Australia has a very dynamic workforce and a very thriving economy. The country is simply a wonderful place to start a new career or to climb the ladder.

Below we look at the very best Australian careers and present them so they are rewarding. They pay great and can be exciting for the right people.

Wildlife Biologist

Australia draws countless tourists from all around the world because of its incredibly diverse and beautiful ecosystem. Wildlife and plant life are fascinating so there should be no surprise to see that nature lovers can have a true dream career here.

Those that really love to work with animals can consider the wildlife biologist career path. Daily duties can involve tagging animals after trapping them, creating sustainable and safe habitat plans, and taking census studies. The average salary is AU$58,014 per year.

Data Scientist

The average salary for the data scientist in Australia is AU$100,149 per year. This is a great career path for those that love numbers and can easily spot trends and statistical patterns so that actionable advice can be created for businesses. The data scientist is in demand everywhere and especially in Australia. It allows freedom, job security, a great salary, variety, and autonomy.

Advertising Executive

The average yearly salary for the advertising executive is AU$47,735. You get involved in the advertising and marketing industry, which draws a line between science and art. You start the career as a manager or executive and are responsible for creating advertising copy so that businesses can be appealing for a target audience. Also, statistical data is utilized to get results.

Truck Drivers

Contrary to what many think, the truck driver is a pretty good and rewarding career opportunity that offers you the possibility to be on the open road while enjoying the passion you have for vehicles and driving. You can easily get a job for a trucking company and there are even unique opportunities available from other businesses, like plumbers that offer water leak detection Canberra.

As a truck driver, you can expect a yearly salary of AU$56,672.

Wellbeing Manager

With a yearly salary of AU$110,536, being a wellbeing manager is a very interesting career opportunity in Australia. It is definitely among the best-paid ones. Businesses just started to figure out the fact that mental health and wellbeing are very important for employees. That is why they started to hire wellbeing managers that are responsible for taking care of colleagues. The career is perfect for those that want to be involved in corporations but want to do something related to people.


There are not many countries in the world where teachers are paid well but in Australia, you can expect to be paid AU$67,694 per year. Teachers do need to respect a schedule but they cannot really be bored since absolutely all days are different.

Teachers can teach subjects that they are passionate about and can influence the next generation of students. At the end of the day, you make a very positive contribution to society and the country’s future.


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