions, HR, worker’s compensation, superannuation, and insurance.

Save Time And Money

Skip over the long, drawn-out process of recruitment and selection. A labour hire company will have the best people ready to work for you.

Labour hire cuts the number of steps involved with hiring, letting employers save a bunch of money on advertising for the position, the recruitment process, and training the worker.

Quick Labour Solutions

As a business, you have to be prepared for sickness, injury, and other unexpected circumstances that will affect the outcome of projects and tasks. That’s where labour hire comes in. Skilled workers from temp agencies can deliver fast results in super tight deadlines.

A Few Final Points

Keep in mind; it’s up to you to select an agency with workers that fit your company culture and standards. Try to thoroughly research the agency you plan to work with and make sure the workers from the agency have all the necessary qualifications and skills required to do the job well.

To recap, hiring labour hire companies for your business can improve work-life balance, outsource things like screening candidates and payroll, save time and money, and obtain quick labour solutions.

So, as you can see, enlisting the service of an agency that provides labour hire in Melbourne can drastically improve many aspects of your business.

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