6 Essential Maintenance Tasks Every Apartment Renter Should Know

Over the last couple of years, the real estate and apartment renting markets have become very competitive. In a situation like that, finding the appropriate tenants and keeping them over an extended period of time requires careful property management and attention to all sorts of nuances.

Proper maintenance which has a tremendous impact on countless factors from the property’s long-term sustainability to tenant satisfaction and marketability plays an enormous role in this process.

6 Essential Maintenance Tasks Every Apartment Renter Should Know

Let us take a look then at some of the essential maintenance tasks that will help you to always keep your property in top-tier condition and attract the most prospective tenants.

Basic electrical repair

Meddling with electricity can be a dangerous task. But, these concerns are mostly related to big tasks like rewiring. Simpler chores like a basic switch and outlet repair are well within your capabilities. As long as you have the basic toolset that covers the usual items like a voltage tester (never do a single thing without using this tool first), pliers, wire splicer, and multi-driver, you will be more than ready to fix these things. The work doesn’t take more than 10 to 15 minutes but they can save you a lot of time and money.

Simple plumbing works

This case is pretty similar to the one we have just covered above. Extensive plumbing works that can cause structural damage should, by all means, be left to the professionals. But, as long as you have slip-lock pliers, multi-driver, bell-shaped toilet plungers, and singing augers and you are not afraid to get your hands dirty, you can get these chores done in a matter of minutes. So, take a couple of hours to practice your plumbing skills on the detached fixtures and you will be able to fix these things as soon as tenants report the problems.

6 Essential Maintenance Tasks Every Apartment Renter Should Know

Door and window repairs

Of course, we are talking about the smaller things like lubricating and tightening the screws, making sure the chain locks are properly secured to the doors and walls, checking the screens for damage, fixing the blinds, etc. Most of these works can be pulled off with quality folding pocket knives you already have by your side. Here, preventive maintenance is the key so don’t wait for the issues to blow out of proportion and check these things every time you visit the property. Problems like these are easily overlooked by tenants.

Installing smart security systems and smoke detectors

If you take a look at the market of apartments for rent you will see that smart appliances, smart devices, and other IoT-powered items are gaining a lot of traction. And, at first glance, these things can look like very expensive upgrades. But, the price of these devices is becoming very accessible, and, since they are IoT-based (pretty much wireless), all you need to do is to screw them in the right place. These small fixes can, however, improve the appeal of your apartment and make future maintenance simpler.

HVAC maintenance and appliance troubleshooting

In both of these cases, the major repairs will need to be performed by licensed professionals. But, when these major breakdowns will occur is entirely up to you and your maintenance skills. In the case of HVAC systems, simple tools like multi-driver, pliers, and crescent wrench can help you handle the chores like changing the filters, oiling motors, and cleaning the refrigerator coils of the air conditioning units. Appliance fixes are a bit more complex, and you need to know the basic electronics, but basic troubleshooting will keep the problems with your commercial air conditioning units at bay.

Painting duties

A fresh coat of paint keeps your apartment clean, appealing, and safe for living. So, you can see why painting your property regularly is incredibly important, especially if your apartment features high tenant turnover. Fortunately, this is the maintenance duty that is not only perfectly suited for any skill level but can also be very fun if you bring a couple of friends along with you. Just get a couple of rollers and brushes, painting tapes, paint trays and drop cloths and roll up your sleeves. As time goes by, you will become very skilled in this.

So, these were the top six essential maintenance tasks you can easily pull off with your own skills and resources, and save a lot of precious time and money along the way. If you look at these things from the tenants’ perspective they want their problems solved as soon as they arise. Endlessly waiting for hired professionals to find time to deal with these small chores will definitely put you behind schedule and cause rifts with your clients. Make sure this is not the case and do these small but important chores yourself.

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