Whether you are looking for a career path as a youngster or someone looking for a change of pace that has an established work resume, these careers are in high demand and on the rise. The fields vary and depending on your particular interest they may or not be for you. But hey, you never know what you might or might not like until you have given it a shot, right? So here you are, a few of the leading career options which are on the rise.

A Little Home and a Little Office

It should come to no surprise that software development is high on the list of careers to pursue. With so much important information and content running through the wires of businesses and homes, the idea of creating, designing and implementing software and code has become increasingly vital to everyday operations. Digital technology is everywhere nowadays and you could be at the forefront.

Software development is a career that can combine in-office work and telecommuting from home. Obviously, you’ll also need reliable hardware to get the job done. Here are some laptop options if you are able to work from home. This way you can take all of your important documents and files with you from location to location with ease.

Another position to consider with telecommuting possibilities would be that of a statistician. If you like using math and theorizing solutions to various problems, then this career might be right for you. With a degree in computer science, you can get yourself on the fast track to being a statistician for a large company.

Lastly in the tech field, a career in IT can be challenging, fun and fulfilling. Being able to manage all of the computer-related technologies including software, hardware and networking needs for a company can be very rewarding.

Helping Others Succeed

Sometimes business owners and taxpayers need a helping hand, and they often turn to a public interest attorney. This field is always looking for good attorneys who can help individuals keep their business safe for the foreseeable future. They can help in small business law or even with taxpayer rights when it comes to government transparency, making sure all the bases are covered. In fact, it’s advisable for small business owners to have an attorney, and with many proverbial doors opening each year, it’s a field that will see constant growth.

A New Idea

Thinking outside the box is definitely a good thing and you can really shine in the market managing sector. Finding solutions to help businesses maximize profits while satisfying their customers’ needs, has to be in your wheelhouse. Taking your designs and strategies, implementing them and getting the desired results is part of what being a marketing manager is all about.

If you would rather see your visions on a grander scale, then maybe a career in civil engineering is calling your name. Magnificent structures are built around the nation and the world, and civil engineers are responsible for coming up with designs as well as the construction and finalizing of the projects. Just think about it, you can be part of the process that creates the next marvelous structure, like the Juscelino Kubitschek bridge in Brazil.

Out in the world there is something for everyone and it might just take a fresh perspective to see it. A new career could be on your horizon if you look and want it hard enough. Never settle for a mundane job simply because it pays the bills. Follow your heart, so you can enjoy whatever career option you choose in the long run.

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