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Pradeep Antony, a famous figure in the Kollywood industry. He started his professional career as an assistant director before becoming an actor. Pradeep Antony has previous experience in dance and music in addition to his acting career. Notably, he participated in Season 3 of Bigg Boss Tamil, playing the friend of actor Kavin Raj. The purpose of this article is to examine Pradeep’s biography, occupation, net worth, marital status, schooling, and family even though his professional data are not fully available. Pradeep Antony, famous for his work in the films “Aruvi” and “Vaazhl,” was also a competitor on Bigg Boss Season 7. Keep reading to learn more fascinating details about him and his relationship.

Pradeep Antony Bio

In addition to his directing work, he made the switch to acting and made a name for himself in films like “Aruvi” and “Vaazhl.” Pradeep Antony, a contestant on Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3, is well-known for his on-screen persona and connection with actor Kavin Raj. Even if there isn’t much data available about his career, Pradeep Antony is nonetheless a fascinating personality in the vibrant Kollywood industry.

Full name Pradeep Anthony
Profession Movie Actor, Assistant Director
Birth Date 14th February, 1986
Age 38
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Marital Status Unmarried
Religion Hinduism
Educational Qualification Graduate in Visual Communication
Birth Place Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Height 1.73 m
Weight 70 Kg


Pradeep Antony Age

Pradeep Antony was 37 years old and his birthdate was February 14, 1986. His youth shows his enthusiasm and drive for a future in Tamil film.

Pradeep Antony (Bigg Boss Tamil 7) Wiki, Bio, Age, Movies, Wife, ETC.

Education and Relationship Status

Pradeep Antony, a Chennai native and Viscom graduate, hasn’t provided many specifics regarding his educational background or the colleges he attended. He is keeping his marital status and private life a secret, preferring to concentrate on his job rather than making his personal life known to the world.

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Family member

The identity of family member Pradeep Antony’s parents is unknown. He was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. We also don’t have any information about his siblings. He prefers to keep his life his life private and does not want to engage in anything. Pradeep is close to his family and often celebrates festivals with them.

Pradeep Antony Movies and Career

He has become friends with the actor Kavin. He also took a role of assistant director for the 2016 Tamil sociopolitical thriller film “Aruvi,” which was made in India. Arun Prabu Purushothaman wrote and directed it. Aditi Balan, Anjali Varadhan, and Lakshmi Gopalaswamy are the film’s three main actors.’Vaazhl’ marked Pradeep’s acting debut. The trajectory of Pradeep Antony’s career indicates that the Tamil cinema industry will continue to expand and prosper.

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Pradeep Antony’s Early Life And Education

The Indian actor Pradeep Antony has kept secrets about his private life. He does not like to share anything about his family or love life. Actor Pradeep Antony is best known for his memorable appearance in Bigg Boss season three when his best friend Kavin was a possible contestant. He gained fame and praise for his performance of slapping Kavin, which some speculate was a publicity stunt to gain sympathy votes. Notably, he also likes reading and writing novels. Currently, his dating life is a secret and there is no much information available. Pradeep does not like to share about his personal life and prefers to keep it secret.

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Pradeep Antony wife

Pradeep is not married yet and has no children. We don’t have any information about his private life. He likes to keep his personal and private life apart from each other.


Director-turned-actor Pradeep Antony has established himself in the Kollywood sector with to films like Aruvi and Vaazhl. He is also well-known for being good friends with actor Kavin Raj, a competitor in season three of Bigg Boss Tamil. Pradeep Antony is a gifted and adaptable artist with room for future development.

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